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In Topic: Pope Says "dogs Go To Heaven"

Yesterday, 07:18 PM

Man, the World, calls each variation of canines a "species". I'm not so sure about that because virtually every "species"  of "canid" that I know of can interbreed. Wolves can interbreed with coyotes and both can interbreed with "domesticated dogs". Recently, I saw a documentary about a Russian breeder who crossed dogs with golden jackals to get a superior drug sniffing dog.


The Bible says things reproduce "after his kind", so I personally believe that "wolves" are basically just another kind of dog and so are jackals, coyotes, dingoes etc. 

In Topic: What Does Repentence Mean?

17 December 2014 - 06:05 PM

Works will result from true repentance; but repentance can only take place in the heart and only by free will.


Maybe this will explain better: repentance can't happen without turning to Jesus in faith.. I've heard some say that you "Take God's side against yourself".


See Luke 18:13. You will find, in this verse, a man dealing with sin, righteousness and judgment.

In Topic: What Does Repentence Mean?

17 December 2014 - 01:34 PM

In it's basic meaning, it is to "turn against"; or "turn away from": it doesn't  have to be sin.


God did not regret creating the earth because He already KNEW Adam would sin before He created it. and it does not say "I repent", "God repented" either. Instead, it says "it repenteth me". What "repenteth me"? "That I have made them" The fact that God had made everything had
turned against" Him. Genesis 6:7

God turned against the evil He intended for Israel  Exodus 32:14

God turned against the evil He intended for Nineveh. Jonah 3:10


As far as I can recollect, the words "repent" or "repentance", no matter who it involves, always have to do with the heart and the will but never with any physical "work" of any kind. The only times the word "repent" has to do with sin, is when we "turn against" sin. Those people in Nineveh had to "repent" AKA "turn away from" the sin in their hearts before they ever took any action AND, seeing they did so after hearing the preaching of Brother Jonah, it was done in Faith. They believed the Word of God from the Man of God. . Likewise, concerning true salvation, the Holy Spirit deals with three things: sin, righteousness, and judgment. You must realize that you are a lowdown sinner, bound for Hell, and deserve it. Then you simply turn to Jesus from sin.self and destruction. Put as simple as I can explain. The moment you admit "I'm a lowdown, evil, rotten sinner and I deserve Hell and you turn to Jesus as your blessed Hope, you repented and believed on the King of Glory all in one split second. Therein lies repentance. But it doesn't end there: repentance must take place throughout our Christian life, because we still have a sin nature.

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16 December 2014 - 11:02 AM


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I wouldn't want to be him when he has to answer for who-knows-how many abortions are performed due to his assurance that its alright.

That's for sure.

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