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#379573 In War Terrible Things Happen

Posted by John81 on Yesterday, 08:38 PM

What's really troubling is all these so-called conservatives constantly calling for action on America's part, calling for America to police the world, calling for American investigators to take over, calling for American troops to be stationed in several different countries, calling for military action in various "hot spots", yet then nearly all of them say they don't want America to get involved in war...???


What should have been an internal or at the most a local matter, others have turned into something much larger and now they cry because things didn't go their way.


Now some of these so-called conservatives are trying to tie the downing of the plane into Russian's dealings with Iran, with how America should deal with Iran, then they stretch it into including Syria and Iraq, and even the Israeli and Hamas conflict.


Meanwhile, thousands of illegals pour across our southern border each day. Along with these are gang members and terrorists. Instead of putting our resources into protecting our border, our government demands over a billion dollars to take care of all these people knowing full well that will lead the many more thousands running across our border looking for similar treatment.


If America collapses from within, will it matter much to those who are left here just which dictator is ruling in Syria or what's going on in Ukraine?


I am glad BO at least made a public declaration of Israel's right to defend themselves and stating that America supports them.

#379454 Employer Paid Contraception

Posted by John81 on 19 July 2014 - 06:46 AM

Hypocrites without shame! They still demand government stay out of the bedroom when that mantra suits their agenda (such as with sexual perversion) but then demand the government get involved in bedroom matters when it helps their agenda (government paying or forcing others to pay for abortions, contraception).


Many of these hypocrites are also radical feminists who demand that women be treated the same as men, who proclaim women are capable of anything men are, who demand their "right" to be totally free and independent because they are exceptionally capable. Yet these same "strong" women cry and whine that there is just now way they can buy their own birth control pills, pay for their own abortions and unless the government provides these they can't figure out a way to be independent and have control of their own bodies. (hmmm, wouldn't saving sex until after marriage, keeping ones clothes on, loving ones baby instead of wanting to murder that baby, all give women "control of their own bodies" without government involvement?)

#379435 Woman To Command Air Force In Pacific

Posted by John81 on 18 July 2014 - 07:14 PM

The Chinese probably like this news.

#379415 Who Rates?

Posted by John81 on 18 July 2014 - 06:47 AM

A point about the schools rated as "best in education", meaning they are meeting government mandated standards in certain areas, is that such typically doesn't mean what most folks would believe, or hope.


Today's standards are a far cry from the higher education standards put forth 50 years ago and are exceedingly lower than what was expected 100 years ago.


Add to that the near total ruination of any class dealing with history and things just get worse. Important and even key aspects of history are given slight notice, rewritten (twisted into a lie) or outright left out. Meanwhile, trivial matters are elevated to great importance, lies are injected as fact and the narrative of history is put forth in a warped manner to support the Leftist agenda.


At a time when even American colleges and universities have dumbed down their courses, why is it that virtually every one of these must offer remedial education classes? The answer is simple, the public school system is a failure. Such a large percentage of high school graduates apply for college unable to meet even the basic requirements in English and math (and some other subjects). Rather than deal with various charges of discrimination, sexism and racism for turning away applicants who don't qualify for college, these institutes of higher education formed special remedial classes in order to try and teach freshmen what they should have learned long ago.


The American education system is a farce, in terms of actual education, and is only useful for the government to dumb down the populace and indoctrinate them.

#379407 Oh Thrill.......

Posted by John81 on 17 July 2014 - 05:45 PM

Years ago we had to pump some BBs into a neighbors German Shepherd to keep it from attacking our chickens.


The neighbor came to the house, asked if I had shot his dog with a BB gun and then looked totally shocked when I said "yes". When he eventually decided to try and act mad and tough I told him I could have shot his dog with a rifle and if his dog comes back again that's just what I would do.


Amazing how that dog never "got loose" again. (The neighbor would always claim the dog had "got loose" rather than admit he let him loose)

#379381 Matthew 18 – And Heretics And Hypocrites

Posted by John81 on 17 July 2014 - 08:02 AM

Indeed there is a vast difference between a private offense and very public sin.


Scripture even warns that we should be cautious when it comes to being teachers because to whom much is trusted, much is expected. This includes not only public approval (which nobody seems to take offense at) but also public rebuke.


When Peter sinned publically Paul rebuked him publically. Paul wasn't trying to be mean, act like a big shot or slam Peter. Paul was trying to correct Peter and calling him out in public because his sin was public and infecting the public. Paul's public rebuke was aimed at helping Peter see the light, repent and walk correctly. Praise God Peter accepted Paul's public rebuke for what it was; the truth opening the door to correction and restoration.


If a man is teaching the true Word of God we should openly praise such work publically. If a man is teaching falsehood, we should openly shine the light upon the falsehood. A man truly desiring to serve the Lord will at the very least give careful attention to a rebuke or attempt at correction by carefully weighing what is said with what Scripture says and looking at the point of contention. The man who is most interested in serving self will either take great offense at someone questioning what he's doing or he will try to ignore them. Such involves a hard heart and Scripture shows what happens when one with a hard heart continually refuses to heed correction.

#379379 Way Of Life - Giving My Life To Jesus And Asking Jesus Into My Heart

Posted by John81 on 17 July 2014 - 07:10 AM

I've been lambasted over the years for saying this.


When I've asked what someone means when they tell a sinner they need to invite Jesus into their heart they typically have no answer.


When I've asked those who say they gave their heart to Jesus just what they mean, the vast majority either have no clue or give unbiblical responses.


This kind of goes along with what's been mentioned elsewhere about the need to be careful when someone says they know or follow Jesus. Are they speaking of the biblical Jesus or a false Jesus someone else told them about or they created in their own mind?


We really should be very careful when it comes to soul winning, sharing the Gospel and talking with folks about Jesus. There are so many false perceptions out there today. We can't take it for granted that someone will know what we are meaning or trying to say. We can't take it for granted that those we are speaking with know the difference between the biblical Jesus and one of the many false Jesus' out there.


Rather than trying to rush someone into a quick and simple "decision for Jesus", we would do so much better to take our time, choose our words carefully, pay close attention to just what the others say, ask questions, and most importantly, use and follow Scripture.


So many Christians today have a testimony that sounds something like this, "At 13 invited Jesus into my heart when I was at a Christian camp". No doubt some who give such a testimony may be saved, but such a great many of them are not. They have no testimony of recognizing their lost, sinful condition; of repentance, of the Holy Ghost within them, of truly transformed lives.


There are so many out there who think they are saved because they repeated a very simplistic "sinners prayer" they read off a tract or repeated to someone who told them that would get them into heaven (whether a 'soul winner' or TV preacher or whoever).


As we know, others are trusting in being baptized as a baby or baptized later in life and they may believe they have Jesus in their heart because of that.


We really need to stick to Scripture and be careful that those we speak with actually understand what we are saying and that we understand what they are saying.


Jesus said folks should count the cost of following Him rather than making a hasty statement on the matter. We need to help folks know who the real Jesus is and the real, one and only, biblical means of salvation.


One prayer I pray several times a year is that nothing I've ever said or done will prevent anyone from being born again in Christ.

#379351 Who Rates?

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 05:51 PM

States typically rate their school districts. Cities rate their schools. The Feds have a school rating system. Others rate certain schools too.


Most ratings cited are done by a government body. These rate the schools based upon their own criteria, which is always subject to change. Depending upon the rating method they use, and oftentimes the same government group will rate schools differently. This helps them to say more schools are doing better (or worse if that suits their agenda) by pointing to different ratings from different categories.


For instance, one school may be rated high because they have a high graduation rate, even if the high graduation rate is due to that school simply passing the students whether they meet graduation goals or not. Another school may receive a high rating because they added many new teachers fresh out of college, regardless of their performance. Meanwhile another school will get a high rating because they bowed to all the governmental requirements for PCness.


One thing they don't rate schools upon is morals education, teaching of actual facts, and certainly nothing to do with Christianity.


Overall, most of the rating systems are rigged to provide a view of the schools in a predetermined manner. These are mostly used for political reasons which benefits the teacher unions, school districts and politicians most of all.

#379327 Last one to post in this thread wins

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 12:34 PM

Gonna go read.

#379318 It's Worse Than You Think...

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 11:50 AM

The choice of pastor for a church is so important and can make such a huge difference in a church. I've seen so many churches around here rush to fill a pastor's position only to end up with a pastor that really made a mess of that church. I'm so very thankful that back when our church needed to fill the pastor position they determined to not hire a new pastor until they found the right (biblically sound and who they believed the Lord would have as their pastor) man. The men selected for the board who would interview prospective pastors took over two years and interviewed well over a hundred pastors before the man who is our current senior pastor was interviewed and hired.


It's amazing how some people can come up with crazy and unbiblical ideas, put them forth as fact, build a new preaching paradigm based upon their "new" stuff and they always find many willing to follow them and support their endeavors. Some put forth these ridiculous ideas of things like "Holy Ghost barking or drunkenness" while others declare without any evidence that Jesus was a homosexual (often saying he had relations with the Apostle John) or that Jesus married Mary Magdelene, often with the claim they had children, and of course the idea that God is the father of all humanity and because of that and Him being all love everyone will be go to heaven. Then even more out there are those who claim to be Christ and regardless of the obvious falsehood of their statement when compared with Scripture, they have followers.


It's so important that we know the truth and share the truth even if folks don't want to hear it.

#379316 What He Said

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 11:38 AM

Public schools teach feminism and it infects the girls attending to one degree or another. Public schools don't turn every girl into a radical feminist, but a good portion of the feminist doctrine gets into the minds of the girls (and boys too) even if they don't realize it.


It's interesting in Sunday school when we reach portions of Scripture dealing with matters such as women's role in the church or marriage and such. There are a couple of women who really bristle and start talking about things which they don't even realize come straight out of the feminist playbook. These are good women, not radical feminists by any stretch, but through school and elsewhere they have picked up so much of the feminist message that it's deep engrained in them. I'm glad our pastor has the patience and tact to direct them away from where their first inclination to go is, and instead steer them back to Scripture and a discussion of what Scripture actually says, what it means and how we are to apply it.


Likely as not the feminist stuff I picked up when I attended public school would be infecting me much worse now were it not for my Mom countering such and what I've learned from Scripture and biblically sound preaching.

#379312 Anyone Remember When

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 11:24 AM

Nearly all aspects of professionalism that have to do with Christian morals has been cast aside. It's really terrible that there is almost no safe place to go anymore where one isn't bombard with in-your-face filth of one kind or another.


On a more positive note, I thought maybe I should point out one bright exception to the abundance of "naughty nurses" out there. Our little town has a small clinic owned and run by a nurse practitioner who employs one woman who handles all the paperwork and office stuff, one who handles the front window, appointments and such, and two nurses. The nurse practitioner is a member of our church and she's on our churches Board of Christian Education (which I'm on as well). All of the women she employs are members of our church. All five of these women have good, healthy Christian marriages and children they had with their husbands after marriage. All of these women dress modestly and professionally. There is a sign near the front window that says if anyone is using curse words or starts otherwise speaking inappropriately they will be asked to leave and refused service.


I get blood work at the clinic every six weeks. This morning I arrived early and the door was still locked so I just waited on the little porch area at the front door. When they opened the door the lady that runs the front window apologized for being late to open the door because they had been doing their daily Bible reading and prayer before the clinic opened and they had run a little late. How refreshing! I certainly don't mind waiting a few minutes because the ladies who are going to be helping folks with health matters are reading the Word and praying before they start their work day!

#379292 Official Swearing In Ceremonies

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 07:19 AM

In my early 20s where I worked many called me "preacher" because I would spend my dinner break in my truck reading by Bible. It was an old truck actually made of metal so my truck dash had Christian magnets all over it and I had a big cross hanging from my mirror. I would often relate things to God or something from Scripture and sometimes folks would ask what that has to do with anything and I would tell them. They also noticed I didn't cuss, smoke or drink and that really stood out since virtually everyone else did.


No doubt, how we live our lives is seen by many, and we may never know how many folks are impacted by our example of dress, carrying a Bible, our mannerism, speech, the places we go (and don't go) and the like.


One of the best compliments I've ever received was from a radical black muslim who said he had watched me for a long time before he ever spoke to me. He said I lived what I spoke. He would come and ask me things, trying to poke holes in Christianity, and he said he was impressed that I always had an answer from the Bible for whatever he brought up. While he never turned from his false religion, he did say he respected me because unlike most Christians (according to him) I actually knew what the Bible said and lived it.

#379291 It's Worse Than You Think...

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 07:09 AM

I was also saved in an Assembly of God church. At that time the pastor was rather conservative. I never heard anyone speak in tongues, and I've never done so. There wasn't any hollering or running around. I felt comfortable there with how the services were conducted.


That all changed when that pastor moved to Texas and a very Charismatic pastor took over. Not long after he took over he and his wife would speak in tongues. Then others in the congregation started doing that. Then he set up a worship band on the platform and services would start with way to loud music, speaking in tongues, jumping around and that sort of thing. I wasn't comfortable with that so I left.


Most Charismatics and Pentecostals I've known were of a more conservative nature. Those I've encountered who were boisterous and into showy things I've never been able to be around them much. While some of the more conservative ones I know say they sometimes speak in tongues when they pray, none of them have ever tried to say one isn't saved if they don't or tried to push me into becoming a tongue speaker. They are typically appalled by the showy crazy stuff some in their Charismatic or Pentecostal circles are doing because it makes them all look bad and they believe most of it obviously isn't biblically sound.

#379288 Anyone Remember When

Posted by John81 on 16 July 2014 - 06:43 AM

My daughter is a nurse and virtually all the nurses she works with are foul mouthed, heavy drinkers, partiers, most smoke and they all have children out marriage. A few are somewhat polite on the job but most are just crass and my daughter is having a tough time battling to keep their language, mannerisms and attitudes from rubbing off on her. She has went so far as to switch shifts so as to get away from the worst ones.


My niece is a CNA at the hospital and when my wife was there for knee surgery and I would visit her before she came home I would walk through the wing my niece worked. While talking with her I could overhear a couple others there continually talking about sex and getting drunk and what patients they thought were hot or gross. They acted like poorly raised schoolgirls with no manners or morals. My niece said that's all they do and herself and others have to pick up the slack. My niece said most of the nurses and CNAs she works with are just like the ones by daughter works around. On their off days they hire babysitters to watch their children and they go out and party, get drunk, sleep with some guy, go home and sleep it off and the go out and do it again until it's time to go back to work. She said several of them come to work obviously still hung over or high.


I can see why some people really hate going to hospitals and some are even scared to be there.

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