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#384411 Modern English Version

Posted by Ukulelemike on 28 August 2014 - 11:21 AM

True words, John. If people are determined to read the Bible, they will learn it and read it. If not, it doesn't matter if a toddler could understand it, they wouldn't bother. I mean, seriously, we have the Bible on CD, easy enough to pop it into the radio and listen while you drive, but how few do even that?


It isn't the translation or readability, its the heart.

#384401 Prayer-Though Not Sure For What.

Posted by Ukulelemike on 28 August 2014 - 09:44 AM

In general we have not had a lot of issues. Everyone pretty-well understands Wade and except for the occasional outburst, there is little problem. I am glad that I went to do the pick-ups that day, otherwise he would have come and did it there, so the Lord is good. Another church member is planning to talk with him, one who was there and knows it didn't occur, what he said.


There have been a few, as I said before, who have carried a poor spirit but with one exception, the Lord removed them-I only had to remove one person from fellowship and i really waited longer than I should have to do that. Sadly, one couple who we had to pray for the Lord to deal with, was the former pastor and his wife, who I loved dearly, but they hated my wife, and took the word of a woman they knew was a liar, (because they had warned me about her and her desire to take over the church through her boyfriend), when she said she saw my at the time friend, (not even dating then), running around my house "in a flimsy nightie", and called my former pastor to complain, which caused a lot of issues between he and I.


In this case, I went to the church the next Sunday, gave a very brief message, then soundly reproved the entire church for it, since I knew more than they were involved, not so much for what they did to me, but what they did to my later-to-be wife, (though we didn't know yet), in impugning her reputation, and told them that they had voted me to be the pastor, believing it to be God's will, and they had the authority to vote me out if they believed I had done wrong. So I asked for a vote and went to leave. At that point, the former pastor walked to the podium before I could leave, put his hand around my shoulder and said he would support me, and asked for the vote, which was 100% for me to be retained. He never apologized, but I took his actions as such, and I never brought it up again. However, they still didn't like when we got married and so we prayed for the Lord's will in their lives. Shortly thereafter, he fell and broke his arm and she fell and broke her hip and they had to move to live with their kids, and while we didn't like their pain, we knew we were better off with them gone, and they were better off with family.


Just one story in the weird time that has been my tenure at Bible Baptist church. 12 years and counting!

#384275 Prayer-Though Not Sure For What.

Posted by Ukulelemike on 27 August 2014 - 04:48 PM

Thanks, all, for the support and prayers.


   This fellow, (not a young man, a little older than myself), has been a combination of encouragement and irritation. When first there, he would get angry and storm out anytime someone mentiond a doctor or asked for prayer for someone with a surgery, because he hates doctors. I suspect he blames them for his condition, to some extent.  We got him past that and he no longer does it.  


    Other times, I am impressed at how he can 'get' some things better than others. Once, when he was upset at my wife and I, I asked him why he stayed at the church, and he said, No matter how I feel personally, you teach the truth, and the truth is what I want."  How often do we wish more 'normal' people could understand and accept such a concept.   Often, he can only seem to receive a single item in a service, but he will act on it, and it usually sticks. Once, he understood the usefulness of tracts, and now I can hardly keep them stocked because he gives so many out-he often buys his own. And he is fearless, and will give them to anyone.   He used to wear his hair long, and then he 'got it' that a man should have short hair, so he went and cut it, and has kept it short ever since.


  But clearly, he still has issues. I believe he is saved, but his condition keeps him rather immature, but he also laments over sin, and seems to really have conviction about it. But then, something like this comes up and now I'm not sure where its going to go. It may be for the best for the church as a whole, because I suspect there are those who won't come because of him, having a bad rep in the town due to his past and personality. (funny. many of those same people would probably think it terrible and elitist if we refused to allow some in, yet won't come if we do.) But in the past, we have lost people who caused some sort of trouble or seemed to have a negative spirit about them, and when they left, we would experience some growth.


MountainChristian, things have been slow of late-most people, I think, connect loss of a building with loss of the church, and I think, despite how the word goes out, many just don't even think we are around anymore. I have thought at times about just closing the doors, and enjoying being preached to for a while, but the Lord never promised me numbers or prosperity and a building or even people-He told me to go, so I went and until He makes it clear otherwise, I will continue on. At least it isn't a big expense being in a rented hall, at about $50 per month.

#384235 Man's Wisdom And God's Wisdom

Posted by Ukulelemike on 27 August 2014 - 12:22 PM



The lost, and even some professing Christians, are quick to say the Bible has no place in public life; that's just for home and church.



And this is why we see the government more and more referrgin to freedom of worship, rather than freedom of religion, because worship is something you do at home or church, which religion is living the life of a believer-religion, properly understood and applied, encompasses all of life.

#383669 A Rib Or A Gonad More From Les Feldick

Posted by Ukulelemike on 24 August 2014 - 07:17 PM

That's a prophecy, not a "gospel".


When witnessing, do you tell people that the "snake's head" is gonna get crushed?

I tell them it was crushed.

#382597 Pet Peeves

Posted by Ukulelemike on 19 August 2014 - 02:24 PM

It drives me nuts when people say they do something "24/7". I asked someone if they prayed and they told me "Yup! 24/7!". I said, "really? when do you sleep?"


Also, "blah blah blah". Drives me nuts! Now I will say it as a joke to my wife, but only because she knows I hate it when someone says it because they are too lazy to finish a sentence.

#382499 New Mem

Posted by Ukulelemike on 18 August 2014 - 06:38 PM

Welcome to OB, Susan. I live on the other side of the country-heh. Left coast, but only because the Lord sent me here.

#382433 Near Confrontation During House To House

Posted by Ukulelemike on 18 August 2014 - 11:22 AM

My primary door-to-door is not to try specifically to get people saved-I have had far too many ineffective supposed 'conversions' that way. But what I WILL do is go out to give small tracts, often about our churc, with the gospel on them, and just let them know we are here-some are more responsive to that. I also make myself available to Bible studied if people desire them-I notice this seems to work well with the JW's and LDS, why shouldn't we do that?


Mostly, though I just let them know we are here-after all, everyone needs a church at least twice in life: once for marrying and once for burying.


In our little town, though, it only takes about two or three good weekends to hit every house, so its not a year-round thing, else we become tiring to them.

#382432 Book Review: Dangerous Illusions – “Can Save Young Christian Lives From The A...

Posted by Ukulelemike on 18 August 2014 - 11:14 AM

Feh-never had any use or saw any worth in 'Christian fiction'. Christianity is about fact and truth, not heart-felt, soul-stirring fiction that tugs on the heartstrings and makes one's tears well up. The plight of the lost and the goodness of Christ will make a Christians tears flow and tug at the heart. I don't see the point of a fictional romance-murder-mystery fictions novel.


Just my opinion.

#382389 British Officials Condemn Biblical Creation, Compare It To Radical Islam

Posted by Ukulelemike on 17 August 2014 - 06:35 PM

Its amazing when one considers American history:


  Not too long back, when a majority of people at least went to church, when America was still actively considered a Christian nation, we were the greatest civilization on the planet-we surpassed everyone in inventions, on earth as well as in space. Cars might not have been invented here, but they were made more accessible due to greater technological advances. Our education system was the best, our country was pretty moral in general-and we of course had the most powerful and successful military in the world; there was a reason people from all over the world came here in droves, desiring to be Americans.


Since removing God from most of the public consciousness, we have the worst education system in the developed world, have given over technological innovation to China and Japan, have lost almost all of our manufacturing to toher countries. Our nation in more known for its great immorality that our godliness, and we have to rely on other nations just to take our astronauts to and from the space station we visit because we dumped most of our space exploration.


evolution and atheism and humanism have brought us from being the world's greatest superpower, to quickly moving toward their-world status in little more than a couple generations.

#382183 Return Of Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 14 August 2014 - 06:41 PM

There is a definite line we walk on the subject-we are so tired of "Jesus is coming in THIS generation! He must!" and then, that generation passes, and no Jesus. We grow weary of being excited expectant, only to see nothing.


Yet at the same time, we KNOW He's coming, at a prescribed time, so we ARE expectant-yet we also need to keep the continued work at the forefront of our minds, the day-to day, here and now work of God.


We MUSt live with one foot on earth, and one foot in heaven, but its not always easy to remain balanced. I see some who spend all their time and study and efforts on Jesus' return, to the exclusion of staying busy here today, while others are So busy today they seem busy for the work's sake, not for the coming reward.  It's a tightrope, a balancing act.

#382163 How Old Is The Earth

Posted by Ukulelemike on 14 August 2014 - 01:58 PM

I'm not going to waste my efforts on this issue any more-the Bible has a clear and plain meaning-6days from nothing to everything. Anything else must be added, because the plain reading doesn't allow it. We can argue it and make claims of things that someone might see as a hint to it, all day, but it doesn't change the fact that the Bible, as written, does not allow anything else but a six-day creation, that started from "the beginning" when there was only God, then the heaven and earth, formless and empty, then light, and then He began to fill earth and heaven. It just isn't there. The earth was without form and void because God is a God of order, and he began creation that way, then He formed and filled it-that's exactly what the Bible, the KJV Bible says. Anything more is assumption brought to the table and strained at in scripture.


I am done with it-I'll argue it no more. I mean, after what I just said, because yeah, I did sort of argue it. But I am through now.

#382137 How Old Is The Earth

Posted by Ukulelemike on 14 August 2014 - 08:26 AM

The phrase contained in Gen 1:5 - And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.

"The evening and the morning" is a Hebrew mechanism which indicates roughly "In the space of the day".
The inclusion of such a phrase at the end of the description for each day - including this first day - means that each day should thus be considered alike.

It's not really all that difficult to understand - no verbal gymnastics required.



And to assume a vast amount of time BEFORE the 'first day', would mean that the first day could NOT be THE FIRST DAY.


After the flood of Noah, the Lord didn't re-start the clock of creation, even though He judged the entire world with that flood, as some believe He did before Gen 1:2. The Lord could not call it the first day, if thee was even mone more day before it, much less millions of years. And His entire creation could not be considered good if it was built upon a flood of judgment where billions of lives of men and aminals perished and lay just below the surface of the earth.


The Bible says that God created everything in heaven and earth during those six days of creation-unless Lucifer and the angels and heaven and the globe were themselves eternal, past and future, then this statement would be incorrect.

#382133 Agreement/disagreement With The Pastor

Posted by Ukulelemike on 14 August 2014 - 08:12 AM

I agree with John81 and Paid4 in this-the pastor should be approached, but respectfully, not just because he's "PASTOR", but because he is a fellos believer and sheep, and should be approached the same way we would approach anyone in such a matter.


I also agree that we should first study it out well, if it is a doctrinal issue, and be sure of our own spiritual footing, as well. Then, once prepared, make that appointment with the pastor, or really, whatever leader in the church it might be, and sit and talk it over with Bibles open, peacefully and prayerfully. He may have something very compelling that you have not considered, and you may just end up a changed man; or, you may have somethig HE hasn't considered, because none of us are perfect, and he may change. Or, as said above, you may come to completely different places at the end.


At this point, should you continue to disagree, its time to consider if its somethig worth separating over or not. All doctrine is important, but all is not worth separating over. Time to pray and make a decision: can it be accepted and we can get on for the good of everything else, or is it so serious its going to effect my usefulness and my spirit, and I need to go.


Or consider this, as well: Is it a minor issue, but I'm clearly taking it too hard and maybe I need to go so I don't hurt the church? One CAn be right about doctrine, but still get in the flesh over how its handled, including pastors. What will benefit the church-let all things be done for edifying the church.

#382090 How Old Is The Earth

Posted by Ukulelemike on 13 August 2014 - 06:49 PM

Without putting any words in anyone's mouth, is this what's being said? (Taken from Les' web pages)


bara translated create (42x), creator (3x), choose (2x), make (2x), cut down (2x), dispatch (1x), done (1x), make fat (1x) + commentary = "perfect creation"

waters + own ideas = flood

own ideas of flood + void = devil's kingdom

own ideas of devil's kingdom + more ideas = unknown amount of time

That's about right. until the question of an 'unanswerable" evolution theory came about, there were none that looked at the Bible this way, despite the author's insistence. If no one had come up with evolution, there would never have been a reason to approach the Bible with such an assumption, nor to read in what is clearly not there.

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