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Inconceivable! Famous Lookalikes!

27 July 2014 - 07:37 PM


Anyone Else Remember Marshall Efrom's Sunday School?

16 June 2014 - 11:22 PM

Weird Start To The Morning

09 May 2014 - 11:10 AM

This morning our day got a strange start.


  Before my wife and I were out of bed, I received a call from a man and his mother who, for about 5 years, we struggled to help.


Both of them are not 'normal'. He is an adult of 49 years old, and lives with his mom. He is not of normal intelligence, though functional, but dillusional, as is she. He has a tendency of creating things in his mind and telling her, and she believes each and every word he says, even when her own eyes say otherwise. We have helped her through two bouts of cancer, helped them find places to live, even allowing them to stay in the church parsonage, (which their dogs destroyed). At the end, when we lost our building, they had to leave, as well, and have blamed us for it ever since.


So, some time back, they came to the church meeting early to tell me how my wife had gone to a pastor in another town, and to the next town's auto parts store, and had told them all kinds of crazy things about them. Oh, she went and lied and told horrible things about them. And they are accusing her of this right in front of her. Well, there wasn't much I could do with the auto place, but they had the number of the pastor, so we called him right then and spoke to him in front of them on speaker, and he repudiated the whole thing, said he not only didn't know my wife or I, but that he had no idea who they were, either.  So, things kind of died down, and they began to say, that, well it wasn't my wife, but someone that MIGHT have been her, etc etc. So they stayed for service and things seemed okay.


Now, after about two months of not seeing them, they called to tell me that my wife went to a LAWYER in Susanville and told him horribe things about them, and that she has been sending the local AOG pastor's wife to say horrible things about them, too. When I tried to get more details, they told me to shut up and listen so I hung up on them, and tried to get the info by text but got no response.


So, this morning we are going to go see the lawyer, and talk to him about it-apparently its a public defender, who they called the free lawyer, and that he had suggested they take her to court. So now we must go to it.


So, a little prayer would be good right now, ust for our wisdom and thier calm. I will update.  Thanks, y'all.

Why I Left The Pre-Trib Position

24 April 2014 - 01:18 PM

I wanted to start this post so as not to hijack another, and because some seem genuinely confused as to why an IFB pastor, particularly, would hold to what to them, (and to me once, as well) comes close to perhaps heresy or a departure of the faith.


Let me first say that despite how strongly we hold to such a doctrine, one way or the other, it is not what we might consider a fundamental, or it shouldn't be IMHO, and so, I have never seen it as a separation issue, though I know of some who do. I won't judge them-its between them and the Lord.


I was not raised IFB-it is something I turned to in my 20's. However, saved in a C&MA church and raised in various churches in my youth, one things they all agreed on was a pre-tribulation rapture position. So, since my youth this is what I believed.


Shorlty after I was married to my wife, back in about 2005-ish, my wife began to seriously question me concerning  the various positions on the timing of the catching away/rapture, whatever you want to call it. I explained to her all that I had ever been taught on the subject: The entire tribulation is the outpouring of God's wrath., so we won't go through it; it is for the Jews, the time of Jacob's trouble, so the church won't be there; Rev 4:1 seems to suggest the rapture as John sees a door open in heaven, (isn't Jesus called 'the door'?) and a voice that says "Come up hither", ( voice of the archangel?), so this must depict the rapture JUST before the tribulation is seen to begin; 1Thes 4  says, concerning the rapture, "Comfort one another with this', how can we find comfort in knowing we will go through great tribulation? And so on.


So, she began to lay out a pretty extensive argument both against the PreTR and for the PostT/PreWR Trib.  To go into it all, I haven't time. But I told her that, to make her happy, and because I want to please God before man, OR her, I would take what we have both said, and prayerfully study it out for myself. I took about a year looking it over in scripture and praying over it before I was finally willing to say that I had to agree with her. I knew I was taking a stand considerably different than 99% of other IFB's and might lost friends and associates over it, but I believed, as I do now, that pleasing God was more important. 


Some of what I found was, yes, Israel is the focus of the tribulation time. However, nowhere do we see that this must mean the church is not in existence. Jew have continued to live and thrive during the 'church age', and even with Israel being re-established as a nation, here we still are. The focus on them doesn't necessarily mean we can't be here any more-it is assumption, no more.


I have yet to hear anyone give a good explanation of what occurs in Rev 14:14. No, it isn't Jesus sitting on the church-we see Jesus in the clouds with a sickle, reaping His harvest. This takes place shortly after the seventh trumpet sounds, the last trumpet mentioned in scripture. We also see an angel shout to Him that the time has come.  Last trumpet, Jesus in the clouds, voice of an angel from the temple, (an archangel?). sounds like about all that is needed to match what occurs in 1Thes 4 return of Christ. NO, we don't see those who sleep in Christ coming with Him, but that doesn't mean they aren't there-it is the ONLY specific example we are given of Jesus reaping His harvest, and it is followed immediately by the outpouring of God's wrath. Apparently the entire tribulation is NOT God's wrath, because we see a specific time the wrath falls.  


I will continue when I have time. There's more! Please read, comment if you like, but again, this is not comprehensive, so no fights just yet.

More Angels And Such Like (Some Adult Themes Herein-Beware!)

05 March 2014 - 12:53 PM

In another post, Bro. Garry said:



I have stayed away from this topic only because I have not found enough definitive scripture one way or the other to dogmatically state whether the "sons of God" were men or angels. I just put this with the LONG list of questions I will ask my Lord when I see Him in heaven. I do tend to "lean" towards their being angelic beings but the questions and complications that brings up are many. Such as, if they are offspring from an angelic being, they would have no imputed sin from Adam. It is clear however, that angels are capable of sin since Satan (who was NOT an angel but a cherubim) was able to take away many angels that fell with him. It is also clear that the offspring were evil continually in their thoughts, imaginations and actions since they were destroyed with the flood.


Maybe as a topic of another thread, would be the question "Is man sinful and commit sins solely because of our imputed sin from Adam giving us a sin nature by default, or does man, separate from any influence from Satan have it within himself to be sinful?" I sometimes wonder if God's purpose for binding up Satan for a 1,000 years during the millennial reign, isn't a proof that even with Satan's influence upon man taken away (Flip Wilson: "the devil made me do it") that man still can chose and commit sin of his own accord. Please don't answer this question on this thread! Let's open another thread if you think this is a worthy topic of discussion.


I thought this worthy of conversation, and as he requested, I have brought it here.


inherent sin from the line of Adam not being passed by the sons of God, if they were, indeed, angels, is a compelling thought. One that I don't believe has been brought up. Would a fallen angel, IF able to successfully copulate with a human female, pass on their particular sin as the sin of Adam is passed from father to child? Would it be, like super-sin? Or, another question to bring to the table, to angels, fallen or otherwise, even in bodily form, have blood? If not, how could they reproduce, since a majority of the male, um, fluid, is made up of blood cells?


Concerning the evil thoughts continually, however, this was spoken specifically about men, not any half-angel offspring of whose reality we discuss. As well, the Lord sad, after the flood, "And the LORD smelled a sweet savour; and the LORD said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake; for the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more every thing living, as I have done." (Gen 8:21). So even after the flood, man's imagination was evil from youth, really no different than it had been before the flood.


Now, the issue of Satan being cast 1,000 years into the bottomless pit, I see it like you do: Man has blamed Satan for his sin for thousands of years, (Like Flip Wilson, as you said). We know that Satan initially induced man to fall and brought sin upon mankind, but it was MAN that fell, and man could have chosen NOT to fall. And I suspect, had that been the case, Lucifer would possibly have been judged then and there and his influence would have been removed. Just my thought-not doctrine.  But since sin is IN man now, as you infer, I believe that as natural man continues in sin, even with Jesus ruling in perfection upon the earth, and even after 1,000 years without Satan's direct influence, (nor, I suspect, his angels, though again, just speculation), that man will turn to Satan in droves when he is released, will be primarily to allow no excuse for man when they are judged in their sin. No blaming anyone: even with God on earth, even with the wicked one removed, they still continue in sin and rejection.

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