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In Topic: Pope Says "dogs Go To Heaven"

Yesterday, 06:55 PM

Note: I'm with Ken Ham, though. Chihuahuas are mutants and I rather hope not to find any of them there. :frog:

Speaking of chihuahuas:  http://www.liveleak....=5c8_1418552234

In Topic: Pope Says "dogs Go To Heaven"

Yesterday, 03:52 PM

I love my dog. I still won't be wasting Gospel on him.

Nor I.  Rosie doesn't seem to need it.  

In Topic: Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Yesterday, 02:03 PM

I just ran across this while reading through many blogs and news sites later this morning: http://orientalrevie...ban-revolution/

In Topic: Paul Craig Roberts Interview

Yesterday, 01:45 PM

I agree that this action by the U.S. government is not for the good of the Cuban people.  I think this whole thing with Cuba is part of the manipulations the U.S. are using in it's war against the Russian people.  This Cuba thing did not just happen out of thin air.  It seems to me that nearly all if not all actions of the U.S. government in the past twenty years or so have been for the good of a elect few of the worlds population . . . . and the elect are not you and me or anyone else in our class.  


This thing with Cuba was done to separate Cuba from Russia in the same way that the thing with Ukraine was to separate Ukraine from Russia.  It is all part of the plan to isolate Russia from any support in the world.  It is all a part of the plan for our future.  I don't know about you but I do not like Obama's or th Bush's or the Clinton's or any of their ilk or those who run them plans for my future.  :umno:

In Topic: Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

18 December 2014 - 11:21 PM

The highlighted portion of John's post is the source of my frustration.  I joined this forum (and a few others) not to debate, but to be a source of encouragement and help.  My expectation with other members is to do the same.  

There are some people who have legitimate questions regarding eschatology that should be answered, but it is impossible to get a SOUND answer on this forum because of the many various systems of interpretation present.  

The frustration comes out because our side has taken great pains to show the many problems with preterism, partial-preterism, a-millenialism, etc., and in great detail.  Our posts are not given any SERIOUS examination, but are blithely dismissed by a misappropriated verse, some undocumented historical reference that is questionable, or some ad hominem against a mythiical "inventor" of the futurist viewpoint.

I have given suggestions for reading and study, only to be told that after "trying" to read a little bit, it seemed to confusing, so they ditched it.  Well, that attitude does not demonstrate any serious consideration from the other side.  I HAVE seriously considered the other side, and find it full of holes, which we routinely point out.  That is why I reject the opposing view point - it raises more questions than it answers.  

There are some aspects about eschatalogy within the futurist point of view that we COULD have good discussions on, but anytime somebody starts a thread on end times events, the preterists high-jack the thread, and off we go again.


That is exactly why some of us have loudly protested the inclusion of professed preterists (or partial preterists) on the forum, since the vast majority of us are futurist in our beliefs.  All they do is stir up strife and confusion, all in the name of trying to "teach" the Scriptures, and the rest of us are not allowed to have a rational DISCUSSION of varying aspects of a system that we can largely agree on.


Yes, frustrating indeed.

In your list of "systems" which you say contain holes you did not list pre-trib.  I assume that is because you "believe" that their is no possibility that your interpretations can be wrong in any fashion.  I assume this because you insist that all other ideas be banned from the forum.  I am not perfect in my wisdom and no one else on this forum is either.  I do not enter into the eschatology debates because I don't think I will have all the answers while my mind still occupies this mortal flesh.  This world is what it is because men who could get along with each other would rather fight about their petty little differences, which in the eternal scheme of things don't amount to a hill of beans.  


John 13:34-35
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.  35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
It does not matter what a saved person believes when it comes to the big, important, all consuming, arguments about when our Lord is coming.  When He comes we should be found doing His work and not fighting one another.  What are our priorities anyway?  Protecting our reputations for having great amounts of knowledge and boosting our egos, is that what we are about?  I pray not! 
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