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In Topic: Anyone Remember When

Today, 01:43 PM

Saw a Pentecostal Church advertising an upcoming boxing match coming up on the last Sunday night of this month.

I never thought I'd see the day when the Pentecostals would do such.

Redneck Contests, Food Trucks, Games, Prizes, etc..


In Topic: Anyone Remember When

Today, 01:37 PM

Churches have changed their standards for some time now.  And not only in dress.

They have game nights in the place of worship, boxing matches, dancing, and many other worldly things.


In Topic: Wow, God Is Really Serious About This

Today, 01:33 PM

Heirs according to the promise, not according to the Law, not even according to the righteous acts of Abraham. 

It is our faith in Christ that brings us into this inheritance.

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Today, 12:42 PM

Amen, MC!

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Today, 11:53 AM

If I do not sleep with them, how will I find them when I wake up?
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