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#381268 Homosexuals And Church Ministry

Posted by John81 on 06 August 2014 - 07:03 PM

Good comparison regarding the drunkenness/alcoholic connection. It's a shame much of Christianity has bought into the secular view of drunkenness being something one can never truly be free from and it's all up to the person to build himself up to not drink, or have plenty of friends around to help him not drink, etc. (not that those things can't be of help, but Christ and His sufficiency should be the key, main focus).


There is also a problem among many Christians who virtually equate temptation with sin. We will all face temptation during this life. If we are tempted to lie about something, but we don't lie, then we are not a liar; we are not a "liar Christian", we are not a "recovering liar". The same applies to drunkenness and homosexuality. It's not a sin to be tempted and to be tempted in any area doesn't make us a party to sin or identify us. Our identity is in Christ.


It's a real shame all the excuses in Christianity today for homosexuality, adultery, drunkenness, divorce, child spoiling, entertainment indulgence, etc.


The Lord is as capable of delivering a person from the sin of homosexuality as He is capable of delivering any of us from any other sin.

#381266 Homosexuals And Church Ministry

Posted by OLD fashioned preacher on 06 August 2014 - 06:32 PM

They want the "gay" term in the same manner as a drunk wants the term "alcoholic". To call one an "alcoholic" or worse yet "recovering alcoholic" denotes something outside of their open choice ("I can't help it, I have a disease". How many times have my wife and I heard that rot?).


Both are listed in I Cor 6 as "such WERE some of you BUT ...." (emphasis mine).


I've preached on the street in front of an "adult bookstore" (gag on that phrase along with "adult language", beverage,etc") with a former homosexual who was redeemed by the blood of Christ. 

#381264 Homosexuals And Church Ministry

Posted by John81 on 06 August 2014 - 05:57 PM

I recently read yet another article dealing with the issue of "gay Christians" (more about that term later) and ministry or service within a church or Christian organization.


If a church is truly following Christ then I don't really understand why there is even a question about this. If the "gay Christian" in question is a practicing homosexual then that means they are living in open sin, rebellion against God, and should not be qualified to serve or be a part of the ministry team.


The main article I read dealt with "gay Christians' and children's ministry. Again, if the "gay Christian" is an openly practicing homosexual that alone should be more than enough reason to disqualify them from working in children's ministry.


So, perhaps now we should address the term, and whole idea of "gay Christian". If by "gay Christian" it means that the person is claiming to be a born again Christian AND a practicing homosexual, and they believe this is okay, that's a major problem. It's no more okay for a Christian to be living as an open homosexual than it is for one to be openly living as an adulterer.


A "gay Christian who is living as a homosexual is in sin. Like any other Christian living in sin they need to repent and forsake that sin.


Myself, I reject the term "gay Christian" because I believe what the Bible says about homosexuality and sin. Are we going to start calling Christians who live as adulterers "adulterer Christian"? What about "thief Christian" or "blasphemer Christian" or "wife beater Christian"?


Christians should be defined by their changed lives, being a new creature in Christ, conforming to Christ and growing in holiness; not by a pet sin, preferred sin, or "acceptable" sin.


Now, if a homosexual is born again in Christ, they repent of their sin (including homosexuality) and are become new creatures in Christ, and even if they still suffer the temptation to homosexual sin but don't give in to the temptation, they are a Christian, not a "gay Christian". "Gay" (homosexual) is what they were before Christ, but that's not who they are now. Neither they or others should want such to be labeled as a "gay Christian".


So many churches have gone wrong in this area already and many others are walking on thin ice. When we declare evil good (proclaiming homosexuality is either not a sin or is some kind of tiny sin that is acceptable and can be overlooked) we have already separated ourselves from God.

#373265 Christians That Are Paid Serve Christ Better....

Posted by EKSmith on 17 May 2014 - 10:52 PM

Well, my kids are right now cleaning up and setting up for our morning service.

And they do not get paid for it.

Thanks for raising them right brother and God bless

#366858 What Is A Beautiful Woman?

Posted by heartstrings on 24 March 2014 - 02:03 PM

Baby....you're beautiful on the inside and you have the memory of an elephant....now that's romantic! 



#366424 Pastor That Dress Right Preaches Right...

Posted by The Glory Land on 21 March 2014 - 11:09 AM

What does it mean to dress right?  Does it mean a $700 suit and tie?  Does it mean a secondhand shabby looking suit?  Does it mean priest collar and robes?  Does it mean nice slacks and a button down shirt?


Dressing right is very subjective.  I kind of prefer the collar and robes, as it takes much of the question and individual style out of the equation. 




See picture above.....   :biggrin:

#364810 What Does King James Only Really Means?

Posted by heartstrings on 08 March 2014 - 08:56 PM

I speak English...and the King James is the ONLY one for me.

#364804 What Does King James Only Really Means?

Posted by candlelight on 08 March 2014 - 06:29 PM

KJVO is one who holds to the KJV 1611 (Authorized Version) only, for the English speaking peoples of the world.  Since I speak the English language only, that would be me.  :)

#363300 Can We Reclaim This Dress Standard?

Posted by WVPastor on 26 February 2014 - 01:10 PM

How did this ever get to be an issue to begin with?  Should we accept defeat in this battle?  Is this a dead issue or an issue of the past?  Before the fight began in America the only issue we had to preach on much was modesty.  The idea of a woman wearing pants was as unthinkable to the church member as a man wearing a dress.  All a pastor had to preach was that it is an abomination for a man or woman to wear that which pertains to the opposite gender, and the issue was settled.  
What changed?  
Who changed?
Somewhere the pressure from carnal women in the church became more than the preachers could survive.  Somewhere in time church members began deciding to get up and walk out of church services at such offensive preaching.  Somewhere church members decided to move their membership over this one subject.  Somewhere it became too costly for preachers to defend any longer.  Somewhere it  became impossible for a pastor to get a church unless he would let go of his conviction.  How did this happen?  When did right preaching become wrong?  When did Godly standards become legalism?  Somehow we have been conned into thinking that if these last few preachers will just drop the issue, it will just go away.  Our US Attorney General is taking the same approach to homosexual marriage.  Eric Holder has encouraged state attorneys general not to defend their states' gay marriage bans in hopes that they will go the way of the old laws which are still on many state's books regarding adultery and fornication.  But right and wrong do not just fade away with the memories of past generations.  God still lives, and He still makes the rules.  God will hold me accountable for what I neglect to preach just as He will hold you accountable for what you neglect to heed.
Do the arguments not make sense anymore?  Of course they do; we are just willing to suspend them in favor of being accepted by the lost we seek to save.  The ungodly have made a very successful run at blurring  the distinction between gender specific garments.  Women's garments are more masculine and men's garments are more feminine than ever.  That is by design, a design to prove God wrong about the differences between the roles of men and women.  I know the masses do not move by their own design, but they are being moved by someone's design.  Why do we want to surrender this argument to the world so badly?  Should we not be  more concerned than we are about defending God's position regarding the roles of men and women?  The same arguments are made here that are made with music about garments or genres being neutral.   The professionals in both the design and music worlds both acknowledge that this is not true.  Why have church members created this argument for themselves?  It is to justify their desire to be worldly without leaving the church.
Did we get beaten or did we surrender?  Can we reclaim this ground?  For the sake of all the church members who cannot figure out why their families are falling apart, can we not help them to reclaim their proper roles at home and begin to repair the broken structures of their families?  What is the connection?  Different clothes emphasize the differences between the genders.  God made an issue of that, so it must be important to him.  That's right!  God made an issue out of gender-specific clothing, because it is important to acknowledge to differences between the genders and the roles that He designed for them.  That is why the devil wants to minimize the contrast.  Do we want to be on the wrong side of that?  Is it that important?  
The modern independent, fundamental church has lost most of its influence, and the presence of God's power is less prevalent than the presence of pride.  In my area of the country (northern WV) there is no understanding among church members of how to salvage or preserve the Christian home.  Every man and woman does that which is right in his own eyes and excuses the results because everyone seems to be going through these struggles these days.  The point is that we should not be, and we do not have to be.  Does it all hinge on what the women are wearing?  No, it hinges on an attitude of submission to God's idea of what our roles are.  Men refuse to submit to their role in leading, and women rebel against the men.  The fact that pants have become the common garment is the evidence that we have surrendered to the world whether on purpose or not.  It is a symbol of the success of the feminist movement in America.  If you do not believe this, try changing into a dress from now on and see what reaction you get, ladies.
What do I think should happen?  What do you think should happen?  What should you do about this?

#362859 Big Day In Church Tomorrow...

Posted by Li Bai Jia on 22 February 2014 - 09:49 AM

We're having a special service tomorrow and I've invited several ladies, two said they would come, the others said maybe. Please pray that they will come, but especially for one of them. D is not a Christian and was scared by the last church she went to (I won't go into details but it has greatly affected the way she views Christians), and is really hesitant about returning to a church, but she is coming to the service tomorrow only because we are friends. Please pray that the message will speak to her heart and she will be saved or at least will no longer be afraid of church and will come back. 



#360943 Boiling Frogs

Posted by ThePilgrim on 10 February 2014 - 01:36 PM

Yes I know it is theologically incorrect but I think there might be some good points.



God bless,


#358418 Coming & Going

Posted by Bro K on 23 January 2014 - 10:51 PM


#358170 A Church Closes Then Sold Who Gets The Money?

Posted by heartstrings on 21 January 2014 - 01:15 PM

Send it to me..........  :)

#355345 Blessed New Year

Posted by Miss Linda on 01 January 2014 - 02:41 AM

I stayed up to welcome the new year with prayer.  There are so many blessings for which to give thanks, but also so many concerns for which to pray.  The world seems to be turning more bold in its sinfulness and thinking only of evil day and night. 


While reading Psalms, I came across a lovely verse for this new year:  "Thou crownest the year with Thy goodness" (Psalm 65:11). 


May God crown 2014 with His goodness for all of you!!


Perhaps this will be the year when Christ returns again!

#354021 The Post That Will Not Stand Long Here (Tithing)

Posted by Galations 2:20 on 21 December 2013 - 09:28 PM


Luke 6:38 Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.

Notice the verse does not say, "Tithe, and it shall be given unto you..."


All comes from God..... whatever you give came from Him time, money, talent, .........

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