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#393290 God The Father?

Posted by HappyChristian on 07 November 2014 - 04:25 PM

So is everyone else, including those that don't believe LOL

I just find it amazing how we all give Him the glory in hindsight. It is our decisions and actions that get us into touble and then get us out of trouble (or keep us in trouble LOL) And yes it is being honest. I am not going to pretend I like Him when I can't stand Him any more. But then you lot wouldn't understand a crisis of faith if it came and slapped you in the face - you're all perfect little IFB's. Take a look arround you. Our "Father" gave this world to the devil and us with it. We are all "Job's" in one form or another being punished for our faith while He sits back in silence and enjoys the show. Reality TV at it's best

"You lot."  Hmmm....okay. Perfect? Nope. Little? Nope. IFB. Yep.  But it's very foolish to think God doesn't take care of us.  It is also foolish to not realize that life happens  - and that means bad things happen to good people.  When sin came into this world, problems came into it.  It is quite a decided lack of faith to begin with not to realize God is in control and that He wins in the end.


I'm sorry for your crisis in faith, but don't come on here and belittle us because we have been able to get through our own crises...by trusting even when things are the darkest.  Regardless of what you are going through, others have faced the same thing - some to a lesser degree, some to a greater degree.  Trusting in God is the only way to get through any of those crises without losing our marbles, as it were.


God gives all of us breath - saved or lost. And I'm thankful for it. I know beyond any shadow of doubt that my breath stays in my body (well, except when I exhale  :ROFL: ) because God allows it. And no matter what arises, I know that all things will work together for good for me. God promises that. And I trust Him.


I give Him glory in hindsight because I know He is due the glory. I also trust Him for the future because I know He holds it in His hand.  I don't always understand, and sometimes I do doubt when I get myself in the way. But He is faithful, and that is all I need.


(and this is coming from someone who has "looked around" quite a bit over several decades...)

#393283 God The Father?

Posted by HappyChristian on 07 November 2014 - 03:56 PM

that's good. It helps keep you alive.

Yep...but it is only because my Father allows it...

#393164 Clear Something Up.for Me Please?

Posted by HappyChristian on 06 November 2014 - 10:31 AM

Okay, GP...even just the word "post" being posted in thread after thread can become spam...


Miss Daisy, I've got to say I'm thrilled that Rauner won. Not necessarily because I think he's so much better - he caved on too many things while running for me to think he's going to do much more than Quinn (plus he'll have Mike Madigan against him). But because the Obamas and the Clintons all came out and stumped for Quinn...and he lost.  :icon_smile:   I was hoping Durbin would lose for the same reason.  But one down is good!  :clapping:


And on a happy note - every person the Clintons stumped for lost! heheheh

#393095 Clear Something Up.for Me Please?

Posted by HappyChristian on 05 November 2014 - 10:32 AM

Happily, as it turns out, the new make-up of the Senate will be in opposition to this current president.  Although he still has til January to do things with the lame-duck Senate that can be as disastrous as other things he's done.


I'm disappointed in a couple of the local results, but it wasn't unexpected.  Other US Congress results, though, make up for it.  :biggrin:

#392936 Seattle Megachurch Mars Hill Dissolves 2 Weeks After Founder Mark Driscoll Re...

Posted by HappyChristian on 03 November 2014 - 10:38 AM

While I do not mourn the demise, I'm sad because I know it's going to be assumed to be a gospel church...I sincerely hope that a godly man or three will head to the Seattle area and start some churches that are biblical.  There are some in the area, but Seattle is a big city and could use more.

#392807 Father, Forgive Them

Posted by HappyChristian on 01 November 2014 - 07:27 PM

Please see my post on Paul the Heretic but HappyChristian you don't know "the prayer was intended for God not to strike them all dead right at that point" that is just foolish nonsense to deflect from the real meaning of what he was saying. He was saying that without any form of repentence, without any acknowledgement that Jesus was god by these people Jesus was still able to and did grant salvation. Dear--- people salvation was a free gift for all mankind through his son, thanks to Paul the heretic you all seem to have a really tough time accepting this. I preached a sermon on this exact topic. You MUST use Occum's Razor, Jesus actually meant "Father forgive them" and he was actually talking about ALL OF MANKIND, that actually lines up beautifully with scripture (Jesus's words not Pauls) 2 And He is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only, but also for the sins of the whole world.

I don't need to see your post, thank you. And please read a bit more carefully: I did not say that the prayer was intended for that purpose...I said I'd HEARD that. Do not misrepresent my words.

And do not use God's name in that way again. Using God's name in vain is not allowed here. That you did so is not open for argument.

Just because you preached a sermon on the topic doesn't make you right. In all actual fact, noone can definitively say exactly what Christ meant...

And, cease and desist calling Paul a heretic. God would not have used him to pen scripture were that the case.

#392485 The Coming November Wars

Posted by HappyChristian on 31 October 2014 - 09:26 AM

We already have a president who dictates by executive order...with some very serious ones lined up for after Nov. 4.


If Mitch McConnell becomes majority leader, the Senate will be as ineffective as the House has been under Boehner.  McConnell has reversed his stance on immigration reform and repealing BOcare just in the last couple of days due to the fact that he is in the race of his life. He and several other congressmen who have been in there for dogs' years are neck-and-neck with the Dems for more than one reason.


1. Their constituents are tired of what they've not been doing.

2. Dems are working overtime at voter fraud (from machines recording wrong votes to illegals [and this has been caught on video] being urged to vote).

3. "Independents" or Libertarians getting in and staying in the race, even when the GOP nominee is a constitutionalist (and, yes, there have been a number this cycle...most just haven't heard about them) and so siphoning votes from them.


Too many people - Rand Paul among them - believed that the seats needed to be "protected" by making sure the old guard won the seats (in the case of Thad Cochran, even at the expense of cheating and lying themselves) in the primaries. So they endorsed the old guard, sent mega money to them, etc. They won the primaries, but are not running away with the general.  I believe it's because people are just tired of the garbage.


The same will hold true in the next presidential election - if there is one. If an old guard gets the nominee for the GOP - by that I mean Romney, Jeb Bush, Huckabee, etc - Hillary will win. And the slide will continue... 

#392484 Movie Review - Fireproof

Posted by HappyChristian on 31 October 2014 - 09:15 AM

We've seen it and liked it (so much that we bought it). As was mentioned, there are things in there that make one shake their heads, but it's a good movie overall. Although I don't agree with Kirk Cameron on all points of doctrine, I think highly of his testimony.  The fact that he wouldn't kiss the woman who played his wife is impressive, IMO, due to Hollywood culture.  The woman he kisses in the movie is his actual wife - and I always figured that they chose the woman who portrayed the movie wife because his actual wife could stand in for the kiss.  That might seem trite to some, but in the rampant and casual sexual time we live, to have someone who is in Hollywood stand firm about not kissing - even in acting - someone not his wife is refreshing to me.


I like the lessons of the movie, too, as does my hubby. 

#392436 I Am Out Of Here! Goodbye!

Posted by HappyChristian on 30 October 2014 - 03:08 PM

You know what, WC - you bring it on yourself when you act the way you have. It's quite telling that the folks you line up with are those who seem to want to engender strife - all in the name of "wanting balanced biblical discussion".  Be warned. "They" are watching you.

#392426 Hi Everyone

Posted by HappyChristian on 30 October 2014 - 01:41 PM

Okay, Washed Clean. Enough.  Pork, as salyan has mentioned, please change the name. The taint of the world is not on Christians who don't appreciate double entendre but rather on those who want to skate as close to the world as possible and claim scriptural support to do so.  Unity is only possible when each person is looking at things through scripture and not through feelings.


As to your attempt at rebuking moderators, WC,  yes they are present. And had you taken the time to read, you would have noted that one already spoke - letting Pork know his name needs to be changed.  If, as he said he isn't wanting to be offensive, he will do so.


Sadly, this thread is closed because some folk seem to want to use it as a forum to argue.  Al did us a favor by pointing out the fact that the name is a vulgar euphemism. Dave told us what it was (although I think we all knew), so obviously it's used that way in Australia as well.


Pork, change your name. To something that is not a vulgar double-tongued phrase/word.  Thank you.

#392309 Pantry ABC

Posted by HappyChristian on 28 October 2014 - 02:32 PM

Zero candy bars

#392299 Hello Brethren!

Posted by HappyChristian on 28 October 2014 - 12:50 PM

This was - the fellow that preached it took it from the direction of it being a sin not to recognize that everything we have is from God...as I said, I don't remember the whole of it, but that is what the evangelist was aiming for.

#391817 Woman Who Slit Police Officer's Throat Acquitted

Posted by HappyChristian on 21 October 2014 - 12:42 PM

No, it would never be that, SFIC - even when I'm angry with him.  :ROFL:

#391800 Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha

Posted by HappyChristian on 21 October 2014 - 09:30 AM

No, I'm sure they won't advocate lions and tigers having rights yet, simply on the basis that they believe chimps are our relatives. 


I agree that they should be put back into the wild if possible, but I don't have a problem with zoos if the animals are treated right. They are supposed to be under our dominion and zoos can give us lots of information about them. 


Totally agree no freedom to walk the streets!  Next will be the "right" to marry them...of course, there have been people around the world who've "married" an animal for one reason or another. 


Sin is sick. Unchecked sin is revolting.

#391761 Sermon Supoenaes

Posted by HappyChristian on 20 October 2014 - 01:14 PM

Somehow I have the feeling that Christians aren't going to get the same treatment at others in jail...

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