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My Son....

21 November 2014 - 03:58 PM

Well, it appears that the Army is calling our son back up. It's only supposed to be until next August and in the Reserves - unless there's an emergency...


Would appreciate prayer for him and his wife as they will need to be adjusting to a new way of life now.  He was single when he was in before and now with a wife, if he's deployed overseas....



Marietta Bible College

19 November 2014 - 11:58 AM

I attended MBC for a year (well, I started a second year, but left early for reasons I won't go into) back in the day. When I was there, there weren't international students, but it has become a college that particularly trains international students. But now...





The Obama Administration is about to grant amnesty to some five million illegal aliens. You would think they could find room to accommodate 120 Christian college students.


And for what it’s worth – the Christian college kids came here legally.

This situation will only escalate, and it won't be long til it affects colleges like ours.  We haven foreign students - not as many, but some.  But one day it'll reach us.  And probably not too long in the future...

Thanksgiving Game

07 November 2014 - 12:23 PM

It's that time of year again.  Thanksgiving. My favorite time of year.  Let's have some fun at the same time we are giving thanks. The object of this game is to spell out the word Thanksgiving while using the subsequent letter of the word thanksgiving.  I'll start with T.  Next person uses H, etc.


T:  Trees. I'm thankful God gave us trees.  The leaves they shed in fall give gorgeous colors. The bare bones they show in winter are beautiful. The green they bring in spring is just breathtaking. The fruit they bear in summer is life sustaining for humans as well as animals.  They give us oxygen. God is good.

File Under Believe It Or Not: Satanic Children's Big Book Of Activities

03 November 2014 - 11:59 AM

Coming to a school near you (currently if you live in FL)...





On the heels of a lawsuit over the distribution of Bibles and other religious literature in an Orange County, Florida, school district, the Satanic Temple has submitted some materials of their own: a coloring book.

Just last week, an atheist group proposed a controversial pamphlet that they were going to hand out, highlighting what they feel are examples of inappropriate content in the Bible, but this coloring book goes a step further.  [see the link for page examples]...

According to Fox News, at this point the district has not announced a decision on the material. A spokesman for the group, which has joined forces with atheist groups to push back against the court ruling that allows the distribution of Bibles in schools,said:

To be sure, if our materials are consistent with their standards, they can’t simply deny our literature because of its religious viewpoint.  If the open forum for distribution goes forward, The Satanic Temple will be there.

This conflict is similar to one that happened earlier this year, when a lawsuit was filed after a Michigan mayor refused to allow atheist groups the same access a Christian group was given in its city hall.

If religious literature is allowed in schools, this would seemingly have to include religions of all kinds — which would join Christians and Satanists as the strangest of bedfellows.

That’s hard to imagine, of course. What’s more likely is that someone seeks to reverse the judge’s decision and the barring of all religious materials from schools. Either way, this is certainly a civics and religious freedom lesson for all of us.



Nonhuman "rights" Soon To Be A Reality, I Betcha

21 October 2014 - 09:14 AM

In a world that seems to have gone completely bonkers, here's proof there's more nuts to come...






Human rights may no longer be just for humans. A group called the Nonhuman Rights Project is currently involved in a legal battle to get a 26-year-old chimpanzee named Tommy recognized as a legal person deserving of certain legal rights, such as “bodily liberty and bodily integrity.” The group claims that Tommy “is being unlawfully imprisoned and therefore being deprived of his fundamental common law right to bodily liberty.”


This post could have fit in the evolution forum, but it's also current news.  This is one of the levels of stupidity to which people can sink when they turn their backs on God.

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