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Today, 12:40 AM

I am afraid you are totally wrong Miss Daisy.  OJ was as guilty as sin.  As far as the kid, the black thug. He appears to me to be a jerk and a punk.

My problem with this whole Ferguson incident is not thinking that the dead kid was an angel.  Maybe he deserved to be blown away by a cop whom I think should have not been in a policemans uniform and maybe he did.  I will let God sort that out.  My problem is with the way the whole fiasco was handled by the powers that be.  The man running the grand jury obviously was not an unbiased person.  The governor of the state of Missouri should have appointed a special prosocutor from somewhere else in the state to handle the grand jury investigation, not someone so close to the Ferguson police department and the people in it.  If you really looked at the info I have posted on this site you know that the prosecutor has relatives who have served in the police department.  This was not an unbiased investigation and it was not intended to be.

It may not be worth much but that is my opinion.


I may not be very smart but I am not a left wing idealog who thinks people should be treated with kid gloves just because they are poor or black, or green for that matter.  How did OJ the butcher get into this thing anyway?


Sorry if I sound a little upset . . . . I am.  I do not think your innuendo was called for.

In Topic: The Grand Jury

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

Some info about the prosecutor and the grand jury.  Short just 9 minutes long.


In Topic: The Grand Jury

Yesterday, 06:33 PM

You guys are correct that the militarization of the police and the increasing control of the police by the federal government has been a real problem and it's only getting worse.


In the Ferguson case I don't think this was a factor as it seems clear the officer asked the perp to stop walking in the middle of the street and the perp mouthed off, refused to leave the street and then proceeded to assault the officer. At some point the perp tried to get the officers gun and was shot in his hand. The perp began to leave and the officer ordered him to halt. The perp charged the officer, as one eyewitness described it "as if he were a football player going for a tackle". Armed or not, a 6' 4", 300 pound man charging at a much smaller man is a serious threat, especially when they have already shown total disregard for the law and a willingness to cause harm or worse. The officer shooting the man seems justified in this situation.


That said, in many other situations around the country I believe the police are trained to quickly go to drastic, violent, even life-threatening actions are too quickly. They are also trained to take an "us vs. them" attitude and approach, along with a manner of superiority. These actions tend to inflame situations rather than calming them.


It's interesting to watch how the police in some other countries deal with criminals and suspects in a much more rational, calm and measured approach than do most American police. I'll often be watching such and think of what would have happened to that suspect had he been dealing with American police...and it wouldn't have been good for them!

I would have a better chance of believing all that if all the witnesses, including Wilson would have been cross examined.  The problem with this whole proceeding is the man doing the prosecuting in this case has had a father and other members of his family on the very same police force as Wilson and the prosecutor really had no insentive to find the truth in the matter.  Too many axes to grind.  As I said earlier, I really don't know what is the truth in this case.

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Yesterday, 06:27 PM

From falling out of the car at the age of four?  I don't know, did somebody call me that once?.

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Yesterday, 03:41 PM

Ban rosie for egging the guys on.

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