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In Topic: In War Terrible Things Happen

Today, 09:30 AM

Actually, it should matter a lot to us what's going on over there...because I believe this administration (you know, the one of the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize) is trying to position itself to champion war with Russia.  Whether it's just us, or Europe...


DaveW, yes, there are a lot of people missing. I was just reading about one from our area this morning.  I just posted that because it seems like every time something happens there's "proof" that it's fake. Don't get me wrong, I do believe that there are set-ups going on in areas, but I don't believe this is one...

In Topic: Please Pray For Molly Little

Today, 09:27 AM

Thanks, 282.  Will be praying - I just went over to like the page and found that some of my friends (literal, not just FB) have already liked it, too.  

In Topic: Choosing A Church

Today, 09:23 AM

GS - my folks were in almost the same predicament as you describe. Except that there was a church in their town that billed itself as IFB.  They attended there for a while, but there were things that just weren't right...so they left.  After a while, they went back, having tried a number of other churches in surrounding areas.  But the problems were still there and they became pretty glaring.  So they just stopped going to church.  Not a good thing. They did listen to Adrian Rogers every Sunday (and for an SBC, he was pretty biblical!), but that isn't the same at all.


One time when I was there to help my mom after a serious surgery, I saw a sign for a church when my Dad was taking me to the ferry to head back to Seattle and then home.  When I got home, I did a search and found a church about 40 minutes away from them.  We were heading up there for a visit two months later, and visited the church.  It became my parents' home church and remains so to this day. My Dad has gone on to Glory, and, sadly (well, sad for the people), so has the pastor.  My Mom still attends and we are all praying that God will send the man He would have pastor them now. 


It is sometimes necessary to go outside one's area to find the right church.  If it is at all possible to host a church in one's home and try to get a work started (as has been suggested), that's great, too...we can never have too many good, biblical churches.

In Topic: Last one to post in this thread wins

Today, 09:16 AM

It was pretty warm this morning here already, too.  I thought it was supposed to be really bad for several days, but they are saying this is going to be the bad day, and then a little cooling (it'll only be in the high 80s after this...ha!).  If the humidity goes down, I'm all in favor of it!  :icon_smile:


But the sunny day is beautiful!

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Today, 09:07 AM

Welcome aboard!

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