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In Topic: Questions Only

Today, 10:07 AM

Will we ever see tomorrow or is it like yesterday, all in our minds?

In Topic: Questions Only

Today, 10:01 AM

Isn't the premise of this whole bit about questioning the issues of life in this questionable thread questionable in itself or is it questionable of me to bring the issue forward to question the questionability of the question just me being to forward or is this just a backward age in which we a living questionable in itself with all it's unanswered questions?

In Topic: New Ebola Patient Found In Nyc

Yesterday, 11:22 AM

Link to article:  http://www.foxnews.c...-official-says/

In Topic: Obama Claims Constitution ‘Guarantees Same-Sex Marriage In All Fifty States’

Yesterday, 11:19 AM

It would be nice if these people who are so enamored by homosexuality would show me the exact wording in the Constitution that makes it mandatory that I accept homosexuality as normal human behavior.

In Topic: Russia's Putin Says Cold War 'victors' Want To Reshape World

Yesterday, 11:16 AM

I read the article and I found it very interesting (though not surprising) that the way it and all articles written about Putin or Russia are written with the idea that Putin and Russia are acting irrationally . . . . hardly the case.

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