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Pray for Missionaries in Greenland

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Missionary family, Chris and Carole Shull have just been informed by the Greenland government that they owe $40,000.00 in taxes. The Shulls are groundbreaking missionaries to Greenland. They are the very first Baptist missionaries ever to be allowed into Greenland. Chris was originally informed by the Greenlandic government they would not have any tax to pay if they didn't receive any money from Greenland. However the government has since recanted and said they want $40.000.00 in back taxes. The Shul family are with Points North Baptist Mission and can be found on their web site.

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They are my favorite missionaries, we support them...they are doing an awesome work up there. On the bright side, the government recently said they would recognize the Baptist religion, and thus more missionaries will soon be allowed into the country without having to go through so many trials as the Shulls have had to. So through this very expensive trial, they have also seen victory! They have stuck out more than most missionaries I personally know right now. Awesome people.

Incidentally the reason they owe this is because the government up there requires a 44% income tax and because of a language barrier it was not clear that they required that from the Shull's support checks even though it was coming from America, and not Greenland. As a matter of fact as soon as they tie some things up they are going to have to come down here and raise more support to cover these taxes in the future.

Anyway if you have a church, please contact these people to support them! Your money will be going to an extremely good work.

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