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Today, 10:41 AM

What if you agree with most of the teachings from the pastor of your church but disagree on a few topics? Should one agree to disagree to keep unity? Should one eat the watermelon and spit out the seeds? Is it time to find a new church? Does anyone else have experiences of this nature? If so, how do you deal with it?

It is very common to disagree with the pastor and/or anyone else in the church. After all, you are your own person and not a blind follower. Anything that you disagreement you have with the pastor with should be discussed with him with an open mind. I have found that in my discussions with my pastor that I was the one that was wrong sometimes, my pride got in the way sometimes. Other times it was the other way around. If they are areas that you feel that you can't live with and they are becoming a stumbling block, then leave the church after discussing it with the Pastor. Keep in mind that just as you feel that you may be 100% correct in this issue, so does he. Who is right? We will find out when we get to heaven, until then try not to be arrogant about the situation and do what is best for your family. 


FYI: I'm not basing my comments on basic Baptist doctrine but other small things that Baptists commonly disagree on.

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Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day.

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Yesterday, 03:17 PM

Sure, lets see the video. :)

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Thanks for sharing. Good Illustration.

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My entry:


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