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#339929 A Darth Vader Moment

Posted by ThePilgrim on 16 August 2013 - 10:35 AM

I pray for my leaders to turn to God and gain wisdom.  I just will not refrain from stating the truth about them because I don't believe that is hororing them.  Burying ones head in the sand is a not virtue.


God bless,


#339918 A Darth Vader Moment

Posted by ThePilgrim on 16 August 2013 - 08:32 AM

I wouldn't call him stupid anymore than I would call Lenin, Stalin, or Mao. Dangerous is more the word.

No, I think stupid is the word.  Obama is just a little man with a small intellect that is being told what to do by some very powerful men.  I think a better caption for the pic would be: "Now this is what you are going to do punk".

He is both stupid and evil.


God bless,


#339853 Was It Really An Accident

Posted by ThePilgrim on 15 August 2013 - 11:44 AM

I've had my suspicions about the "accident" since the first mention of it.  The whole thing just doesn't pass the smell test.

I think (but can't prove it) that it was a setup.  I know that throttles and breaks and all other controls can be messed with and I think that is the case here.  

Just too many suicides and accidents of people that have problems with our goveernment lately.

Just call me a conspiracy nut.  :peek:


God bless,


#339750 Rodeo Clowns Asked To Take ‘Sensitivity Training’

Posted by ThePilgrim on 14 August 2013 - 10:14 AM

Seems like some people need to get a sense of humor.  I have no problem with the color of peoples skin but some people do seem to have a skin that is just a little too thin.  





God bless,


#339529 Who Wants The Immigration Bill?

Posted by ThePilgrim on 12 August 2013 - 10:04 AM

At the U.S. Chamber of commerce site (http://www.uschamber.com/)they have this logo for free immigration reform.  It looks like an invasion to me . . . . . kind of scary.



Is this the world those who rule our land want?

And here is a quote from Thomas Jefferson: “Merchants have no country. The mere spot they stand on does not constitute so strong an attachment as that from which they draw their gains.”  

I doubt this is true for all 'merchants'. I think it's certainly true for enough of them for their sentiment to matter.  In context Jefferson is referring to big merchants, esp. international merchants ("who draw their gains" from somewhere besides where they actually live). He isn't referring to your local greengrocer or shopkeeper (and notice how few of those we have left nowadays? everyone is an employee now).


God bless,



#339363 Email Service Reportedly Used By Snowden Shuts Down, Citing Surveillance Order

Posted by ThePilgrim on 10 August 2013 - 01:16 PM

They will put Snowden away as quickly and harshly as they can.  They have got to scare any other whistle blower's to keep in their place and keep their mouths shut about what is going on.  Anyone who thinks they are spying on us for our own good is not thinking straight or believes the lies they spoon feeding us.  


God bless,


#338625 O'bama

Posted by ThePilgrim on 05 August 2013 - 12:18 PM

See, the problem with responding with those examples, is that I read it as you saying 'Jesus did such-and-such, so I can do the same thing.'  However, neither you, I, nor anyone else on these forums is perfectly Christ-like in our actions, attitudes, motives, what-have-you. I don't believe that just because Christ did a particular thing means that we automatically get to do the same thing. Cause we mess it up.



The government Paul was speaking under was the Roman government. They certainly were not a godly government, and they upheld evil and persecuted good. I mean, hey - they killed Christians for worshipping Christ alone! Our governments aren't even quite that bad yet. If Paul could tell the early believers to be subject to (so much as possible) & honor their corrupt government, we are certainly bound to honor ours. 


You may be right, our government ain't there yet.  My question is where is the line that must be crossed before we can call evil evil and speak the truth about those who have taken power in this nation.  Our country has suffered a coup de'etat and no one seems to notice.


Sorry.  I lost my sense of humor. :shootme:


God bless,


#338496 Bible Study

Posted by ThePilgrim on 04 August 2013 - 10:00 AM

Is there any good material available suitable for an adult bible study on the history of the bible versions?  I would like to get a group together from my church to study the history of the "traditional" and the "Westcott and Hort" text from a bible believing perspective.  I have a book by Hill called Believing Bible Study and it gets quite technical.  Is there an easier to understand and teach study out there?  I am not the greatest teacher out there and but people need to understand what has happened to the Word of our Lord.


God bless,


#337993 Judge Napolitano On Lincoln

Posted by ThePilgrim on 30 July 2013 - 10:25 AM

Not a disagreement, but how many of us have wondered what would have become of the country had the south seceeded,(sp?), and we had become 2 countries, rather than one? Would we have been immediately attacked by England? Or some other country? There were plenty of counties out there hoping the country would fall, who were, in fact, backing the South, to make it happen. Why? To weaken them? The Confederates lost because they had nothing backing their money-much like the country today. had they succeeded in seceeding, they would not have continued long, particularly with any sanctions and official separation that would have been in place from the North.  


Again, I don't dispute the truth of this, and have heard it before, but what would have become of America? Certainly we are pretty much non-existent today, but might there have been a violent takeover, had the country officially split? Would the one have brought about more splits? Would this country have become numerous small countries, like Latin America or Europe? Some good leaders, with dictators right next door, continually warring against one another? Where would each of those small countries been once WW1 or WW2 came about? A quick take-over, split by the Soviets and the Nazis or Japan?


Just not sure the alternet possibilities would have been any better.

Such questions as these are why authors write fiction books about alternative history.  Anyone can guess, but only God knows.  I myself believe that any course man takes using his own mind and thought processes will end in disaster.  "Monumental" decisions are made every day by the godless in positions of power and they all eventually lead in a downward direction.  I think it's called entropy.  Unfortunate for the common man but that is just the way it is.  Pray and trust in God for the future because the past is gone.


God bless,


#337375 New Jesus Book 'zealot'

Posted by ThePilgrim on 24 July 2013 - 09:51 PM

Well, it seems the world just loves this book.  :thumbdown:

It seems like it is a steady downhill slide to . . . . . . . . . . 




God bless,


#337271 The Stock Market - A Rigged Game

Posted by ThePilgrim on 24 July 2013 - 10:05 AM

I am shocked!  :th_wellduh:


God bless,


#334261 Son Of Church Deacon Shot And Killed By Police

Posted by ThePilgrim on 24 June 2013 - 11:59 AM

"A source said disputes in Baptist churches aren't unusual."  I think we could broaden that a bit and say: "Disputes among human beings are not unusual."

The press is very good at getting people to arrive at the wrong conclusions and learning the wrong lessons from the stories they write.  Sometimes it is intentional sometime not.

One could almost come up with the notion (after reading this story) that in general a church is not a good place to be.


God bless,


#334219 I Am A Racist!

Posted by ThePilgrim on 23 June 2013 - 09:01 AM

First a definition of an english word from Dictionary Dot Com:

i·ro·ny 1  [ahy-ruh-nee, ahy-er-]  Show IPA
noun, plural i·ro·nies.
the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning: the irony of her reply,“How nice!” when I said I had to work all weekend.
a technique of indicating, as through character or plot development, an intention or attitudeopposite to that which is actually or ostensibly stated.
(especially in contemporary writing) a manner of organizing a work so as to give full expression tocontradictory or complementary impulses, attitudes, etc., especially as a means of indicatingdetachment from a subject, theme, or emotion.
an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected.
1495–1505;  < Latin īrōnīa  < Greek eirōneía  dissimulation, sarcasm, understatement, equivalent to eírōn  adissembler + -eia -y3

1, 2. Irony, sarcasm, satire indicate mockery of something or someone. The essential feature of irony isthe indirect presentation of a contradiction between an action or expression and the context in which itoccurs. In the figure of speech, emphasis is placed on the opposition between the literal and intendedmeaning of a statement; one thing is said and its opposite implied, as in the comment, “Beautiful weather,isn't it?” made when it is raining or nasty. Ironic literature exploits, in addition to the rhetorical figure, suchdevices as character development, situation, and plot to stress the paradoxical nature of reality or thecontrast between an ideal and actual condition, set of circumstances, etc., frequently in such a way as tostress the absurdity present in the contradiction between substance and form. Irony differs from sarcasmin greater subtlety and wit. In sarcasm ridicule or mockery is used harshly, often crudely andcontemptuously, for destructive purposes. It may be used in an indirect manner, and have the form ofirony, as in “What a fine musician you turned out to be!” or it may be used in the form of a directstatement, “You couldn't play one piece correctly if you had two assistants.” The distinctive quality ofsarcasm is present in the spoken word and manifested chiefly by vocal inflection, whereas satire and ironyarising originally as literary and rhetorical forms, are exhibited in the organization or structuring of eitherlanguage or literary material. Satire usually implies the use of irony or sarcasm for censorious or criticalpurposes and is often directed at public figures or institutions, 
conventional behavior, political situations,etc.
Paul Weston is not a "Racist".  Paul Weston is "using words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning".   If what he has to say is listened to it is plain that he does not speak against a race but against a religious ideology that threatens his country and culture.  My admission that I also am a "Racist" was also meant to be an ironic statement.  
Now, since I am not a great writer or orator I may have done that clummsily, and so I was misunderstood.  If that is the case forgive my clummssiness.
Let me state now, for the record, that I hate no man, I hate no race, but I do hate dangerous and ungodly ideas.  Islam I hate.  It is dangerous to me, my wife, my children, my grand-children, and my great-grand-children.  It is dangerous to my neighbor and my country.  I have read the Koran and I know what it has to say about me and anyone else who doesn't belong to their club and I hate it.
When one is reading or listening one should always take words in context and attempt to understand the figure of speech.
God bless,

#334123 I Am A Racist!

Posted by ThePilgrim on 21 June 2013 - 10:16 AM

When it comes to Islam I like the gentleman in this video am indeed a "Racist."  

I know that God will sort the whole thing out one day, but I also know that it is going to get really messy in the meantime - messy in Britain and also messy here in America.




God bless,


#333690 Irs Infiltrating Churches

Posted by ThePilgrim on 17 June 2013 - 02:49 PM

"So if that's the case, why don't the churches us the 508c1a instead?"


Well, odds are thepreacher went to a CPA or an attorney for advise.  My question is why go to either for advise about running the church?  Seems the sensible thing to do would be to (as a preacher) go to your BOSS.  Trouble is some preachers think they are running a business.


God bless,


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