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In Topic: random fact game

23 January 2015 - 12:25 PM

Went to Denny's this morning, feel so much better.

In Topic: Way Of Life - Angry Birds - The Real Issue

23 January 2015 - 12:14 PM

I don't think the issue is, Is he always right, but what are the arguments being made against him? My wife sent him an email once where she was actually in agreement with him, and he shot back at her that since she was a woman she had no right to instruct him, amdnthat was that, even though she wasn't. I think he doesn't always take the time to actually read and consider the emails sent to him, but sometimes assumes they are something else and disregards is.
Other times many arguments are based on emotion and little else.
I'm not trying to defend him, I just take his good work, and he has a lot of that, and use it. He is an imperfect man like the rest of us. And yes, he doesn't seem good at accepting good disagreement and dispute.

In Topic: Evolution Belief Can Lead To Murder

23 January 2015 - 12:06 PM

Indeed, evolution is merely one more false god wherewith people justify their sin and rejection of the true God of creation. It is full of holes and assumptions, proven by science built with those assumptions as foundational. It spouts set laws, but relies on those laws being broken from the very beginning. A pretty poor god, if you ask me.

In Topic: Back To The Future

22 January 2015 - 05:30 PM

Good. Unfortunately, the Neandertal had a brain larger than 'modern man' does, so I suspect his intelligence shouldn't be brought to question.

In Topic: Way Of Life - Angry Birds - The Real Issue

22 January 2015 - 05:29 PM

Perhaps he has, but has done so privately, I don't know.


What he is talking about, however, is a real issue. Here's an example from my own receny life:


A couple weeks ago, I chose, perhaps foolishly, to show the movie, "God is Real." I watched it beforehand, so I knew the problems in it, but I believed the core issue: the willingness to stand up for the Lord despite the potential consequences, as well as the importance to know WHAT you believe and WHY you believe it, were important enough to warrant it.


Afterwards, as discussed the merits of the issues, and then I spent some taim talking about the problems I had, (CCM being prevalent, worldly, carnal Christians shown as the norm-one scene with one of the Duck Dynasty guys and his wife-the man with unbiblical long hair, and the wife dressed extremely immodestly), one believer going to the store to shop for wine to serve at her unsaved boyfriend's cocktail party, the scruffy pastor of the huge, unnamed non-denomination church, the gospel without mention of sin or repentance, and, again, the ever-present Newsboys CCM group who somehow, in some form or another, makes it into almost every scene, be it in a tshirt, poster, or the final 10 minute concert.)


So I wanted to make clear that these issues proved some problems because it shows what really tends to be the most carnal, worldly version of Christianity, the one least likely to give the gospel or speak out about Christ, as being both the norm in Christianity, and really then, the best.


So, as I spoke about this, on of the men in the church began to berate me for being unloving toward the lost. Now, this guy really likes to make his point and will talk over everyone until his point is made. Finally, I had to get behind the pulpit, which I had not been, and raised my voice to pator level, and began to explain the truth to him, that we wer not dealing with the lost, to whom we owe nothig but the gospel in love, but with believers, who should know better-who spout songs about holiness while living anything but holy lives in speech and deed. I went on for about ten minutes trying to explain this, but the basic point was, because I spoke about the error I witnessed, according to the Bible, all he could see was hatred, and somehow, that toward the lost, who were never a part of the conversation. I told him it was my responsibility as pastor, to warn the church about error when I see it, to keep them safe from it, and that if I didn't do it, I should not be their pastor.

Anyways I think I got through to him, but this is so typical: when one calls out error, even in love, one is always accused of hating the other person, hence the Angry Birds-whose sole goal is to destroy the walls of the other.

I see it too often, in my ministry, in Clouds, in others, that to point out error, biblically, is to be hateful. And it just aint so.

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