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In Topic: Repentance as a wordly pastime

18 October 2010 - 03:15 PM

[List of a bunch of stuff you have to do deleted]

Then and ONLY then can you truly say "I love Him, because He first loved me".

Then it didn't come first by definition. This is not the faith that comes from God.
You've placed your own repentance and beliefs (your own faith) before God, and this
is a false gospel.

But God did it all himself, its a free gift. We love him because He first loved us.

"Godly sorrow works revenge"

In Topic: Repentance as a wordly pastime

18 October 2010 - 02:55 PM

Sir, Jesus is the one who gave the illustration "the devils believe".

The boasting and argument is because you've made your salvation dependent on your belief works I think, and not the Rock. Satan sometimes does that to believers too, but they can't lose their salvation, just be really confused for a time.

you come to the place that
you admit that
YOU are wicked and unrighteous, God is righteous, and
you put your trust in Jesus as
your only hope,
you won't get saved. But when

you do, at that moment in time, you have, in effect said in your heart

At the moment you do all that, you've created an idol in your heart.

You don't do anything. God saves us Himself, and he gives us the faith, not ourselves. You can't come to that place. You can't admit. You can't see that. You can't put trust in Jesus, and God will save who He wants no matter how many witchcraft forumulas you give, because faith is only from Him. Because thats all it is, a way to require God to save you, instead of knowing that God has saved you because God loves you. You can't take love.

I've been saved a long time, but you've been increasingly boasting against me. The bible says:

Eph 2:8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God:
Eph 2:9 Not of works, lest any man should boast.

This boasting comes in when its not believed its just a gift of God, and you have to do something yourself.

But God did it all himself, its a free gift. We love him because He first loved us.

"Godly sorrow works revenge"

In Topic: Repentance as a wordly pastime

18 October 2010 - 02:35 PM

Sir, Jesus is the one who gave the illustration "the devils believe".

To "believe on Christ" is MORE than just to believe that Jesus Christ paid the price for your sins on the Cross.

You can stop using Sir as a means of insult, it is hypocritical. I didn't need to use sir to point out that you are wrong to do that.

I stopped reading your messages closely when its apparent you weren't reading mine closely. If you weren't quoting Paul's similar admonishment, then I am sorry I misread it.

You misquoted my message however, and therefore have misread it.

I said Jesus *already* paid the price for your sins, before you even knew him. And that we love God because he first loved us.

You seem not to understand that. That you think you have to repent of your sins first before you know it, that it is something you do, and repenting of something you have already been forgiven for is not understanding you already have been forgiven of it.

It is not of ourselves, but God, so that no one can boast. You didn't save yourself if you are saved, and God loved you first. You didn't have to do anything, its a free gift.

In Topic: Repentance as a wordly pastime

18 October 2010 - 02:52 AM

We love God, because He first loved us. Jesus Christ already paid the price for your sins on the cross, before you even knew him.

In Topic: Repentance as a wordly pastime

18 October 2010 - 01:49 AM

Sir, the devils believe in the deity of Christ, the virgin birth, the second coming, they really beleive. They know their fate in Hell. But there is one difference; They will never trust Jesus as their only hope. Benny Hinn has the plan of salvation given on his website, sir, complete with King James Bible references. Do you think Benny is saved? We You see...you can believe there IS a Jesus all you want to, but until you are willing to admit you are wrong, God is right, and give your heart to Him, you will die and bust Hell wide open.

In order to be saved, there must be something to be saved FROM. And that something is your dirty rotten sin nature. If you simply beleive Jesus exists but think that you are reallya good person, and that your good works are sufficient, you haven't really beleived on Jesus. You are not born again. You are like the ones in verses 22 and 23. Like I said, rpentence is BELIEVENG, you are a sinner, deserving punishment,and simply turning to Jesus, putting your trust in Him. It is not a "work" it is a beleif in the heart. It's not "confessing" all your sins, although some may do that. If I had to confess all mys sins to get saved, I would be old and grey before I finished. Repentence is also an on going process in the life of a beleiver.

Although you are beginning to sound more like what I have been saying the whole time, you are still not right. First, you quote what devils believe so much, but the problem is, this isn't a good witness for others. People aren't devils, and while fallen angels in this world may know all these things, many people do not. Futhermore, devils can't be saved. Lastly, devils also know they are sinners. And most sinners actually know they are sinners too. They may be ignorant of how much but that is because they haven't known the love of God. Also, you may have many beliefs in your heart - but God needs to have put it there. A belief may be wrong, although it is in the heart.

That repentance is according to you now an ongoing process means that repenting of sins by the believer is therefore not part of the one time thing done when a believer is born again. Repenting of sins is an ongoing work of the Holy Spirit. We come to know God's love, and we become aware of our sins. Knowing God's love also is not our work either. We loved him because he first loved us.

A lot of people have been arguing about belief and if it is enough, but the bible says that the faith isn't ours that no one should boast.
IT IS THAT BOASTING I suggest that is the cause of all arguments like this that you see online. The boasting and argumentation is an indication that people don't agree that the faith wasn't from themselves. The boasting over salvation is an indication that you may not be saved, and I don't mean that personally.

I have noted maybe dozens of arguments like this over various aspects of the salvation process, but isn't it all boasting of sorts? If it is God that gives you the faith, it also isn't your belief in the heart but HIS. Where is the argument and boasting? We love him because He first loved us.
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