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Best Beverage Ever

03 May 2013 - 05:18 AM

You typically want to grab this tin that reads: coffee. 


If you carefully follow the instructions below you can succeed in making the most magnificent beverage God gave to us. 


You will need: 


2-4 scoops, ground black coffee

8-12 oz of cold water. 

1 coffee filter

1 coffee pot

1 coffee mug

2 scoops of non-dairy, or a glub of dairy creamer (optional)

1-3 packets of sugar or artificial sweetener (optional)


Just a few more simple steps! :) 


Put the coffee grounds into the coffee filter, if you're making a larger pot, you want at least four scoops. Colombian is the preferred type, but Arabica or any other is perfectly acceptable. 


Once the grounds are placed into the coffee filter, and the filter is placed into the basket of the coffee maker, you can apply the water into the machine at the appropriate junction. 


The most crucial step is as follows, while most of the steps in this are optional, this one is not. You must locate and activate the power switch on the coffee maker. 


The coffee will take a few minutes to brew, and once it is done it is ready to be served in the coffee mug with or without the optional enhancements. 


The only step left is to enjoy! :)

You Ever Feel Like A Theology Jerk?

03 May 2013 - 05:04 AM

In the past few years my understanding of theology and doctrine has shifted massively from what I grew up under due to some studies I have done through the Bible. I let go of Sunday school myths that we may have all heard, and tried to understand what the Bible really said. In this process, I've not always been the nicest person. 


I can think when I came to my particular soteriology shift. After dabbling in Finney and semi-Pelagianism for awhile, I came to embrace a view based on what I understand of Scripture that is the total opposite of that. When I did, I was a major jerk. I shoved my theology down anyone who would listen's throat as I read more books and tried to understand as much as I could about the topic. Like any overzealous 18-year-old, I messed up big time, and I regret it so much more than that. I was a theology jerk, and I was tearing down people with something that was supposed to build them up. 


You ever feel like this? What's something you've maybe taken too far? 


(Or am I just crazy. ;) )

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