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Near the end of Judges is the strange account of the tribe of benjamin. Judg 19-21. Where in the chronology does Reese place that episode?

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I hope you really wanted the answer to your question - it took me about 10-15 minutes searching through my boxes of books in a dark room using my cell phone for a light to find my copy of the Reese Chronological Bible.

Reese places chapters 19-21 immediately after chapter 18 - but I see he has several other portions out of sequence. So basically:

Joshua 22; Judges 2:16-19; 3:5-10; Joshua 23-24:28; Judges 2:6-7; Joshua 24:29-31; Judges 2:8-9; Joshua 24:32;
Judges 1:1-19, 22-36; Judges 2:10-23; 3:1-4, 11-14; Joshua 24:33; Judges 3:15-30; Judges 17-21; Judges 3:31; 4:1-3;
then Ruth 1-4; Judges 4:4 on.

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