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#247887 Restoring Broken Relationships

Posted by irishman on 25 July 2010 - 08:10 PM

I was planning on posting this tomorrow, but just couldn't wait! Hope it can be of use to someone.

We need to seek out principles for restoring relationships, and remember that love always prevails.

1. Reminisce about past shared experiences.
Remember the “good old days”.
Times spent, things done together.

2. Don’t be afraid to “eat crow”.
Swallow your pride.
--Pride is destructive; it seldom, if ever, edifies.
Why not take the blame for the problem? 1 Cor. 6:7
At least make it right on your end.

3. Build dreams with them!
Talk of “better days” ahead; Instill in them a new hope.
Find something to compliment them on (Need not lie, everyone has some accomplishment we can compliment them for.)
Let them know they are useful--important to you.
Excite them toward a better relationship.
Even if they spurn your efforts, you have not lost anything!

4. Humble thyself!
Control your resentment and anger.
Ask yourself “What would Jesus do if He were in this predicament?”
Spill your heart out!
Explain that you do want to “go on” like this…a little humility goes far.

5. Keep a tear in the corner of your eye.
Pray for compassion. One man’s spirit cannot fool another mans spirit;
Learn to be sincerely compassionate. A man can often see through insincerity
If the offendee is unsaved, it is your obligation to reconcile--not his! (Romans 12:10, particularly the middle part, “as much as lieth within “you,” not “them”. It is your duty to reconcile.
Don’t wait for them to make the first move, they probably won’t.
Don’t even begin to reconcile until you have prayed for/received a compassionate heart.

#241932 Do Methodist belives they can lose salvation?

Posted by irishman on 10 May 2010 - 04:58 AM

I'm sorry if your local Methodist church was incorrect. I'm not sure if they are affiliated with the UMC, but I have taken confirmation classes and I promise they do not teach works based salvation.

Okay, I believe in love the sinner hate the sin. As far as homosexuality goes, Leviticus says that it is an abomination. Well guess what? It also says that I should go stone my mother for wearing clothes woven of different fabric. Oh and my uncle? He plants different crops side by side. So I guess i have to put him to death too. Perhaps you can advise me how to handle this situation according to Leviticus?

A little extreme aren't we CPR?
How many of those things you listed are an "abomination"? That is a mighty strong word; if God hates something enough to call it abomination, then He still hates it today! I am saying that, sure there are many things that we do not adhere to today, in the law, but we had better realize that an abomination is still abominable to our Lord; He hasn't changed his mind in the N.T. about hating sin, and it didn't pertain only to Israel if it was abominable. Are you justifying the condoning of homosexuality? it sure sounds like it. Even the N. T. deals with "effeminate" practices (1 Cor. 6:9 for one), but implied in several other places. To condone that which God condemns, especially from an ecclesiastical position is...well you figure it out.

We have too much of this sham love! We think that if we stand against sin, then we are "hate mongers" and that is exactly what the world wants us to think. Today we can hardly speak against homosexuality, lest we be ostracized at the least, and maybe even incarcerated! Love does the right thing; it obeys Gods Word, and aligns itself with it; love is often different from our meager concept of it. It contains chastisement, grace, judgment, instruction, and the whole realm of Christian graces, and yet we only wish to emphasize the "lovey-dovey" side of it. Sure we should help people, but is that all there is to our Christianity? is that what we were created for? The greatest need that man has is Jesus, and everything else is secondary.

#241746 Do Methodist belives they can lose salvation?

Posted by irishman on 06 May 2010 - 09:39 PM

So clearly we should spend all our time "soul winning." Next time I am faced with an opportunity to minister to the needy, I think I'll just tell the hungry child and the old lady with the collapsing roof who can't afford her thyroid medication that they must not be praying hard enough. Either that or they aren't true believers. In fact, I might just tell my priest on Sunday when he asks for volunteers to tutor disadvantaged school children that we should disband the program. Obviously, if these poor children had more faith they would make straight As somehow.

CPR, it is no wonder you do not grasp the spiritual side, (your "priest"?). Surely we are to help the down and out, but why not meet the greatest need of all--Jesus in their life? As John 81 has said, you meet the physical need for today, but they will need again another day; if the spiritual need is met, they have the promise of God they shall "never thirst again" or go hungry; in fact ALL their basic needs will be met, and eventually they will have no more physical needs either. And yes, if the children were taught faith, they would be better off.

#241436 The False Teachings of Seventh Day Adventism

Posted by irishman on 30 April 2010 - 09:01 PM

I have had extensive dealings with the SDA's. When i was a young lad, I spent many summers up on my uncle's farm, and his wife tried to raise all of the 11 kids in the Adventist belief. I went to "Sabbath School" and even went to camp meeting down in Barrien Springs Michigan. I was a Roman Catholic by name only, and they tried their best to convert me. I heard H.M.S. Richards "preach" at the camp meeting (one of their "big guns"), but could not stomach the "vege-burgers" that they ate in place of meat. It seemed hypocritical to me that they ate vege-links and vege-burgers,and pretended that it was meat! The sect that i was exposed to did not wear jewelry either, but it was ok to make it out of agates that they collect on the roads! They sold it, but did not believe in wearing it! I even dated a SDA gal, but we could only go roller skating, and drive around and talk.

Many years later, my wife's aunt and uncle became SDA's and gave me a book to read called the "Blue collar law" or something like that. By that time I ws saved, and threw the book in the garbage. I don't think they ever forgave me for that; to this day they do not speak to us. I do not see how a Christian can take the Holy Spirit which indwells him into an environment like that, and claim that some may be saved.

Anyway, It is a cult, and furthermore, the Bible implies that a true Christian cannot be deceived by false Christs and doctrines. I said it "implies" that in Matthew 24:24
It mat be impossible to deceive the elect. And I am not afraid to say that any person that believes you can lose your salvation is not saved; they are trusting in their own works, and living in fear. It is ridicules to say that one can enter into eternal life by grace, and then suddenly think it is up to him to keep it.

#239180 Jail ministry

Posted by irishman on 01 April 2010 - 12:24 PM

We recently had 5 saved at the County Jail, and 1 at the state prison--Praise the Lord! I often hear of one/some being saved in prison.

I know about "jailhouse religion" and that some think it will help their case, but the Lord knows who is truly saved, and who is not...for that matter, we do not no if the people we write to on this forum are saved, for sure. I only know that I am, and I take your word for it that you are.

Anyway, maybe a few inmates have begun a new life. I have quit the Jail ministry because of a stand on the KJB, but I still like to keep abreast of it. The "Rock of Ages" prison ministry has missionaries all over, one at our church, and they go to the state prisons, while several of the laymen go to the County Jail; it can be quite a blessing.

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