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Yesterday, 10:53 PM

The Hebrew word is shabuwa' which means "sevens" (used the way we use dozen).  In this case it is a "week of years".

70 "weeks of years" are determined upon "thy people and thy holy city" (Jerusalem).  This key prophecy is from vs. 24-27.


Jesus makes reference to this prophecy twice: Matt 24:15 and Mark 13:14.  The "abomination of desolation" takes place in the Most Holy Place.

In Topic: Matthew 24

Yesterday, 08:54 PM

Seventy weeks are determined upon thy people and upon thy holy city, to finish the transgression, and to make an end of sins,
and to make reconciliation for iniquity, and to bring in everlasting righteousness, and to seal up the vision and prophecy,
and to anoint the most Holy (qodesh qodesh).  Daniel 9:24
The 70th week of Daniel is yet to occur.  This is what is referred to as the Tribulation.  It concerns Israel and has nothing to do
with the Body of Christ.  This concerns the fulfillment of prophecy concerning Jesus' kinsmen and their destiny in Israel
during the Millennial Reign of the Messiah.

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23 November 2014 - 11:01 AM

What is translated by the King James as "the most holy place" is the Hebrew "qodesh qodesh" (holy-holy). 

The King James adds the word "place", which is NOT in the original Hebrew.


The construction "Holy of Holies" is a literal translation of a Hebrew idiom which is intended to express a superlative.

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18 November 2014 - 10:27 AM

No, it just includes those who (properly) keep the Sabbath, not JUST for them.

Obviously, Jesus is referring to the "abomination of desolation" (spoken of by Daniel the Prophet).

Also, it is obvious that Jesus is referring to a "sabbath day's journey", which is a very short walk.

By implication, Jesus did not know (at that time) exactly when the antichrist (false-Christ) whould

present himself in the Holy Place in the Temple.  This is a yet unfulfilled prophecy, and rightly

belongs in the Tribulation.

In Topic: Matthew 24

17 November 2014 - 11:40 PM

But pray ye that your flight be not in the winter, neither on the sabbath day. Mt 24:20

If you obey the "sabbath" then this chapter applies to you.

There will be messianic Jews during the Tribulation.

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