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#391636 Whats for Supper...

Posted by Alimantado on 17 October 2014 - 08:20 PM

Every year I make pumpkin pie, made from pumpkins my boss's mum gives me. This year the pumpkin had really thick flesh and I've just put six pies in the oven, using half a bowl of pumpkin flesh. But this is one of three bowls scooped from the pumpkin! So at this rate I will be making 36 pies!

#392480 Saved , Unsaved, Then Saved Again?

Posted by John81 on Today, 07:36 AM

Excellent post John but it actuality, this post should be applied to virtually every single thread on this forum. It should make everyone wonder why they waste precious time here. I certainly do and am hardly on here.


All must admit though that the most interesting debates that occur here are of similar status: crystal clear to some and clear as mud to others and all have differing interpretations usually.

To an extent I agree, in that there do often arise topics that are unprovable by Scripture and yet heated (and pointless since it can't be biblically resolved) debate ensues.


Yet at the same time there are some topics which may not have a clearly defined "answer" within Scripture but there are principles that can be considered, or there are some "partial answers" or circumstantial evidences to consider.


Unfortunately, threads on obeying God, discussing how to apply various commands of Scripture, pursuing personal holiness, casting off our old nature and putting on the new, are little discussed.

#392482 Father, Forgive Them

Posted by ThePilgrim on Today, 08:33 AM

Yes, but then all of their sins would have been forgiven at that moment.


The point you raise would lead us to ask if Jesus was only praying for those few who may have been converted or for all those who put Him to death.


If we broaden this consideration to include Stephen, we only know of Saul (who became Paul) being converted from among his killers; so was Stephens prayer only applicable to Saul/Paul or was he praying for all those putting him to death?

None of us really know who of the people that Jesus or Stephen prayed for in the instances discussed except for Saul became saved or not, so why do so many assume they did not?  Surely nobody assumes that the only people that were saved are mentioned in the scripture and those not saved are not.

#392449 Left Behind: Not A "christian Movie." Not Even Close.

Posted by Standing Firm In Christ on Yesterday, 07:35 PM

Do they insist that they know the antichrist's name and that it is Nicolae Carpathia?  LoL

#392435 I Am Out Of Here! Goodbye!

Posted by Salyan on Yesterday, 03:07 PM

Washed Clean, you were not being attacked.  Cut out the martyred attitude, please and thank you. 

#392417 Father, Forgive Them

Posted by ThePilgrim on Yesterday, 10:48 AM

How can I think that God would put limits on His forgiveness for others when I see that He put no limits on His forgiveness for me?

#392388 Hi Everyone

Posted by Salyan on 29 October 2014 - 11:41 PM

Hi... Moderator here. Alimantado doesn't delete comments around here, so he was not responsible for your comment being deleted. Therefore, your rather rude response to him was quite unwarranted. We welcome those who come for real discussion and fellowship. Rude comments toward other members, however, will not be tolerated. We would appreciate it if you could choose another screen name as well - it's always good to avoid any 'appearance of evil.'

That all bring said... You are as welcome as you are sincere. :)

#392301 Paul Chappell - Doctrine Still Matters: What’S Wrong With Hillsong?

Posted by heartstrings on 28 October 2014 - 01:29 PM

Over the years, many have spoken out against Hillsong. The overall assessment I have heard has centered on music issuesspecifically their CCM style. Sometimes we critique an area that may be worthy of attention (after all, music is a powerful, important part of worship and worthy of concern), but we can miss the larger picture and the deeper issues. Thus we condemn a ministry for an expression of a deeper issue rather than identifying and separating from the real issue(s).


Really? Reminds me of a sermon I once heard............ it's "the little foxes that spoil the vines". The major issues should be obvious, but the major issues sneak in after the minor ones become accepted just a little at a time.

#392293 ‘There Is No God But Allah': Father Pulls Son From School Over Pro-Islam...

Posted by heartstrings on 28 October 2014 - 11:21 AM

Amen! I'd pull my kid too. We homeschooled ours and I would highly recommend it.

#392284 Way Of Life - Preacher Says "the Brethren" Are Galled With Brother C...

Posted by Ukulelemike on 28 October 2014 - 09:34 AM

A shame this has to continue this way. I suspect that many who accuse Cloud of pride, get that from such letters as this, when, in order to justify his knowledge in the subject, he tells them his experience and studies and such, which, if it were done any other way, would seem like pride. However, I don't see it that way, I see it as him listing his credentials, much as Paul did when he spoke of his earthly credentials, the stock of benjamin, circumcised the 8th day, etc. he wasnt lifting himself up in these things, but showing that he, of all people, understood the Jews and their religion, so he was the perfect person, as it were, to preach to the Jews.


I have some disagreements with David Cloud, but I absolutely agree with his assessment of the musical issues he deals with often, and we have much history and proof in churches who were once solid, but in allowing more and more worldly music in, they have since left IFB and become rock and roll concernt churches that teach false doctrines and licentiousness. Its not like it has never happened. They are allowing fire in their bosom-they will get burned.

#392136 Questions Only

Posted by ThePilgrim on 25 October 2014 - 01:34 PM

How do you think my brain feels after thinking them up?   :face:

#392133 Questions Only

Posted by John81 on 25 October 2014 - 11:37 AM

Can you believe after reading the previous two posts my brain no longer itches, it aches?

#392111 Praise God!

Posted by Eric Stahl on 25 October 2014 - 07:39 AM

I wanted to let all of you know my great news. My 5 year old grandson got saved yesterday! Thank you Jesus! I will see him in heaven some day.

#391980 Faith And Loneliness

Posted by Alimantado on 24 October 2014 - 05:30 PM

Can be irritating when people don't finish what they started. I remember reading this article where

#391789 Last one to post in this thread wins

Posted by Rosie on 21 October 2014 - 05:31 AM

I was saved 30 years ago today... TO GOD BE ALL OF THE GLORY

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