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Emphasizing Words

06 August 2014 - 08:51 PM

In another thread the subject of emphasis certain WORDS was brought up.
I didn't WANT to detail that thread, so I thought I would mention it in a new thread.

You know how sometimes people "use" their fingers to do the quote signs as they speak, for the purpose of noting a word in their sentence?
Well, every now and them my kids and I "will" take sentence in our conversation and do just that, but out of place.
Like "taking" the word and and emphasizing it where it actually adds nothing.

We end UP rolling around laughing and for the next 15 minutes every sentence "has" a wrongly emphasized word - sometimes even two OR more.

Anyone else do this or I am I just certifiably strange?



24 June 2014 - 07:03 AM

I finally got around to adding a Pic and changing my sig line a bit.


When the forum software was updated some years ago, my avatar pic dropped off, and I never did get around to fixing it - partly because the majority of my browsing is now done on my mobile and it just seemed too hard - and sigs don't show in mobile mode.


Anyway, the pic is of a family day out at some tracks near a town called Collie - we stopped at the top of this rise to have a look and assess the best way down the other side.


This was not seriously tough, but it was enough to cause us to take it easy on the way and then to stop to check the route down.


I could have just continued straight down with no problem, but it was worth showing the boys how to assess the track before continuing.


It was a nice day out, running along a river and stopping for a picnic lunch.

A reasonably challenging but not difficult track to have a bit of fun on - the kids got a bit worried here and there, but not much stops an old 60 series Cruiser.


I was warned about the last hill to the end of the track, but it was easy as pie - must have been some changes since the warning was passed around, because it was not the hardest part of the track by any stretch.



I really enjoy 4WDing, but do not get to do it as much as I would like - too busy with family sport and ministry work.

Not that I regret that in any way, it is just the fact. My love of the outdoors and travelling comes second to my love for the Lord. But I still enjoy it. ;)



Regeneration And Believing.

09 June 2014 - 02:23 AM

I had a discussion with a man a couple of weeks ago, and in that discussion this man was adamant that a man must be regenerated before he can believe.
I have searched the Scriptures regarding this matter and so far have found no Scriptures that support his position.

I was wondering if any of our members have such Scriptures supporting this position and would like to share them do that I may study them directly.

I will likely not argue against them in this thread as my objective is to find the kind of scriptures he would use.

They simply are not apparent to me.

False Teaching

04 June 2014 - 04:56 PM

Gal 5:9 A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.


90% of Rat poison is good food.

There are some false teachers who are blatant and therefore easy to spot.

Then there are those who post a bit of poison in amongst right teaching.

Then when you call them on it, they point to the stuff they post which is right and say prove them wrong - which you can't because that bit was right. So you point out the wrong, and they ignore that and challenge you to find fault with the right.
A broken clock is right twice a day but it is still broken.
Rat poison has a lot of good food wrapped around the poison, but it will still kill you.

There are false teachers here who are smart at the debate but still teaching false rubbish.

A little leaven.......

About To Cause A Church Split......

03 June 2014 - 02:55 AM

Me, my son, and one of the men spent yesterday rotating the church auditorium through 90°. Well not the auditorium itself, but the contents of it. ;)


I have talked about doing it off and on for the last 12 months, but Sunday this man came and said - let's do it tomorrow.


So we did. Moved the platform - which was heavy.

Moved my office from one corner to another so now it is at the back of the auditorium.

Moved all the chairs around - and this is the kicker - we used to have three "blocks" of chairs with two aisles, now we have fours blocks of chairs with three aisles - and that means that people can't even just rotate "their seats" :lol:

Moved the Piano (of course) to put it back next to the platform.

Moved the small bookcases that have hymn books and visitors Bibles in them.

Bought a couple of new bookcases to put the plethora of stuff that has been collected somewhere.


So as a result I hope we don't, but I am preparing for a church split this Sunday.


My only consolation is that we didn't get new carpet with it all - That would have been the last straw I am sure......



On a serious note, it means that the double entry doors to the auditorium are now at the back and we can use them as they were intended to be used. My wife had a look last night and she loves it; I really like the way it looks now as well, both from the doors and from the platform.



(You will note that this is in fun and games - just in case someone has temporarily misplaced their sense of humour).



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