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Cardiologist Results

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My hubs wore a heart monitor for a couple of weeks and went in today to get the results. They aren't what we were hoping for.

He has A-fib as well as atrial flutter. Both of these cause fluttering and heart racing, just in a different way. So the cardiologist told him he should probably have an atrial ablation. She is referring him to a cardiologist who does ablations. This cardiologist is based in Seattle but comes to her office in Sequim once a month. He'll be in town next Friday, but Randy figures he's probably already booked up so it'll likely be next month before he can get in to see him.

If he does have the ablation done, he'll have to go to Seattle for it, and will likely be kept all night. 

I spent a bit of time crying when he told me this today. Of course we know that God is in control. My hubs is not at all worried. I do trust the Lord, but I am concerned. Prayer is appreciated.

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He may have problems with his ticker but the Lord just placed your husband where He wants him, not going to glory anytime soon!  I reckon though, it will cause him to slow down, draw nigh to God, and leave the more strenuous activities and chores to the youngsters in your lives.

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9 hours ago, Rosie said:

I've had 2 heart ablations... how are the blood clots in his legs........praying daily for you two

The clot in his leg is gone (it was the one that went all the way from his groin to his foot) thanks to surgery. The pain from the vein getting back to normal size is also gone. He's still on Warfarin - for life - and as far as I know the other little clots in his groin and the pieces in his lungs are dissolved or nearly. His INR is usually right in the range it's supposed to be, which indicates that no new clots are forming, praise the Lord!

Thanks so much for the prayer, everyone.

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