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#380273 Original Sin/the Sin Nature

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 06:58 PM



Why keep this up? Can't you understand that not everyone is looking to argue or debate? Had I a view to put forth I would have done so. As I clearly stated before, this is a topic I had not previously given any consideration. Therefore, I read with interest the postings here. Then I consulted Scripture. As I previously pointed out, your theory fell short and others have already posted the scriptural evidence of this. Scripturally speaking, the debate is over.


My only purpose in posting my original post was to let folks know that while I hadn't been participating, I had been reading and studying. Then I stated my conclusion. Simple as that. Other than prodding for someone to argue with, I don't know why can't accept that.

#380254 Speaking In Tongues

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 06:23 PM

I'm looking forward to the return of Christ when we will know true perfection.

#380239 Speaking In Tongues

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 06:05 PM

Actually, I think it's not supposed to be shorter than 8.3274 inches in length. At least that's how "REAL" Baptists do the math!

#380234 Original Sin/the Sin Nature

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 05:55 PM

Searching Scripture and reading four pages of posts here and I still see original sin and being born with a sin nature as being clearly taught in Scripture.

#380232 Speaking In Tongues

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 05:50 PM

This is a discussion forum, not a teaching academy, not a church.


If one person (for instance) wants to declare that Christians are commanded to tithe and another proclaims otherwise, then there is something to discuss. We are all free to participate, or not, free to read the postings, or not.


If this were a church or school then we might expect otherwise, but not in a discussion forum.


How many times have myself and others started threads in which we most all are in agreement with and that's as far as the thread goes. Nothing to discuss.


Pastor Markle posts some excellent material. Very much worth reading and meditating upon. Yet since there is agreement these great posts receive few comments because there is little to discuss.


On the other hand, let someone post saying Christian women who have their hair above shoulder length are not abiding in Scripture in that regard and there will be pages of postings because there will be a variety of opposing views.

#380219 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 03:19 PM

I've not read an offensive post by Covenanter.


I still don't know what the attire of women has to do with this. Scripture says we are to dress modestly. If your view on modesty is different than mine I'm not going to be offended by that.


Just what is it that you are offended over?

#380188 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 08:18 AM

Back to the original question...why take offense at an opposing point of view???


Certainly he knows some won't agree with his view but that's a far cry from purposefully trying to offend someone.


This brings us back to the problem we have in this country of the Left declaring anything they consider offensive to be subject to silencing. This has led to some on the so-called Right trying to play the same game. Which brings up the question as to who gets to decide what is or isn't offensive and why take offense at all?


If someone posts an opposing view we can choose to ignore it or present our own view. Some folks simply want to silence opposing views because they are either unable or unwilling to support their own views. That's just as wrong as those who take offense at anything they disagree with even if it's not offensive.

#380185 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 07:48 AM

Where did that come from?


Scantily clad women are clearly unbiblical while believing news reports that Israel has targeted civilians isn't.


Again, why take offense at a viewpoint different from your own? If we are going down that road then we will have to eliminate most postings here.


We should find it more offensive to have such a number of Christians posting in unkind, unloving, disrespectful manners towards one another. Yet this biblical point is overlooked or dismissed with a wave of the hand.


If you want your nation to bomb New Zealand and blockade the island and send in a quarter million troops I'm going to disagree with that (unless you can present compelling reasons for such) yet I'm not going to take offense. I'm also, hopefully, not going to show you disrespect as I disagree with you.

#380182 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 07:29 AM

Why take offense just because someone has a different view? In this country that's the tactic of liberal Leftists trying to shut down anyone and anything they disagree with.


I don't know about you, but nobody checks with me first to see if something they plan to post will offend me. Not that it would matter because I'm not easily offended and I'm not afraid of differing viewpoints.


As some on here apparently do, if someone is that offended with a persons postings they can block them. Or, as I mentioned earlier, simply ignore their postings.


For instance, I wouldn't care if Israel decided to carpet bomb all of Gaza yet I know Covenanter would take an opposite view. I'm not offended by that and I don't mean to offend him by my view; it's a simple statement of my view.


As most of us here know, the news media has their own agenda and rarely simply report the facts. One can find news sources taking all sorts of views on a topic. If one posts a news item on Obama from Fox News and another from MSNBC it's likely those same stories will be conveyed very differently by each news organization. That leaves us to try and determine which news source is true or false or closest to the truth or to try and pick the truth out where we can.


So folks post news links saying different things. Some we accept, some we don't. Some we just ignore.


Now, if someone (Covenanter or anyone else) says we all have to take a certain specific position on this or that geo-political issue or we must not be a true Christian, then there arises a problem. However, simply putting forth a viewpoint most do or don't agree with isn't an offense.

#380176 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 07:05 AM

Covenanter might be called a few different things but troll isn't one of them.


A troll is one who shows up on a forum for the one and only purpose of doing nothing but trying to force a pet peeve or agenda while denouncing all others.


Covenanter is a long-time member who engages in a wide variety of topics, often with the same basic view most others are posting. Indeed, like most of us, there are things he posts that all don't agree with; which necessarily means most of us at times post things he doesn't agree with.


Is Covenanter, or are we, posting things some folks disagree with in order to offend, or is it simply stating ones viewpoint?


Surely we don't have to agree on every political or geo-political point to fellowship with one another. Surely we can having differing political and geo-political views without it being an offense to one another.


No doubt there are a couple other, more important, points in which Covenanter's position differs from most here. While he states his view on these matters I've not noticed him trying to force anyone to adopt his view or telling them they aren't Christians because they disagree with him or such matters.


Knowing someone holds views one might not want to read about, in this case Covenanter, it's typically not that difficult to avoid reading their postings on the matter. There have been a few posters here over the years that on certain topics it was clear where they were going to go and not wanting to read all that again or rehash the issue, I simply avoided certain threads they were posting in or just worked around their postings.


Covenanter holds views I disagree with and some I'm not sure about, but over the years he's proven to be a brother in Christ and one who has much to offer in many areas.

#380099 Blood Moon Tonight

Posted by John81 on 27 July 2014 - 06:58 PM

Why aren't we so vociferous over attacks across our southern border? Drug cartels, gangs, Mexican police, border patrol and military have all fired upon our agents on the border. A flood of illegals is invading the country (and they know they are invading) and among these illegals are street gangs, agents of the drug cartels and various terrorists.


Why do we raise more of a fuss over what's going on between Israel and Hamas than we do over what's going on in America (or even other countries which are facing similar invasions)? Especially when we know the Israeli government will take action while our own government aids and exacerbates our problems.


While there are armed conflicts going on in scores of countries around the world, why focus upon supposed atrocities committed by Israel when their enemy drew first blood, purposefully put their own civilians in harms way and reject cease fires that Israel accepts, even while actual atrocities are being committed in vast numbers elsewhere and very purposefully; even to the point of intended genocide and elimination of those of other religions?


Considering the dismal performance of most of our own governments and their mismanagement of our nations, likely to their not too distant ruin, we should get our own houses in order rather than tossing stones at the houses of others.

#380062 John Calvin Had It All Wrong

Posted by John81 on 27 July 2014 - 12:28 PM

Considering that at least 90% of "Calvinists" I've ever known became so after salvation and study of the Word, and the fact "Calvinism" is growing (at least here in America), it seems a different approach might be beneficial for those who feel led to speak out against "Calvinism".


First of all, an approach of compassion with the goal of helping one understand Scripture would be much preferable to the most often used goal of name calling, denouncing, telling others what they think, and coming across as arrogant and only wanting to prove themselves right and others wrong (that approach serves no one). As Paul said, even if we are doing something seemingly right, if we are doing so without love it's meaningless.


Secondly, it would be helpful knowing who to engage in such discussions and when; as well as who to disengage from. There are some "Calvinists" who are only interested in arguing, only interested in proving their position right and others wrong. There is no point in arguing with these and there can be no discussion with them. Best to move on from them rather than risking casting pearls before swine. Those "Calvinists" who are open to biblically consider the issue are the ones that should be focused upon.


We aren't going to convince others to our position by conducting ourselves as uncaring brutes. We all too often forget about the important points of love, kindness, gentleness and such which the Lord can use to great effect when accompanied by His Word.


Third, we should remember it's the Holy Ghost that convicts, opens minds, softens hearts and transforms. We are to simply speak the truth in love and allow the Holy Ghost to do His work. It's not up to us to change others through our own force, loudness, brilliance of communication or any such thing.


Fourth, we need to be in much prayer and paying attention to the Spirit's leading so we can rightly do the other points.


These are all common biblical points we are called to live by regardless of the subject at hand. This doesn't only apply to aspects regarding "Calvinism" but to all things whether divorce, dress standards, alcohol, homosexuality, hair length, church leadership, etc.

#379976 Blood Moon Tonight

Posted by John81 on 26 July 2014 - 07:34 PM

We read of Jews in the OT sacrificing their children to false gods. To radical Islamists, they view the sacrifice of their own people in a similar fashion.


Throughout history various peoples have sacrificed their own children whether outright or by selling them, leaving them in the woods to die, etc.


Today, here in "Christian America" we sacrifice children through abortion for the sake of convenience which is even lower than those who wrongly think they are doing so for some greater purpose such as to appease or win the favor of some god (false).


It will indeed be so wonderful to finally be with Jesus and be freed from all this wickedness.

#379845 Blood Moon Tonight

Posted by John81 on 25 July 2014 - 06:38 AM

That last super moon lit the house up so much it was hard to sleep!

#379783 Can't Ever Happen, Right?

Posted by John81 on 24 July 2014 - 06:43 AM

"Neo-Nazi" means "new Nazi". The old Nazis are gone but there are various groups of "new Nazis" in various countries of the world. They tend to hold to some aspects of Nazism, including a romanticized view of Nazi Germany. Most neo-nazis are street thugs, those looking for an excuse for rebellion, skinheads, and such.


Most often the two biggest points for neo-nazis is hatred of Jews and Communists. Their rhetoric and "fighting back" and calls for war revolve around those two points.


To the media...yes the American news media has been fixated upon filling their airtime with constant, repetitive coverage of the downed plane. From the beginning there was a rush to lay the blame upon Russia and Putin in particular. The media just can't stand the idea that Putin has never fallen for Obama's "charm" and has dared to openly not bow to Obama (that plus they consider Putin to be an evil homophobe deserving of destruction).


America has already been invaded by 20 million illegals, is currently being invaded by thousands more each day, and has a growing number of factions within who grow farther apart and more militant with each passing year.


Rome overextended herself, fighting wars on the frontiers for no real gain, trying to distract the citizens with entertainment, all while she was being overrun by outsiders immigrating in, and as the nation rotted from within the outsiders took advantage and conquered from within.


No wonder they don't teach real history in American schools anymore. Someone might notice the similarities, learn something and try to warn and correct.

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