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#328325 Patch The Pirate Goes Contemporary (With The Blessings Of Majesty Music)

Posted by Ukulelemike on 10 May 2013 - 01:33 PM

I'm new to IFB, and I need to ask:  Why would a Christian artist adopt the pirate theme?  It seems to me, from my little bit of research on Majesty, that maybe the creation of Patch the Pirate, and the acceptance of the whole pirate motif, was the beginning of what's becoming a larger problem.


Forgive me if I'm hijacking this thread, but I can't seem to find any other discussions where anyone is concerned about this.


A few years ago I discovered that the word of God exists in English, and this discovery has led me to leave the Pentecostal movement and seek fellowship with the IFB crowd.  So far, so good, and I believe that as long as the King James Bible is the final authority we can get past other issues.


One of the first major events for me at my new church was involving my seven-year-old son in a small presentation where the kids sang three songs on Sunday morning and evening.  Two of the songs were from IncrediWorld, and I downloaded those two so he could practice.  They were fine songs I thought, with the (seemingly minor) issue that "Days of Creation" claims that on day one God created the "heavens" (plural) and earth.  I told my son that God created only the third heaven (singular) at first, and the other two heavens were created after that.  This was pretty minor, but when I saw the whole pirate theme, I knew I wouldn't be leaving any IncrediWorld CDs lying around the house, and that I wouldn't be enrolling my son in any pirate club.


Pirates steal, kill, and destroy.  The word "pirate" isn't in the bible, but there is someone mentioned in the bible that does these things.  What is Majesty thinking?  Patch's ship is apparently even called the "Jolly Roger!"  This is a skull and crossbones, guys!  What are we all thinking?


In my old church I used to pray God's protection over myself and my family if the worship team started to play some questionable back beat, or if the message of the song was questionable.  Now I'm protecting my son from pirates.


I know that all churches are full of sinners, but I'm still taking the pulse of the IFB movement.  Thanks.

From Ron's testimony: he was diagnosed with eye cancer, and lost his eye as a result. Thus, he wore a patch. At some point, a child asked him if he was a pirate, to which he quickly replied, "Yes, I'm Patch the Pirate.". From this was born the idea, and the character. Used to be very good stuff, even though yes, I agree that a pirate may not be the best idea, but hey, he had the patch and was able to use it in a children's ministry. Sadly the music has begun to slip for a while now, even Ron's stuff, as well as music from Majesty in general.

So, not saying right or wrong, it just worked out that way.

#328312 Irs Apologizes For Targeting Conservative Groups

Posted by Ukulelemike on 10 May 2013 - 12:33 PM

The IRS would like to apoligise for targeting religious groups, and to apologize in advance for continuing to do so.

#328294 Way Of Life - Friday Church News Notes, Vol 14, Issue 19

Posted by Ukulelemike on 10 May 2013 - 09:35 AM

Catholicism has always been evangelistic. In fact, history shows their fiery zeal for converting those of other faiths to Catholicism. They really had a burning desire to bring folks into the Mother church-I guess you could say they had a huge stake in it. In fact, seems to me they had specific groups who would rack their brains, really stretching for ways to bring folks in. Yeah, they really wanted to get their hooks into new folks, so they could fire 'em up!

#328293 What Puts You In A Right Mind?

Posted by Ukulelemike on 10 May 2013 - 09:30 AM

Family time. My favorite time is when my wife and I are quietly alone, just sharing our time, knowing we are each there should we have something to share. Next to salvation she is my dearest and most cherished gift from God. 25 wonderful years this Tuesday!


Playing hymns on my viola (I'm not good, but it brings me peace).


Watching nature as I kayak some creek, river, or lake.




Watching/listening to fires in the woodstove or campfires.


This topic kinda reminds me of "My Favorite Things" from "The Sound of Music".

My father wrote his own version of 'My Favorite Things":


Rattlesnakes, scorpions and black wdow spiders

Tapeworms that wriggle and jiggle inside'yers

Vampire bat wings, and tarantula stings

these are a few of my favorite things


Three-legg-ed monsters and one-eye-ed creatures

shuffling zombies with lop-sided features

Ghosts that say "BOO!" as they jump out at you

These are a few of my favorites, too!


  I remember Him singing this when I was a kid. He used to like to come up with his own versions of many songs, like "I'm getting Weirder in the Morning" or 'FIshidy-doo dah". I suspect he was just entertaining us kids, but I still, to this day, remember them, and in fact, when they came out to my church to renew their vows for their 50th anniversary, I sang his 'I'm getting weirder in the Morning", for them, played on my ukulele, with a couple new verses I wrote added to it. A good time was had by all, despite that!

#328249 What Puts You In A Right Mind?

Posted by Ukulelemike on 09 May 2013 - 11:55 PM

Hmmm...Cartoons, ukulele music, sitting in the goat pen with the babies climbing on me and jumping off, digging in the garden, spending time with my wife, eating ice cream.

#328152 A Couple Of Forum Observations

Posted by Ukulelemike on 09 May 2013 - 07:37 AM

Sometimes it seems that every topic gets a bit touchy around here. :boxing:

Yet we manage to show grace, and part friends, even if we disagree. And honestly, as I have mentioned before, this is a good place and forum to practice dealing gracefully with issues we disagree with, which can help us in the real world, as well.

#328050 New On Forum!

Posted by Ukulelemike on 08 May 2013 - 12:20 PM

Welcome aboard! If I may ask, what church are you a part of?

#328022 Prophet Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 08 May 2013 - 09:17 AM

Doing evil to the Lord's anointed is will cost you a whole lot. Doing evil to the Lord's anointed without cause. Is going to cost you more than you can pay. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

You never proved yourself the Lord's anointed. In fact, having said initially that you would follow all the rules, here, having been reomved, you ignore the rules in resuming a membership under a different name. You are a deceiver, you never sought to do anything but mock and lift yourself above others. You are false and need to repent and be saved.

#328009 New From Nw Georgia!

Posted by Ukulelemike on 08 May 2013 - 07:23 AM

Welcome JIm's Helpmeet, glad to have you onboard. Homeschooler, eh? Outstanding-keep one more out of the devil's hands for that important 8 hours per day! I wish I'd known when I had *(Edit) younger* kids, what I know now!

#327971 Removal Of False Prophet

Posted by Ukulelemike on 07 May 2013 - 11:50 PM



As I promised let my voice be the first to make an official request to have the so-called Prophet of Jesus removed and banned. In refusing to answer any questions and show his calling and proof of any such office; in avoiding any answers by basically placing himself in the place of Jesus being asked questions; in doing nothing but demanding answers from all others, rather than, as a true prophet or preacher would do, preaching truth or giving answers, he is found a false prophet, in that he does NO prophesying whatsoever. As well, he essentially threatened all on the site, claiming that if anyone insulted him, he would "bring it to my Lord's attention even though He will already know of it beforehand. In other words, I will see to it that it does not go unattended."  Never has a prophet spoken in such a manner-they speak God's truth, they are sent with a specific message, for a purpose, not just to ask questions. And in the New Testament, they spoke with the love of Christ, not veiled threats.



Normally I would just ignore it and allow them to burn out, but this is particularly offensive, that one would claim such things in the name of Jesus Christ, and not even attempt to show anything, not even pretend, to show in any way that biblically, he could be a prophet. and the Bible tells us that such should be avoided.


The decision is yours to make, and I can but abide by it, but this fellow seems intent on making himself something he obviously isn't.


Thanks for your time and consideration.

#327904 Prophet Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 07 May 2013 - 08:23 PM

John, Chapter 18, 23: Jesus answered him, If I have spoken evil, bear witness of the evil: but if well, why smitest thou me?

Simple-A: you are not Jesus. B- you have answered nothing.

#327900 Prophet Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 07 May 2013 - 08:19 PM

Moderators-- since this 'prophet' refuses to answer for himself, since he takes to himself the words of Jesus, when He was asked for a sign, (which was not asked of him, rather, proof of his status as a prophet, which HE came forth declaring), I would recommend, as an active and faithful member of this site, as well as a born-again child of God, that this pretender be removed from the site. if he will not answer foor himself, then he is here to cause dissention. He has no place here.

#327608 Prophet Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 07 May 2013 - 07:31 AM

One thing I noticed, is that he says he will only answer questions as 'the Lord instructs', meaning anything he doesn't want to asnwer, well, its just "the Lord" instructing him not to answer. I am not aware of anywhere in scripture where the Lord told any prophet, "Answer this question, but not that one".


As well, I am not aware of any time that the Lord sent a prophet to announce his presence with anything but a prophecy, not just, "HI! I'm a prophet of God! I'll be giving you some prophecies, but don't plan on my answering any questions, and don't insult me, or else God will get ya!"  In fact, most of the prophets were not only insulted and persecuted, but even killed for their testimony, and the Lord allowed it. So, already our 'prophet' seems to have some unbiblical notions, even before his first 'prophecy; has been declared.

#327566 Prophet Of Jesus Christ

Posted by Ukulelemike on 06 May 2013 - 09:25 PM

I want to introduce myself. I am a prophet of Jesus Christ. As the Lord be willing I shall be posting that which I am instructed to post. I shall only answer questions the Lord instructs me to answer. I do not require you to read or believe anything I post. I do require that you do not say anything disrespectful to me. If you do say anything disrespectful to me. I shall bring it to my Lord's attention even though He will already know of it beforehand. In other words, I will see to it that it does not go unattended. I shall not disrespect anyone. I shall abide by all of your rules. I will not break a 1. For the Lord is going to judge all this, when it is finished. The Lord is God.

Very well, sir. However, be it known, what you say will be judged according to the revealed word of God, the Holy Bible. If your prophecies disagree with the word, you will be judged a false prophet and I will make my voice first heard to the moderators to remove you.

#327502 Dorightchristians - Jocelyn Zichterman Going Green Or Going Crazy!

Posted by Ukulelemike on 06 May 2013 - 10:59 AM

Once again, we see someone who obviously never learned anything while attending church. Or, I suppose, its possible she just had a pastor who never taught such things, but the Bibe clearly calls us to be 'stewards' of all things, which must include the earth.


The problem with a lot of the green-types, as it were, is that their idea of being green means basically leaving most everything alone to be natural, yet good stewardship of the earth means to make proper use of it. Adam was sent, after they were cast from the garden, to till the earth-proper use, stewardship. The wicked, slothful steward was the one who took his master's money and hid it away in the earth-he did nothing with it, and was judged unfaithful and wicked. As stewards of the earth, we use it-but we dont abuse it. The greatest environmentalists were those who properly preserved the land and animals, by properly USING them.


If you want to see an example of how environmentalism goes terribly wrong at times, look at this article n mercola.com:  http://articles.merc...-livestock.aspx


Briefly, this environmentalist, Allan Savory, believed the grasslands parts of Africa could be saved by removing the ones he believed were most responsible for the destruction of the lands: elephants and humans. So, taking his advice, the African government slaughtered some 40,000 elephants, and removed all the tribes from the same areas. Result? The area began to desertify. It didnt take long to realize the huge mistake, that the users kept the land well-it was MADE to be used. Savory has since repented of his previous ideas and now promoted proper use and grazing of land that are suffering, and it works all the time. We are putting that to use, puting our goats out on our 80 acres of sagebrush, while also seeding it with plants we want for them-they eat the bad stuff, fertilize, push the seed into the ground, add nitrogen to the soil, and we water it, and already we are seeing more growth of healthy plants.


Proper stewardship! It works! AND its biblical!

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