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In Topic: Man's Wisdom And God's Wisdom

Today, 06:01 PM

In an article I read some years ago the author pointed out how the American church is typically 5 to 10 years behind world in adopting the worlds ways.


While he cited several things to make his point, the main and most clear point he focused upon was swimwear. Starting at the beginning of the 20th century he showed how each time a new, more revealing (and they weren't revealing much at that time) swimsuit came out the church would denounce it and preach against it. Yet in a few years when the next new and a little more revealing style came out the church would denounce that while adopting the previous one as suddenly acceptable.


The author followed that trend all the way up to today. He did similar with music, movies, games, premarital relations, divorce, etc.

In Topic: Last one to post in this thread wins

Today, 05:53 PM

I think I'd rather have some of the apple butter instead of the used meals on wheels!

In Topic: Adrian Rogers - Sermon - Don't Be A Disgrace To Grace

Today, 05:51 PM

One Baptist pastor put it something like this...if a person has decided to accept Christ, he's already saved and a prayer of salvation will just be a formality.


No doubt I didn't say that as good as he does, but looking through Scripture, looking back at my own salvation, considering the testimony of others, I do believe what he says is true.


I'm not saying there is anything wrong with saying a prayer. The problem comes when saying a prayer is used as a formula. As it's so often presented, those who hear the call to say a sinners prayer see the recitation of the prayer as what saves them.


We (Christians overall) are way too lax in presenting the reality of sin, the cost of continuing in sin, the need for repentance and the cost of following Christ. We too often opt for the easy to digest, watered down presentation along the lines of asking if they want to go to heaven and when most say "yes", telling them they need to pray to receive Jesus in their hearts. There is a lot left out there.


I know of so many people who have said a "sinners prayer" and think that means they are going to heaven. A few who are a little more concerned often wonder if they are really going to heaven since they realize just how "bad" they are even after saying that prayer. Most often their response is to simply repeat that same "sinners prayer" many times over the course of their life to try and make sure they will get to heaven.

In Topic: Dispensations

Today, 05:38 PM

You should also cease and desist from putting forth works based false gospels.

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Today, 05:35 PM

I've had Blue Bunny and it wasn't bad.

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