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#263377 Pope rails against rise of un-Christian names

Posted by Kubel on 16 January 2011 - 10:02 PM

Why would anyone name their children Cain or Jezebel.

That said, what matters is what the parents teach their children, and if they truly teach them of the Lord's way they will give their children a good name and it does not have to be a name from the Bible.

As for the lost, they know no better, yet some of the names that are being used today should not be given to a dog.

If I ever got two dogs, I would seriously consider naming them Hophni and Phinehas.

#253285 Angry Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by Kubel on 06 September 2010 - 09:18 PM

Libertarianism is close to the view which prevailed during the time of the Judges; everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. The Bible declares this is wickedness.

Libertarian minarchy is not the Judaeo-anarchy we find following the death of Joshua. You'll still have government protecting people from rape, murder, theft, and to enforce contracts. Any sin committed against fellow man would not be lawful in a libertarian minarchist society.

I'm also not sure how we can compare the US to Israel. Israel (and Israel alone) was a God-established theocracy- and the Jews (and the Jews alone) were called to follow a very strict Law (the purpose of which was to ultimately point to Christ). We as Christians don't pretend to follow that Law. The US was never established to follow the Law (and I hope it will never be required to follow the law of any religion, particularly I fear Sharia). It was established (in part) to allow everyone to worship God freely. To accomplish this, it was required of the government to be secular. You can't enforce personal morality without seeking religious interference. And we know what happens when government gets involved in religion. If the US were to become a church state, the Biblical interpretation set forth as law will not be in line with our own. Why? Because whatever government does, it does badly.

Our government isn't the solution to sin. It makes a very poor substitute for Christ. Our government is established to set rules to restrict itself and to protect us against domestic or foreign interference so that we can live in liberty and have the freedom to worship God. The more government, the less freedom.
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#253216 Angry Ron Paul Defends Ground Zero Mosque

Posted by Kubel on 05 September 2010 - 11:20 PM

For one person to have free rights that means someone will have to sacrifice some rights. Even in a free country there has to be laws and restrictions that limits rights.

How is it against someone elses rights for a private property owner to build a mosque on property that their own? This Ground Zero Mosque argument needs to be stripped of all emotionalism and drama, because only then will people look at the law. The law quite clearly gives the private property owner the right to build a mosque there. My personal feelings, your feelings, the nations emotions- none of this matters when it comes to freedom.

As a libertarian, I have found that freedom is a difficult concept for even conservative Americans to grasp.
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