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#380678 Sheep Slaughter, And Hamas

Posted by ThePilgrim on 31 July 2014 - 02:02 PM

Straight answer from a Muslim to a Christian is not a requirement of their religion or ethical system.


God bless,


#380673 Brass

Posted by ThePilgrim on 31 July 2014 - 12:49 PM

I am not sure if this is humorous or just strange, but here it is.




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#380484 Original Sin/the Sin Nature

Posted by ThePilgrim on 30 July 2014 - 08:35 AM

Winman ( Win Man hmmmmm.I wonder how he came up with that moniker.) is a very clever fellow.  He has a well laid out presentation complete with graphics and videos. 

It's almost, sort of, like an infomercial, don't ya think.  How long and how many places, I wonder, has he gone through all this well laid out stuff. 


Ahh, forget it, just sitting here letting my imagination run wild.


God bless,


#380352 Buchanan On: Russian Aggression Prevention Act Of 2014

Posted by ThePilgrim on 29 July 2014 - 01:03 PM

you know our current administration may be completely inept.


But I will take issue with you on labeling the USA as the problem.  I am a true patriot of the USA and take offense at your accusation the I am the real problem.


It is the left in the USA that are the real problem and they are the ones almost always using the Hitler accusation towards those they oppose and I don't consider Buchanan the leader of the GOP or Bob Coker for that matter.  And the Left is made up of all parties.


If you hate the USA so much why don't you move and stay out of her business.

I do not like the way the government of the U.S.A. is being run and I believe I still have (so far anyway) the right to say so.  The day may come (and not in the far distant future) when I will not have that right but as long as I have my voice and the breath to use it, I will say what I think about the government.  Sometime in the not too distant future when I no longer have the right to speak my opinion someone will probably shut me up and you those who disagree will not have to hear my disagreeable rants. 


As far as packing up and leaving town because some are offended by the truth, the Lord has blessed me with the courage to stand where I am.  When He considers it is time to take me from this vail of tears and bring me home I will leave my home here and go to the mansion prepared for me.  Until that day I stay where He has put me.


I don't mean to sound combative but I just don't like being told to shut up or get out.


God bless,


#380334 Buchanan On: Russian Aggression Prevention Act Of 2014

Posted by ThePilgrim on 29 July 2014 - 09:42 AM

As a general rule, the moment you see an American politician pointing at someone and claiming he is Hitler, you know he's probably innocent of whatever he's being accused of doing.  It's not a perfectly reliable device, but when they're obviously engaging in hyperbole, the chances are they are doing so because they can't make a reasonable case based on what he's actually done.

It is remarkable that even the least competent administration in American history is managing to screw up the Middle East, Russia, and the southern border of the USA all at the same time.  At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama ordered an amphibious invasion of Uganda.

It's obvious that the USA is the real problem here. But what is their motivation, beyond a short-term interest in pillaging the resources of Ukraine?  I think I know, but you all know my opinion on that issue already.




God bless,


#379418 Woman To Command Air Force In Pacific

Posted by ThePilgrim on 18 July 2014 - 09:24 AM

PC gone mad.  Women are now going to command men in combat.  They have come a long way from G.I. Jane.

There are a lot of jokes that could be told here but this act pushed by the white house is just too stupid to be funny.  :laff cry: .




God bless,


#379388 Good Speech To A Bad Group

Posted by ThePilgrim on 17 July 2014 - 10:34 AM

As the European beast continues to grow ever larger and more arrogant this is one of their politicians I love to watch.  He is a member of the European parliament who likes to rock the boat a lot.  I don't know what the people of merry old England think of him but I like his style.  He has given some great speeches in recent times.  He doesn't seem to care whose feet he stomps on. 


I the video the fellow he is speaking against is seated right next to him.




God bless,


#379368 Who Rates?

Posted by ThePilgrim on 16 July 2014 - 08:51 PM

States typically rate their school districts. Cities rate their schools. The Feds have a school rating system. Others rate certain schools too.


Most ratings cited are done by a government body. These rate the schools based upon their own criteria, which is always subject to change. Depending upon the rating method they use, and oftentimes the same government group will rate schools differently. This helps them to say more schools are doing better (or worse if that suits their agenda) by pointing to different ratings from different categories.


For instance, one school may be rated high because they have a high graduation rate, even if the high graduation rate is due to that school simply passing the students whether they meet graduation goals or not. Another school may receive a high rating because they added many new teachers fresh out of college, regardless of their performance. Meanwhile another school will get a high rating because they bowed to all the governmental requirements for PCness.


One thing they don't rate schools upon is morals education, teaching of actual facts, and certainly nothing to do with Christianity.


Overall, most of the rating systems are rigged to provide a view of the schools in a predetermined manner. These are mostly used for political reasons which benefits the teacher unions, school districts and politicians most of all.

It was a question I already knew the answer to.  I just wanted to find out if anyone else had any idea that the ratings were phony.

Just as an example I rate myself regularly on my ability to to sing and play the guitar.  I consistently score over 100.  It is a real puzzle to me that nobody else wants to listen to me.  Really weird.  :verymad:


God bless,


#379297 What He Said

Posted by ThePilgrim on 16 July 2014 - 09:44 AM

I read a very interesting book called "The Curse of 1920" by Gary Naler. In it he chronicles through history, mainly after 1920, women's rights, after women nationwide started voting, everything has gone downhill since. With women's new "independence" of voting, led to independence from a man (divorce) when entering workforce, then politics, women making safety nets for women with their new found "independence" but still needing help. Basically, making the government now her "husband" to care for her needs and support her.

Interestingly, the very first documented woman voter was in Wyoming in 1870. On her way to vote, she brought along a pail to go to store to buy leaven. The city has a statue of her with her pail of leaven after voting. Coincidence? I think not. 


Pastor Dabney, and others, warned back in the late 1800s of the dangers of feminism and where they would lead. At that time the feminist movement was ramping up and infecting many of the churches as well as the political scene. Reading of what went on then and looking at the homosexual movement of our day they are very much the same. Many who stood upon Scripture against much of the feminist movement were denounced as women haters, old fashioned, out of touch and worse. We see much the same today with regards to homosexuals. Just as the feminists eventually got a foothold in politics and churches and then began transforming them to their liking, so we see homosexuals doing that today.


My Mom always said WWII really tipped the scale for radical feminists and against marriage and family. With the men off fighting the government did everything they could to get women into the workforce. After several years in the workforce, and often learning to "act like a man" (smoking, drinking, even sleeping around...no, not truly manly qualities, but that's what feminists saw as part of being independent) and having a check in their pocket and being told that meant they didn't need a man, vastly corrupted American women across a large spectrum the feminists had been unable to reach before.


When the men came home from war many of the women refused to give up their jobs and return to being housewives. That's part of the reason for the G.I. Bill (it wasn't only because the economy was slowing down and there were fewer jobs as the government claims). Many women kept working, the returning men went to college, their children ran wild and this lead to the social upheaval and rejection of Christian morality in the 1960s.


It all goes back to women, and men too, refusing to abide by God's established order.


It's probably still online somewhere as someone put together the stats showing that if the women's vote were taken out of the picture we wouldn't have had most of our worst presidents. I remember the chart showed that Clinton wouldn't have won without women voters and I think the updated chart I last saw showed that Obama wouldn't have won without the women's vote.

I never thought I would hear such talk on this forum, especially from a lady.  I have kept my mouth closed on this forum about such things as women's suffrage, not wishing to endure the scorn of all (especially the ladies).  You know as I type this I have a dread to even use that word . . . . LADY.  It seems so out of place these days to so many women. 


I must also admit that I am somewhat of a coward when it comes to women (even in the church) because when I talk of such things as feminism and the role of women in the world (such as keeping a home and raising children instead of "careers") I find myself doing it in sort of a humorous or joking manner, knowing they will just put up with me and attribute it to a harmless, senile old curmudgeon who doesn't know any better. 


A couple of things that I truly believe are based on my observations during my life and reading of history and the bible (should have put the bible first). The people whose women will not have children and nurture them will not long endure.  The women who will not tame the men will have men who are savages. 


Well, now you've done it Larry!  You better duck! :hide:


God bless,


#379273 Official Swearing In Ceremonies

Posted by ThePilgrim on 15 July 2014 - 09:33 PM

Swearing on the Bible is a symbolic thing.
The Bible may very well be on that tablet etc but the symbolism is lost, and that is the point.
A physical copy of the Bible is just ink on paper - but it is what is represented...

If a real bible is not visible to those watching the ceremony the ceremony means nothing.  If we have come to the day when a digital facsimile of whatever can represent the bible in a solemn ceremony then the oath means nothing.  I don't think oaths mean much if anything to most of these people anyway so it probably doesn't matter anyway.  If God is not real to a man then the man's oath is not real either, it is an abomination.


God bless,


#379270 Official Swearing In Ceremonies

Posted by ThePilgrim on 15 July 2014 - 07:57 PM

There will be no bible there.  The bible is a bound book that has paper pages and a cover.  Even though it may or may not contain a digital copy of such, an electronic gadget is not a bible.

The purpose of the whole thing is to get the bible out of all government ceremonies, plain and simple.   :thumbdown: 


God bless,


#379200 Coe Goes Mad

Posted by ThePilgrim on 15 July 2014 - 08:39 AM

Totally not unexpected news out of merry old England this morning followed by a comment I ran across.




"There is a certain stupendously hideous layer of hell that awaits those who say they are believers but then do everything they can to willfully destroy their faith and their church.
500 years ago this led to endless wars and splits. This time it will simply lead to attrition and a flocking back to the more orthodox. The remnants will only be stronger for it. These simpletons don't actually think they will win do they?? Not against God.

But perhaps that isn't the endgame they seek. It's the comforting shield against seeing one's own sin that they crave. If enough people can be made sinners, if enough righteous people can be perverted, heck if enough righteous people will be silent and just go with it, they'll never have to face their sins. At least on this Earth. But to the nihilists that may be enough for them. How sad.

A murderer can repent, embrace God, and be saved.
A non-believer can be filled with Grace, repent and be saved.

A believer that willfully twists the Word to suit their own petty desires and disguise their shame is the worst of all things : Heretic. And heretics deserve all the fire they can get.
Don't be surprised to hear that word a lot more as we go forth and old problems start to burn anew in a less civilized world."


God bless,


#379196 What He Said

Posted by ThePilgrim on 15 July 2014 - 08:19 AM

    "I sincerely believe... that the principle of spending money to be paid by posterity under the name of funding is but swindling futurity on a large scale." --Thomas Jefferson to John Taylor, 1816.

Jefferson was arguing that no generation has the moral or legal authority to bind the next.  Of course were the people of our nation to take upon themselves Jefferson's view that would mean indicting and imprisoning the entirety of the Federal Reserve, Treasury, the Executive and Congress -- right here and now -- for Racketeering and Grand Theft.

And of course it would also mean that the citizenry would have to take a long hard look at themselves.  Why were they voting for these people whom they must have known were liars, because way down deep inside, they know that nothing in this world comes without a cost . . . . no free lunches.  Why did they ask the government to do all the things they could not or were not willing to pay for.  What does it say about the honesty and integrity of the citizenry of the nation.  Oh, and lest we forget, you and I are part of the citizenry. 


I thought I just might add that last little bit because you all know how I love ruffling feathers.  Ruffle, ruffle, ruffle, ruffle. . . . . :popcorn:


God bless,




#379176 Anyone Remember When

Posted by ThePilgrim on 14 July 2014 - 07:31 PM

I don't know for certain (not being a predictor of the future or a judge of others actions) but there just may be an abode prepared for blasphemers of this type.  Not saying him personally (since I am not privy to his personal salvation history) but just persons of his ilk.  Stuff like this is bound to turn people from any idea of entertaining any thoughts of Christ as a savior.


God bless,


#379119 I, Me, My

Posted by ThePilgrim on 13 July 2014 - 06:08 PM

The founding father of this nation plotted and carried out a rebellion against their king without speaking harsh words.  I don't think so. 

Christians hold them out as being great men of honor.  How can this be so if the king of England was their God appointed sovereign?


A prophet of God gave a message that the ten tribes would rebel.  Who was the prophet who gave the founding fathers the okay to rebel?


I don't ask these questions to be argumentative, I just don't understand how rebellion is okay against some rulers but not all.


God bless,


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