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Yes, let's get back to topic. 

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And back to 0 cuz I'm awake, too.  :clapping:

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Does life sometimes get in the way?  :biggrin:

In Topic: Obama Claims Constitution ‘Guarantees Same-Sex Marriage In All Fifty States’

Today, 01:03 PM

A major part of the problem (leaving aside the fact that the dwindling of true Christianity in this country is #1) is that people don't know what the Constitution says - nor do they take the time to read the founders and their intents of it.  Most just lazily believe everything the news media says, or people like BO - a disbarred lawyer who "taught" Constitutional law - or even decisions by SCOTUS (decisions are not the Constitution...but so many take them as so).


This man and his proclamations are getting more than tiresome.

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