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In Topic: Hillsong’S Brian Houston Won’T Give Position On Same-Sex ‘Marriage': ‘We’...

Yesterday, 05:06 PM

What's irritating is that, as liberal 'pastors' give in and officiate SSM's, I expect the government to step in and declare that there is legal precedence to make ALL pastors and churches do that same. We are seeing clearly that many officials have no problem in making unconstitutional demands of pastors already-so we can expect that to continue.


I hope everyone sees that Obama was correct: we are no longer a Christian nation, nor, I suspect, have we been for a long time.

In Topic: My Wife's Book

Yesterday, 02:22 PM

Naw. if I want Christian Fiction, I will read me some Joel Osteen or Rick Warren-lol

In Topic: Mark Driscoll Resigns From Mars Hill Church For Social Failures – But Media S...

Yesterday, 02:10 PM

Why be shocked that they would not mention his doctrinal errors, when they all agreed with them? Error wasn't why they removed him, rather because of, it seems, becoming somewhat of a dictator to his group. But the doctrines? The doctrines are why so many followed him in the first place-they have no issue with that. 

In Topic: Sermon Supoenaes

Yesterday, 11:17 AM

Interesting article by TX State Rep Matt Krause


(On a side note, the fact that the IRS "allows" this kind of speech is not a good thing - what it "allows" it can disallow - ...and just one of the multitude of reasons the IRS should be ended)

If you have ever looked at the Internal Revenue Code, you'll understand why they generally don't make serious changes to it: It is massive, and they don't even understand it, themselves, so fir them, its in their best interests to ignore what it says when possible and do what they like, since they have no oversight and answer to no one-the only ones who can stand against them are those who do their homework and can bring that information before a court to fight them. That's why the 508c1a code is still in place, that recognizes churches as tax excepted. It would be too difficult to change it, because then you have to change a bunch more to maintain cohesiveness.

In Topic: Signs Of The End

19 October 2014 - 07:19 PM

I think you are right, and sadly, America must go, before the Man of Sin can take over, so...

I don't think America must "go", but it will definitely fall morally further and further, and the cause of Christ will diminish-we will become like Europe and Britain and such, nations that once flew the banner of Chrst, that sent missionaries around the world, but are not spiritually dead, though still considered "great" in the eyes of the world-THAT'S where America is heading and will probably be once the Antichrist take power.


Or a third-world nation, who knows? Point being, all America needs to do is continue on its ungodly course, and they will willingly follow the Beast's wicked pipe to the walls of Jerusalem.

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