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What I found interesting in the AoG church I was saved in, is that during year to two years after I was saved that I attended there, not one peep of speaking in tongues, not one bit of any form of emotionalism on display, no rockin' music, no dancing in the aisles, but then...


Right after that conservative pastor moved to a new church and a new pastor came in (the new pastor and his wife were very Charismatic) and he and his wife started speaking in tongues, within short order several in the congregation also started speaking in tongues.


Within a couple weeks there was a permanent band emplaced upon the platform with players ready to "rock for the Lord" (where did they come from anyway? I don't remember seeing any of them there before). The services changed to be starting out with and back and forth between rockin' worship music, to the pastor or his wife talking, accompanied with speaking in tongues, to which a growing number in the congregation would join in with the gibberish sounds, sometimes with someone claiming to interpret some of it. Along with this some of the congregation began jumping around, dancing and making noise during this part of the service.


I remember sitting there rather shocked, wondering what was going on, why and how.


How could this church go from well ordered services, with biblically sound preaching, prayer and music, to this emotion-driven wildness, entertainment and watery preaching?


I left that church but I doubt they noticed because soon there were a couple hundred more attending than before.


It was almost like the devil slipped in the door, took over, hypnotized a large section of the congregation, changed everything for the worse and drew others in to join them. And it happened all so quick.


Pray for your pastors, your church leaders, your congregation.

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Today, 06:51 AM

Feeling strong now :boxing: 

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Yesterday, 07:22 PM

Why so much negativity?


Where I'm from a simple wave good-bye is just that; simply a wave good-bye. No attempt to make fun.


In order to be even more clear, good-bye :wave: 

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Yesterday, 07:12 PM


In Topic: Original Sin/the Sin Nature

Yesterday, 06:58 PM



Why keep this up? Can't you understand that not everyone is looking to argue or debate? Had I a view to put forth I would have done so. As I clearly stated before, this is a topic I had not previously given any consideration. Therefore, I read with interest the postings here. Then I consulted Scripture. As I previously pointed out, your theory fell short and others have already posted the scriptural evidence of this. Scripturally speaking, the debate is over.


My only purpose in posting my original post was to let folks know that while I hadn't been participating, I had been reading and studying. Then I stated my conclusion. Simple as that. Other than prodding for someone to argue with, I don't know why can't accept that.

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