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In Topic: Way Of Life - Hating The Rapture

Today, 04:45 PM

Use resurrection. I have no problem with that...but those that are alive at the time we are "caught up" (scripture words...) aren't resurrected cuz they aren't dead. They are caught up...raptured.

The specific term of rapture might not be in the KJB, but the meaning is. There is not one thing wrong with using the term.

Ideas are nouns...and since God used men to pen the words "caught up" to describe the action of the event, the word rapture - which comes from an old french word meaning caught away - works well.

In Topic: Way Of Life - Hating The Rapture

Today, 03:46 PM

Cut out the pejoratives. Just because someone says something someone else doesn't like doesn't mean they don't read scripture themselves.

Rapture. As in pre-trib. Can't wait to be caught away...which is a definition of rapture and as such an appropriate term.

In Topic: Matthew 24

Today, 03:35 PM

prophet, PastorScott answered you well in another thread. And here's mine: dont start that nonsense. It's nothing more than sowing discord. And we all know - or should - what the Bible says about that.

We all use terms that aren't in the KJB...even you. Let's not be falsely pious.

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Today, 03:28 PM

Welcome aboard

In Topic: My Son....

Yesterday, 10:11 AM

whats his name and I will pray for him

Joshua. Thanks, all!
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