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I never thought of cream cheese, I'll have to try it. I have tried a mixture of medium cheddar and pepper jack, that was pretty good too.

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On 06/02/2017 at 7:33 PM, Jim_Alaska said:

Sorry about the beans Invicta. When I think of beans I always think of dry beans that we usually make baked beans out of. usually if I mention beans in the context of a green vegetable I will say "green beans". I probably get this from being from New England and Boston in particular, which is locally called, "bean town".

My wife makes various recipes from scratch using different kinds of dry beans. The ones I referred to, she says are Haricot beans.

My wife used to make a recipe called Boston Baked Beans.  She has not done it for years and I cannot remember what it was like. She also did a Napolean Bean Salad. Since she was ill 20 years ago I have done all the cooking.  My mum used to use haricot beans, but I cannot remember what she did with them.  You may know that haricot is French for beans. So haricot beans would be haricot haricot. So white beans would be haricot blanc.  Flagelot beans are haricot flagelot.  Red beans, haricot rouge. etc. I have been using some semi dried white beans which I bought in France about  years ago. I froze those that I did not use and planted some of them and grew my own. but then I saved my own seeds but a few months ago, my freezer went wrong so they are not frozen any more so I don't know if they will grow this year.


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