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#392447 Advice From Babushka

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 06:18 PM

Obama is too arrogant to listen to anyone since he thinks he's perfect.


If find it very telling that the same sort of bad mouthing him and his administration have done towards Putin is nearly the same as they heap upon the leader of Israel.


Both Putin and Netanyahu are men who have fought real battles, been in the trenches, been engaged in politics and faced real threats while Obama has lived a virtually charmed life of overindulgence, university life and the cush of being a community activist before being handed the presidency; a job he's bungled from the beginning.


For better or worse, Russians and Israelis can look with some pride upon their leaders while even a growing number of liberal Americans are hanging their head in shame over theirs.

#392444 Brainwashing Mennonite [And All!] Youth?

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 05:51 PM

Social justice, some call it the "social gospel", has replaced the biblical Gospel and true Christian living and helping.


It's so much easier to be a secular Christian engaging in social activism under the guise of Christian service. One receives far more applaud and acknowledgment from the world doing this than those who spread the Gospel and engage in Christian service for the sake of Christ.

#392409 Brainwashing Mennonite [And All!] Youth?

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 08:03 AM

It would seem to me there was a major flaw in the teaching to begin with. If they spent two years learning the stories of Moses from the Bible they should have actually learned much more than what they did.


Rather than trying to turn Moses into a liberal-socialist-humanist activist and compare what he did to be similar to what these ungodly, worldly movements they should have turned to Scripture and retaught the Moses accounts with built-in protocols to help with actually learning the timeline and the actual, biblical meaning of the events Moses was involved in.


Sadly, they are simply following the pattern many Christians have adopted of trying to paint MLK as a modern Moses and the American "civil rights" movement as being comparable to the exodus.


These unbiblical teachings have only served to further confuse people regarding Scripture and turn Christians toward liberal humanism rather than a Christ-centered way of life.


Moses was not a political activist. Moses wasn't confronting Pharaoh because of "economic injustice". Moses wasn't leading a "civil rights" movement or calling upon an elite ruling class to grant political and economic equality.


Scripture is very clear that Moses was a messenger of God, a leader established by God for God's purposes. Moses was reluctant in accepting this task but once he did, he carried out the task assigned to him (he didn't take it upon himself) and determined to carry it out with God's guidance and in God's power.


The movements the Mennonites in the film, and those other Christians often point to, were movements of men. Their leaders were self appointed, promoted themselves and sought political and economic gain for themselves at the expense of others. They employed worldly methods to achieve worldly goals and freely used deceit and guile along with violence and destruction to get what they wanted.

#392402 Way Of Life - Rock Music And Insanity

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 07:01 AM

From my own experience, and from what I've heard preached and read from IFBs, it seems IFBs are virtually entirely in agreement when it comes to the issue of rock 'n roll music. While I've known of other Christians who sometimes listen to that music at home, I've not known any IFBs who do so.


The focus of this particular article isn't peculiar to those who listen to rock music. Everything pointed out regarding rock listeners/musicians has been a part of the fallen human condition for centuries before rock music existed.


It was the decision to do things our own way (rebellion) that brought sin into the lives of the first couple which brought about the fall and curse. From that time onward men have sought their own way, rebelled against authority, sought out ways to reach some spiritual high, to connect with the otherworldly, through various drug induced means whether alcohol, chemicals, etc.


Men have long wrote of hearing voices influencing them when in a drunken stupor or drug induced high. Those who habitually engage in such have long been known to hear these voices continually and some to even give themselves over to those voices. In many cultures the "holy men" received their revelations and powers from such activities. Most pagan and other false religions have their basis in using drugs, mind emptying meditation and such for the express purpose of hearing voices, learning what they are to do.


Many mass murderers, serial killers, and various wicked leaders over the centuries have been reported to have heard voices, been one form of inane or another, to have involved themselves in drugs.


Rock music isn't the cause of these things, it's another expression of the wicked sinfulness those things have stemmed from since sin entered the world. Is it any wonder that head banging music with lyrics glorifying all sorts of sin was quickly joined with these other expressions of wicked sinfulness?


We must address the root cause of wickedness, which is sin, and continually proclaim the Gospel to the lost.


One major problem I see, and have seen for many years now, is the prevailing of presenting a simplistic message and a quick call to get folks to say a simplistic "sinners prayer" and then declare them good with God and good to go. The reality and seriousness of sin and the consequences of living in sin are left out, the call to repentance is not put forth, the cost of following Christ is unspoken, the fact if one truly is born again in Christ they become a new creature is left out. What's presented is "come as you are, say a few words and call it prayer, and then go on as you were but feeling good about yourself".


Countless thousands walking yet in their lost sinful condition but thinking heaven awaits them. So very, very sad.


We need to be getting the Gospel out to the lost, the pure biblical Gospel, and seeing souls saved, lives changed, men actually putting off their old selves and putting on the Lord Jesus Christ, walking in the Spirit, not in the flesh.

#392401 A Challenge To Everyone

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 06:38 AM

We recently had some people who attend a church about 30 miles from here contact our church to ask questions. They wanted to know our stance on the issues of homosexuality, homosexual "marriage" and abortion. Our pastor explained to them we take the biblical approach and citing Scripture he explained that to them so it would be clear.


It seems their church, which was once a good church, has been weakening their stance on all three of these issues and have recently stepped over the line and declared they no longer believe the Bible speaks against these matters. Along with this declaration was the clear implication they would soon adopt an accepting position on these issues.


To their credit, some members of that church have been trying to take a stand against what's been happening in their church but now that it's reached the point where it's clear they can effect no good change there and certain sins will now be declared no longer to be sins but acceptable for Christians, they are looking for a new church home.


One couple from that church has already decided to make the 30 mile trip to attend our church and another couple from that church came last Sunday and not only attended services, but also our adult Sunday school class.

#392375 Left Behind: Not A "christian Movie." Not Even Close.

Posted by John81 on 29 October 2014 - 05:52 PM

Hollywood has more "Christian" movies in the works because they realize that tagging any movie as being in any way Christian will draw extra millions of American Christians into the movie houses.


The last Superman movie, a movie that should clearly be noticed as not being Christian, was nevertheless promoted as having "Christian themes", and was highly publicized to Christians. That was enough to draw millions of Christians to see the movie.


It's a shame more Christians can't tell the difference between biblical Christianity, things which fit in with Scripture, and those things that are tagged as "Christian themed" or being a "family movie" or having "family values". Most often these movies, even if they aren't "as bad as" other movies, still provide exceedingly little, and usually no outright Christian teaching, values or themes.


This is more of Hollywood and the world hijacking Christianity for personal gain and the downgrading of Christianity.

#392338 Last one to post in this thread wins

Posted by John81 on 29 October 2014 - 06:48 AM

I went to the natural path this week, and realize my body is a mess.. He is changing my diet completely.. I know sugar and chocolate are bad for me but they are good.. well not that good.. grains and dairy are bad too... now i can loose the weight that i want to loose.. get off the sugar, it works..eat more fat.. our hearts and brains need fat to function properly so he says

What is "natural path" and who is "he"?


Due to my wife having a lot of medical expenses this year I had to live off of very cheap, which equals unhealthy, foods for several months and I can sure tell the difference. Now that our finances are getting back towards normal I'm trying to fit in the better food a little at a time until I'm finally able to drop the inexpensive junk.


It really does make a big difference in how we feel depending upon what we are eating.

#392337 Last one to post in this thread wins

Posted by John81 on 29 October 2014 - 06:45 AM

I read an interesting story along with comments by people who also read it today. Found it by accident. If I can find I will try to post the link. It was on The Guardian, english paper, article about how old people really feel and why. 



Very interesting! I can certainly relate to much of what was said by some of those folks. My mind often seems to think I'm still in my 20s or early 30s but my body rarely agrees. I took one of those tests awhile back online that's supposed to tell you what your mental age is and mine came out 29. Not that those tests are accurate, but in this case it was close for me.


When I actually think about the fact I'm 51 that sounds so old to me and doesn't seem right. Like the first guy in the article, I don't use mirrors much so when I really look at myself what I see doesn't match the image in my minds eye.


Still, I don't really think about all this that much. If it weren't for the health issues age is bringing with it I would probably think of it even less.


As much as my mind wants to think back about my youthful body, what I'm really looking forward to is my glorified body in eternity! Wow!! That's going to be great!!!

#392320 ‘There Is No God But Allah': Father Pulls Son From School Over Pro-Islam...

Posted by John81 on 28 October 2014 - 07:59 PM

The "universal god" that people claim is the same god of all religions would have to have a multiple personality disorder, along with a host of other disorders, and be one that nobody could trust since such a god has told different people he's much different than he's told others, and he calls certain people to do things contrary to what he tells others, and tells some people one way to get to heaven, others another, and others yet that there is no heaven.


The reality is, our God, the One True God as revealed in our KJB, is consistent, perfect and totally trustworthy, unlike any other "god" of any other religion and unlike any concept of a "universal god".

#392255 ‘There Is No God But Allah': Father Pulls Son From School Over Pro-Islam...

Posted by John81 on 27 October 2014 - 06:22 PM

Here, a textbook can claim Allah is the only god, but if a textbook were to be found in a public school declaring that Jesus is the only way there would be lawsuits, mass media hysteria, political intrigue and verbal assaults galore against Christianity.

#392254 Understanding Hebrews - 3

Posted by John81 on 27 October 2014 - 06:19 PM

Reading Acts 21 & following, Paul had good reason to write Hebrews, but write anonymously.

After studying the issue some years ago I came to the conclusion that while we may not be able to know with absolute certainty who wrote Hebrews, I lean heavily in favor of Paul being the author.


At one time it was commonly accepted that Paul was, or was at least was most likely the author of Hebrews.


I wish I still had the study material because I would love to remember who put together the helpful information about the phrases and sayings in Hebrews that are common in Paul's writings. Some of the main "differences" often cited as reasons to think someone other than Paul wrote Hebrews are of a trivial nature and if Paul were writing without signing the letter would be something he would likely have left out purposefully.


In any event, indeed we need to encourage one another in difficult and trying times. We are called to bear one anothers burdens and to edify one another.


Sometimes during times of persecution and trials we more clearly see who are sincere in Christ, who isn't in Christ, and who may need to examine their salvation. We should seek to help each of these accordingly.

#392215 Last one to post in this thread wins

Posted by John81 on 26 October 2014 - 05:49 PM

I can remember things from over 40 years ago, I just have trouble remembering what I walked into the next room for!

#392161 Here's A Question

Posted by John81 on 25 October 2014 - 06:05 PM

For several years now missionaries to Muslim countries have reported upon many instances of Muslims having dreams of Jesus. Oftentimes Muslims will dream they are to contact a missionary and ask them what important message they have for them from Jesus. The testimony of many Muslim converts to Christianity begin with such a dream.

#392157 Paul Chappell - The Challenge Of Christmas Curriculum

Posted by John81 on 25 October 2014 - 06:00 PM

If I am preaching a series, I will sometimes take a break from the series for a special time - church anniversary Sunday, or missions month, or something like that, but I would never miss a section of a book I was preaching through for any reason.


And what you mention there John just seems unbelievable - except that I can believe it with some preachers I have known and heard of....

Our pastor operates as you. If he's in the midst of a series and there is a special occasion he will take a break from the series and then resume with that series afterward.


I've heard pastors say, "Well, you know the "Easter story" since I preach it every Easter so we'll just move on past that part." Wow! The death, burial and resurrection of Christ is so vital and yet such a clear opportunity to preach upon that, or at least touch upon it is going to be passed by for the sake of ease and not preaching "an Easter message" other than at Easter???

#392152 Paul Chappell - The Challenge Of Christmas Curriculum

Posted by John81 on 25 October 2014 - 05:49 PM

I've heard preachers that were preaching from the gospels who will skip over the "Christmas account" since they preach that for Christmas.


Would it really hurt to hear such preaching more than once a year? Wouldn't it perhaps be nice to hear that preached upon outside the context of it being preached just because it's the Christmas season?

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