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In Topic: It’S A Dirty Job

Today, 07:57 AM

May we all have the courage to step out of the shadows and do whatever work the Lord has for us to do while it's yet day.

In Topic: Letter To The Editor: Only A Fool Would Think Christian Yoga Is Bad

Today, 07:53 AM

So very much wrong with that letter, especially considering this is coming from a professing Christian.


"God is in us, all of us", is a false statement and only found in false religions, not Christianity. Scripture teaches clearly that God, through the Holy Ghost, resides in born again Christians. The God of the Bible is not in everyone (all of us).


Elsewhere the writer speaks of meditating upon Scripture and "listening to my breath" :puzzled3:  and how amazing that is and how such makes her closer to God. Where in Scripture are we told to listen to our breath? Are we not told to listen for the still small voice of God?


It's such a shame so many Christians have got caught up in this. Many churches host "Christian yoga" within their walls.


Eastern mysticism and Christianity are not compatible. Taking practices that opens one up to false gods and claiming it's now Christian because one says so is blinding oneself to the truth, and to great danger.

In Topic: Obama Acknowledges: Isis Seeks To Kill Those Who ‘Worship A Different God’

Today, 07:42 AM

More double-talk, nothing new. Obama continually asserts that Islam is a religion of peace, a false claim, while making more false claims that those such as ISIS are not really Islamists.


If he knows as much as he claims about Islam then he knows well that Islam is a religion of dominance. Islam was founded and spread by force and the dictates of their "holy book" promote the subjugation and/or extermination of anyone who refuses to convert to Islam. The goal of Islam is world domination.


While Obama can lie all he wants, the fact is, the war is with Islam, not just a handful of "fundamentalists" or "radicals".

In Topic: The Law For Today

Today, 07:34 AM

While such laws can have benefit, without the spiritual aspect the benefits will be limited and eventually cast off. If belief in the Originator of the law is not there, it doesn't take long for the law to come into question and reasons for obeying the law are diminished.


We see this in the history of Israel as recorded in Scripture, as well as in other nations which at least in part based their laws upon biblical laws; such as in America.


Add to this the acceptance of other, or all, religions as being equal to (or often becoming viewed as better than) Christianity, and the foundation of biblical laws is further eroded and the door is opened to adding other religions laws, adopting other religions laws or outright replacing biblical laws with those of other religions.


An iron fist of a dictator could attempt to force compliance to biblical laws, but such would require much brute force and without the spirit behind the laws, would come to nothing.


Outside the establishment of some sort of theocracy which held to and promoted the spiritual underpinnings of the law as well as the letter of the law, there is no hope of any nation adopting the biblical laws given to Israel and long adhering to them.


Since we (Christians) are not called to establish a theocracy, but to spread the Gospel and live for Christ for others to see, we should be first of all intent upon fulfilling that before we shift focus to other things. Unfortunately, many Christians would rather focus upon almost anything else other than spreading the Gospel and pursuing personal holiness.

In Topic: Christmas Tree Or No?

Today, 06:59 AM

It's speaking to the fact that one can pray all day to an idol and that idol can't grant you a blessing or shoot a bolt of lightening at your enemies. This goes along with what's mentioned elsewhere about taking a tree, cutting some for firewood, some for another use, and then using some to make a "god". It's all the same wood and nothing but wood! Yet men fashion it into an image, decorate it, and fasten it to something so it won't fall over, and the people bow before that block of wood and worship.


No doubt, a lot of harm is being done, but it's not being done by the idol. The idol, their "god", is an inanimate object which can do nothing at all on its own.

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