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Ukuleles and the Ark of the Covenant have something in common:


Koa is a great-looking Hawaiian hardwood, which produces some of the best sound in a ukulele. It is an Acacia wood, which is related to the shittim wood, (also acacia), used to make the Ark of the testimony and the other furniture of the tabernacle.

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Ceasing pondering, I began ruminating, upon whether it would be possible to...

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Yesterday, 11:30 AM

Goats, contrary to popular notion, do not eat anything. In fact, they are quite picky eaters when they can be. They do, however, taste about anything, and they really enjoy eating something that you specifically don't want them to. If you offer them a dollar bill, they will spit at it and refuse it. However, if it is sticking out of your pocket, they will snatch it out and run away and eat it. Just because you don't want them to. Ours won't eat alfalfa off the ground, but I have seen them pick up and eat plastic, just because I tell them not to.

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Yesterday, 11:23 AM

A lot of good comments here.


As a pastor, I know the difficulty in the line we walk when we teach about such things. On the one hand, we need to teach the truth, and the hard facts about the origins of Christmas, yet on the other hand, we need to realize that some will still hold to some of the traditions, and we don't beat them up for it, or make them feel unwelcome. Not everyone is in the same place, in growth and maturity and discernment.


During the Resurrection time, I teach against Easter, and often do a version of Christ in the Passover, showing where Christ is seen clearly in the various Passover traditions, and as well, teaching where we got the Lord's Supper, as many, amazingly, don't realize it came from the Passover, from the Cup of Redemption, (His blood), and the afikomen, (His body), both aspects of the meal.  I had a man in my church for many years-in fact, he was there before I was. He sat in this teaching many times, and sometimes, skiped out to go to take his kids to easter egg hunts at other churches.  Well, he and his wife have moved a few years ago and this last year, they came out to visit and were at service when I did this Christ in the Passover, and he was amazed, and declared that he had never heard such things and he and his wife just gushed over how they loved it and how it opened their eyes up more than before. And yet, he had heard it before, but wasn't willing or ready, apparently, to receive it until then.


So with any of the traditional holidays-they tend to hold so many dear and precious family memories, it can be very difficult to hear the truth and give them up. So we need to be patient, give the truth, love them, and keep giving the truth, until they decide to take heed unto the doctrine.

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29 September 2014 - 04:46 PM

The only thigs I will have to do with Christmas, is I make 'christmas card' tracts, that I will give out on the main strip in Reno, and we do enjoy singing the carols, though we try to stick with the more biblical-based ones.

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