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#307118 [Movie] Courageous (the newest movie from Sherwood Baptist Church)

Posted by HappyChristian on 04 September 2012 - 09:41 AM

I saw the movie when I was in WA after my Dad died. My brother brought it up and he, my Mom, and I watched it together. It was hard to watch due to our grief, but it was good, too. The time watching it was kind of an homage to our Dad. Then, after I got home, my hubby and I checked it out of the library (yes! the public library has it and Fireproof, and a few more good movies!) and watched it. It was just as good the second time. And I laughed at the "I love you" to the sheriff, the Javier go-round, the Snake Man (that was SO funny!). My hubby enjoyed it, too. When the man tried to stop the car thief, my hubby said, "just let the car go..." He was amazed when he saw the baby - and the idea that the dad would've given his life to rescue his child was so well presented.

We also got a lot out of it. Our son is grown up now. But it caused my husband to reflect on his rearing of our son.

I think the movie is good for that. The attitude towards the main father that was shown by the son was actually typical - and was well portrayed. The boy was hurting - first about the lack of attention from his dad, and then about the loss of his sister. And dad didn't see it. I think it was well presented, and hopefully some dads that see it will realize that their sons need their time.

One of the things that we really liked was the different types of dads that were represented. Their different personalities, and their different reactions to things. We liked that the single dad decided to step up and become responsible - that's what God does for us; He changes our outlook. We liked that the main dad saw his error and took care of it. We were saddened by the dad who chose to do wrong.

It was a well-rounded movie, and one which I think could be a real tool to lead into discussion of the best way to be a good father (salvation being of primo importance).

#307117 Amazing Grace

Posted by HappyChristian on 04 September 2012 - 09:27 AM

So sorry you're going through what you are, swath, but AMEN to God's grace, and I praise Him for His supply. Will be praying for you and yours.

#306995 Navy Seal's Book Raises Questions About Bin Laden's Death, Report Says

Posted by HappyChristian on 01 September 2012 - 01:53 PM

You would be much better off to just moderate, & STOP trying to read my mind, or anyone else's mind, guessing at what is in my heart or their heart. I guarantee you that you missed the mark 100%. Um, #1 - I don't have to just moderate - I'm a member just like anyone else and I can post things just like anyone else. Never have I tried to read anyone's mind - not yours or anyone else's. I've never tried to guess what was in your heart or anyone else's because I know that only God knows the heart.

If you say you didn't, your openly calling me a liar. And this is not the 1st time you've made such an accusation to me, & like anyone else, I get tired of it. Who wouldn't? I'm openly calling you a liar? That is your spin on it, not mine. I get tired of things, too, Jerry. And one of the things I get tired of is the implications in many of your posts that people who don't agree with you aren't good Christians. You do it often, whether you want to admit it or not. Now, if that is not your intent, mayhap you best re-think how you word things. Because that is how you come across often - and not just to me.

There was NO contempt in my post, nor in any post I've made, so Please stop the nasty stuff, making unfounded accusations towards me because your opinion is different than mine & your imagination is running wild thinking things that are not so. There may not be any intended contempt in your posts but when someone posts things indicating that they are better Christians than other people who don't agree with them, it comes across as holding others in contempt. None of my "accusations" are unfounded - and it isn't because my opinion is different from yours. Everyone is entitled to their opinions - but you don't always post like you think that. And my imagination never runs wild.

Its very unbecoming to a moderator to make such unfounded accusations towards anyone, it does NO good whatsoever for anyone. It is very unbecoming to a pastor to post things in the way that you do sometimes. And it does NO good for anyone.

Now, if you have a problem with me, & think I'm lying, take it up with Bro, Matt, I'm just asking you openly, "PLEASE STOP guessing at what is in my heart, & stop accusing me of what I have not done. You can be so sweet & kind at time, them turn around pouring out an accusation because your imagination is reading into my post what is not there. And I am not the only one you do this to, I know of at least 2 more you've done the same way. That is not being very nice at all. Jerry, when a person posts in this forum, all anyone has to go by is what they post. Something you don't seem to understand is that a lot of times when you post it SEEMS that you are indicating that the people who disagree with you are not good Christians. And I'm not the only one who gets that out of many of your posts. And then you add things to other's post [ like this: "Amazing, God has shown us mercy & grace, yet you love people to shoot a person in cold blood them keep on shooting them when they're already wounded, laying on their back, only twitching. And you throw out all New Testament teachings of mercy & grace. I believe you would show more mercy for a dog, than a human being.]And you accuse ME? Nowhere in any of my posts did I ever indicate that I love what you've accused me of here [and yes, you did accuse me of this, because you quoted my post.

I would have kept this private, but you openly before everyone accused me of showing contempt. Because that 's how you were coming across...

One last thing, if you will just stop this I will show myself friendly to you, I will not have no hard feelings, none at all! The ball is in your court. I have no hard feelings toward you, Jerry. But I will not stop pointing out wrong. I cannot do that. You make it quite clear often that you haven't arrived to perfection - and I appreciate that. Really, I do. Maybe that's why when you post things that make it sound like people who don't agree with you are either not spiritual or not saved it bothers me. And yet, when someone tries to point it out nicely, it continues. So then, sometimes stronger wording is necessary, and offense is taken. That ought not be. Think about it, Jerry. I realize you are 65, and I know that you love the Lord greatly. But you have to understand that just because someone disagrees with you doesn't mean they don't love the Lord (which, really, you probably do understand that...but all too often it doesn't seem like you do. That's been the whole point all along....) And so now I've bounced the ball back to you. :icon_smile:

#306923 A Quote: Men Of Education Are Apt,

Posted by HappyChristian on 31 August 2012 - 09:33 AM

Saw the admonition to "balance" and it reminded me of a dear loved one that scolded me for being unbalanced; too christian and not worldly enough!

In that context, I prefer ALL God and no world. God commands us to make Him FIRST in ALL areas of life and thought. We're to love him even more than our wives and children. That statement comes as quite a shock to many because the world's values are just the opposite.

You know, it really amazes me that you guys are so misunderstanding of the term balanced in my posts. A true balance puts God completely first. Anyone who knows anything about the Bible knows that. Even God speaks about balance. Proverbs 11 is a very intense chapter, and it begins with "A false BALANCE is abomination to the LORD: but a just weight is his delight." That is speaking of measuring truly - and then a lot of things follow in that chapter.

A false balance would be putting anything before the Lord. Now, please stop indicating that I might mean that balance means all things - even God - need to be equal. I never said that nor implied it. Purposeful misunderstanding is not very credible.

#306921 Mitt Romney Hates The Crazy Christians Too

Posted by HappyChristian on 31 August 2012 - 09:24 AM

Once again, a lesson on POTUS powers: He CANNOT constitutionally ban abortion. Why is that so hard for people to understand? Yes, he will appoint SCOTUS justices, but that is actually the limit of his power. Unless, of course, it is BO, who thinks Executive Orders are the POTUS' best friend.

Sadly, economics is too a problem in this country. We ALL know there is moral depravity. That's a big duh, really. But it isn't the POTUS' job to do something about it. It's the CHRISTIANS' job. We need to stop expecting the elected servants to do something about it, and 'fess up and let our light shine brightly. And a good economy sure would help the struggling churches to do just that....

#306802 Contemporary Christian Music And Homosexuality

Posted by HappyChristian on 30 August 2012 - 12:55 PM

Believing that the type of musical instrument used in a church service is responsible for the style of music is unsubstantiated opinion. Not fact.

#306785 Rnc: “Where The Rules Don’T Matter”

Posted by HappyChristian on 30 August 2012 - 11:02 AM

Wow. Assume much? Just because I didn't cry and boohoo that the woman was fired, you assume I don't sympathize? Okay.

As I said, I don't know the whole story, so I can't really judge. Do you know the whole story? Or is it just what you heard on the news?

And my last statement was generic, not pointed at anyone, so there's no need to take offense...

#306780 Mitt Romney Hates The Crazy Christians Too

Posted by HappyChristian on 30 August 2012 - 10:34 AM

Yep. He hates those Christians so much, Mike Huckabee in particular, that Huckabee was punished with more speaking time than most of the speakers at the convention.

(and let's all sit back and realize that if Huckabee were the nominee, there'd be all kinds of things posted on here about why he's so wicked!)

#306703 Joel's Prayer Requests.

Posted by HappyChristian on 29 August 2012 - 05:32 PM

I'm so sorry you're still going through this, Joel. :icon_pray:

#306673 Laws Against Homosexuality?

Posted by HappyChristian on 29 August 2012 - 03:36 PM

No. Although immoral, I wouldn't classify murder, robbery and rape under so-called "morality laws". These crimes go directly against the will of the victim. I can't think of too many people who have the desire to be murdered or raped.

As gross as it may be, if 2 adults, of the same gender, decide to go to the privacy of their own home, to act out on their immoral lusts, what right does any Christian have to say they need to go to jail? Isn't pre-marital sex a sin and immoral? Should all those who chose to disobey God and have sex before marriage go to jail? As stated by Jerry and John, this is picking and choosing.

Actually, when the culture in this country WAS moral, sodomy, adultery, and pre-marital sex were illegal in many states. Adultery still is in many states. It is not picking and choosing. When a culture is moral (note I didn't say Christian), sexual activity actually shows the condition of the family. The breakdown in purity parallels the breakdown in the family - and lest anyone kid themselves, it is being done by design.

It is a fallacy to believe that certain laws that are in line with scripture mean that we must re-institute God's OT laws. Of course, there is a group of Christians who want this to come about,and who are in full support of a theocracy (like the Puritans) - which would include stoning rebellious children, etc. That isn't the style of government God gave us here in America. But He did give us a government. That government is a Republic - which means rule by law, and that all are to obey the same laws. Those who instituted anti-sodomy laws knew full well that sodomy destroys.

I don't believe that the federal government should be involved in any kind of laws re: sexual acts. But state governments most definitely have that right - and responsibility.

#306670 Contemporary Christian Music And Homosexuality

Posted by HappyChristian on 29 August 2012 - 03:12 PM

I personally see no problem with having a piano, and maybe even an organ, being used in worship services. I do start to get leary when I see drums, guitars, and the like being used during services. I see them as a gateway to allowing worldly music into the church. My wife's church growing up was your typical conservative IFB church. They only had a piano and organ. Well, then they started letting the youth who played instruments at school start playing them during worship services. Drums, electric guitar, cellos, violins and such. Now, they aren't any different than a lot of ecumenical churches that sport rock bands.

Much like alcohol is a gateway drug for other drugs, I believe so is using other instruments besides a piano/organ. I don't believe that they are wrong, per se, but why put yourself in a tempting situation?

Actually, the type of instrument isn't what drags a church down. It's the type of music that is allowed. I speak that from experience from the last 23 years in the same church. We have a full orchestra in our church - and that includes drums, cellos, violins, etc. (No guitars, electric or otherwise, though) And I guarantee the music our church uses is all good. No CCM at all for us.

The Bible is clear that all types of instruments can be used for praise. Psalm 150 actually comes across as a command. It doesn't say "if you think these are okay instruments." It says "Praise him with..."

Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.

2 Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

3 Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp. Brass and strings (cello, violins)

4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs. Timbrel - percussion instrument; stringed instruments again (which could include guitar, if rightly used, actually)

5 Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals. percussion instruments

6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the LorD

Psalm 149:3 says: "let them sing praises unto him with the timbrel and harp.

percussion and strings again...

Psalm 147: 8 "...sing praise upon the harp unto our God

God doesn't limit the type of instrument. Again, it isn't the instrument that is wrong. It is the MUSIC used that needs to be watched.

#306660 Real Citizenship

Posted by HappyChristian on 29 August 2012 - 02:14 PM

Go back & take a look, you mentioned unamerica in your post. So slow down & stop the accusations. I know exactly what I wrote. I wonder, though, if you do. I never said YOU were anti-American. Your application of that to yourself is of your own doing, not mine. So slow down yourself and stop your own accusations.

I am only promoting that the child of God should always have God first, that God should have prominence in every corner of our life. What you "promote" is that if anyone disagrees with YOUR opinion, they don't put God first. You just cannot seem to get it through your head that just because people don't see exactly eye-to-eye with you doesn't mean they don't put God first.

Yes, even before America. Putting God first does not mean one can't love their country.

Do you disagree? I disagree with the fact that it is obvious that you are only promoting that the child of God should always have God first. Because it appears in your writings that YOU are the arbiter of whether someone puts God first. And denigrating someone who loves their country insinuating that means they don't have God first is just one example.

#306522 Real Citizenship

Posted by HappyChristian on 28 August 2012 - 03:03 PM

Um, don't be twisting words to look like a martyr now, Jerry. No-one suggested you were anti-American because you put God first. Unlike you suggesting that people who do certain things that YOU disapprove of (without knowing what God's will is for their lives), like politics, makes them poor Christians who are more concerned with the things of this world.

#306491 Kj Bible College

Posted by HappyChristian on 28 August 2012 - 11:16 AM

I agree - Webster's 1828 is a great dictionary. And thank you, Jerry, for saying "many that read Greek" rather than everyone. It is true that many who read Greek believe that they are above others who cannot. But it isn't true of everyone. The dean of our college is one of the most humble men I've ever met (I used to be his teacher, anon many years ago, so I've known him most of his life). I also worked for Joe Boyd (he was an evangelist who trained preacher boys for many years) for a few years. He actually read a Greek New Testament often. And I don't remember him ever correcting the KJB. Nor boasting about knowing Greek (I found out about the Greek NT from someone who saw him - he never mentioned it).

#306478 Real Citizenship

Posted by HappyChristian on 28 August 2012 - 10:41 AM

I find it highly amusing that this discussion of Paul's nationalism or lack thereof is even going on. Paul was not ashamed to proclaim that he was a Roman citizen. Because the Bible records that he claimed it for spiritual reasons in that passage, too many assume that's the only time he mentioned it. But, really, that is an assumption that no-one has the right to make. None of us walked with him, so we don't know what he may or may not have said that didn't make it into Holy Writ. Rest assured that he uttered more words than we read in the Bible.

Now, if we are going to be anti-American (or whatever country from which you hail) because it is perceived that Paul did not love his country, but only the souls there, then we must needs pattern our lives after Paul. So, who's gonna go on missionary trips, funding themselves via tentwork? Come on, any takers? No? Didn't think so.

See, the mistake we make when we try to extrapolate that what Paul or Jesus did in their daily lives is the limit of what we are to do is that we cannot do exactly as they did. No-one on this forum can, nor does. God put us where He wants us. And HE is the One Who tells each individual how they are to live their lives. I realize that there are a few people on here who think that we are to do nothing but be soulwinners. But in actual fact, even THEY don't practice what they "preach." If they did, they wouldn't waste their time posting on a forum, surfing the net for news, watching FOX (or any other newscasters), etc., etc.

We were told by Christ to occupy til He comes. Part of that occupying involves taking care of the country He's given us. We are also told to be good stewards. We are not good stewards of what God has given us if we don't take care of it. Be it finances, family, home, vehicles, or (choke up now) COUNTRY.

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