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Repentance as a wordly pastime

13 October 2010 - 08:13 AM

Repentance found the world over.

Admit you can't do it, and Jesus Christ already paid the price on the cross.
He stands at the door knocking.

"The sorrow of the world produces death"

Roman Catholics
I’m not that “holy.” Can I still be a priest if I’m not very holy?
Holiness (to be like Jesus) is a lifetime endeavor for every person in every vocation.
Don ’t worry if you don’t see yourself as very holy right now. God will form you
slowly, day by day and week by week, so that you will be ready to be His instrument
when the time comes. But for now, use the sacrament of Penance at least once a month.
Repent of your sins, receive the sacraments, and pray every day. You will
be surprised at how Christ-like you can become!

Maimonides on Repentance
"What constitutes complete repentance? He who is confronted by the identical situation
wherein he previously sinned and it lies within his power to commit the sin again, but
he nevertheless does not succumb because he wishes to repent, and not because he is too
fearful or weak [to repeat the sin]. How so? If he had relations with a woman forbidden
to him and he is subsequently alone with her, still in the throes of his passion for
her, and his virility is unabated, and [they are] in the same place where they
previously sinned; if he abstains and does not sin, this is a true penitent"
(Mishneh Torah, "Laws of Teshuva," 2:1).

Repentance in Mormonism
Repentance is one of the first principles believed by the Mormon Church. Article of Faith 1:4 reads: ""We believe that the first principles and ordinances of
the Gospel are: first, Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ; second, Repentance…"1 Mormons do believe that faith leads to repentance and the need for repentance
has always been necessary. In Ecclesiastes we are told that 'no one is without sin and that if we think we are, we are deceiving ourselves.
'2 We each sin whether that be through ignorance, our weaknesses or willful disobedience.

It is believed that we each come to this earth to grow and progress and work towards returning to our Father in Heaven; it is a lifelong process for each of us. Because each of us sin, it makes us unworthy to dwell in the presence of God.

Mormons believe that Jesus Christ suffered the penalty for each of our sins so that we can each be forgiven if we truly repent. Since we are not perfect as
the Savior was, we need help in returning to live with our Father in Heaven. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ (atone = reconcile or to restore to harmony), we can be prepared or reconciled to return to our Heavenly Father and able to dwell in His presence forever because we have been made perfect through the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Repentance is a vital part in our returning to live with God. This life, as short as it may be, is believed by the Mormons, to be the time to prepare to meet God. Repentance is a daily process – we sin daily, thus we need to repent daily.


Question 1: I fall into a sin and then repent, but my base self overcomes me and I fall into it again. Does this nullify my earlier repentance leaving the previous sins intact, unforgiven?

Answer: In the opinion of the majority of scholars it is not conditional for a repentance to be accepted that the penitent does not fall into the same sin again. It is conditional that the sin be given up immediately and that there should be true feelings of regret in the heart. This should be accompanied by the firm intention not to fall into it again. Now, with these conditions met, if he falls into it again, then this will be considered a new sin altogether requiring a new repentance and with no connection with those of the past.

Question 2: Is repentance over a particular sin acceptable while I am a victim of another?

Answer: Yes, repentance over a particular sin is acceptable even if the repentant insists on another sin which is of a different nature and not the same as the one he has repented. To take an example, if a man repents having accepted "interest money", but not drinking wine, his repentance over the interest money is acceptable, and vice versa, but if he repents simple interest but not compound interest then his repentance is invalid. So also if he repents drugs but insists on drinking wine, or vice versa, then that repentance is invalid too. It will also be incorrect and unacceptable if a man repents adultery with a woman but commits it with another. In all these cases they have only shifted from one variety of sin to another within the same kind.

Hindus -

Pope is antichrist - praise report

12 October 2010 - 03:41 AM

Yankee Candle's posting of pictures of the RCC reminded me of something.

God loves us.

I remember creating something like that many years ago. I didn't have much back then, and I was under attack
almost instantly. And I prayed about for it, and God answered that prayer.

First, I advertised the site on google ads because I didn't know how to get the message out, because
no one would listen, or help, and because of censuring messages. I only had $50 to advertise, and
I received it all back.

Second, I put it up on an ISP I no longer have an account with for a long time, and it is still up. Its
been preserved.

Third, it was put in a newspaper for the pope arriving for "world youth day", in the middle of the pedophile
scandal, although I didn't know that happened until a long time later.

God is loving us and taking care of us even when we aren't aware of everything He is doing. I've seen that
type of thing many times in my life. I assume that is God showing me something.

Here is the original site. Note, this is one of the first things I wrote. I understand more now,
and it isn't perfect, but God is gracious. Amen:

http://home.fuse.net... and quotes.htm

Here is the newspaper link. I'm told its a liberal magazine. Perfectly fine for the intent of the site, makes
no difference:

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