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Password Problems


Every time I go to log in, it won't except it. I have to hit the "forgot my password" link and go through the changing process in order to log in. I'm not really sure what's going on, but it's kind of getting frustrating.

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I go to and administer many different forums. Password problems are by far the most common problems. Sometimes it is due to a particular forum's programming, but by far the most common problem is user error in typing in their password. Many times there are subtle things regarding passwords like; a "space" that the user does not see or know about; and "underscore or hyphen" that is not taken into account; a "misspelling".

These can all be eliminated by two simple remedies.

1. When you receive your password always copy and paste it into a password file on your computer. Never type it in, always copy and paste it. This way you always have it in proper format and can easily paste it into a log in box.

2. Simply do not log out of any forum, just leave the forum. The forum will recognize you each time you revisit. Rarely will you ever be automatically logged out, but if you are it is simple to copy and paste your saved password in.

This second option is one I use all the time and almost never have any log in problems.

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