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Prayer Need

15 December 2014 - 04:48 PM

Just got a call from a friend, their son, who is 23, but very developmentally disabled, like an 8-year-old, was found in his trailer by his parents unconscious, blood all over the trailer, and foaming at the mouth. They don't know what's wrong, but they are seeking prayer. They are believers.  


He is very disabled, but yes, lives in his own trailer in the backyard, as the local crazy California law says that since he is above 18, they have to give him his own place. Figured it was just a matter of time before it bit them.


His name is Jason, his parents are Paul and Linda Smith.   Thanks

New "evolutionary" Find! Being Called A Missing Link. Hmph

24 November 2014 - 12:34 PM



So, once again, evolutionary scientists have discovered bones of an animal they are crowing about, calling it a missing link, or an transitionary specimen, that links Rhinos, Horses and Tapirs.


Their primary evidence for this seems to be wrapped up in this statement from the article:


“Many of Cambaytherium thewissi‘s features, like the teeth, the number of sacral vertebrae, and the bones of the hands and feet, are intermediate between Perissodactyla and more primitive animals. This is the closest thing we’ve found to a common ancestor of the Perissodactyla order.”


So, some teeth, bones and feet are similar to some other animals-so it MUST be evidence that modern animals with an uneven amount of toes on their back feet all evolved from these. never a thought of the possibility that it just might be a unique animal.


I also like how they have scientifically painted a picture of what it looked like, to include hair and color patterns.


I get so aggravated lately, what with Bill Nye the Science so-called Guy declaring that children tqaught creation can't be good citizens of the next generation, because their understanding is stunted, and there can never come any good science from creationists, while all the time ignoring that he and other scientists, (he isn't one, by the way) stand on the shoulders of creationists who discovered the various LAWS of the universe, not just theories, and even today, we have people like Damadian, a six-day creationist that invented the MRI scanner, one of the greatest recent medical breakthroughs to assist in treatments.


Bill Nye, the guy who holds a BACHELOR'S in Mechanical Engineering, is now one of the go-to-guys for proof of evolution. Its funny-now, I realize that someone doesn't need big credentials to study and understand such things as science, but if a creationist scientist who holds anything less than a Ph. D in one of the accepted evolutionary sciences tries to stand for scientific creation, they will be ignored and called worthless as a proponent, because he doesn't have good enough credentials.


yet, here's Bill Nye, with his bachelors in mechanical engineering, NOT an evolutionary science, I believe, but he sure is a rock star with the evolution set.


By the way, in his debate with Ken Ham, which I was sorely disappointed with because the debate forum was poorly designed for an actual debate, Nye didn't bring up anything that hasn't been dealt with and well-answered before.

Rough Couple Of Weeks On The Farm

15 September 2014 - 02:04 PM

Had a rough couple weeks on the farm, really only two days, but spread out.


We have three livestock dogs, one herding dog, and (had) one Canardly (Canardly tell what it is).


Our livestock dogs will kill and eat a chicken, but when they are locked away, they don't try to get to them. Our herd dog, an Australian Shepherd, once tried to herd the chickens to the desert, but never hurt any. However, our other dog, who we found as a desserted dog near the farm six years back, suddenly up and broke into the chicken pen, at night, killed our six ducks, two half-grown, hand-raised chicks, and one very young chick. Didn't eat any, just killed them.


So the first impulse is to put her down, but since she gets on well with other dogs and cats, and is very friendly, we decided to wait and try to find her a new home.


However, before we could find one, she broke her chain, and got into the rabbit pen, and killed all but six of our rabbits-again, not eating any, just killing them. About 20 rabbits. The six who survived, were small enough to duck into the back of one of the houses out of her reach. So, we brought the pother dogs over and put her down where they could see it, and left her, for the time being, by the rabbit pen where she had been digging to get in. To make a point.


Very sad, but had to be done. She was the first animal I have killed-usualy my wife does the killing when we butcher, but this was my job. The other dogs have all been on very good behavior, and our alpha male livestock dog has even been rolling onto his back for me, something he never did before, so they were impressed.


Sometimes, farm life isn't a lot of fun.  I hope I have not hurt anyone's sensibilities with this, just how it is.

Prayer-Though Not Sure For What.

24 August 2014 - 07:13 PM

Had an odd incident this morning.


I was out to pick up a few folks for service this morning-my regular pick-up guy is out.


We have in the church an elderly mother and her adult son-the son is not quite right: he was born a tad behind, as a young adult indulged in drugs and alcohol, then later had a bad car accident and got some brain damage on top of it. So, he has some...limitations.


Well, he gets on thes tangents, where something is on his mind, and he will ask the same basic quiestion each week-I don't know if he forgets, or just doesn't accpet the answers because its not what he is looking for.   Well, lately, its been about confession of sin-some guy told him that the Bible teached that we are to confess our sins before the congregation. Well, I assume all of us here know that's not correct-we confess our faults before one another, ie, confess to the one we have wronged, and we confess our sins before the Lord alone. Each week, for the past few months he has repeated this, and I tell him the same thing-I remain patient because I know his limitations.


So, last Thursday we had a missionary come in, and he had, on his van, a verse about confessing Christ before others, so this fellow picks up about confessing, and when the missionary took questions about his ministry, our man asks him about confessing sins. well, bless God the missionary and I were on the same page, he gave an excellent answer, and once it was complete, I raised my hand and asked another question, to move it on, because if you give him the time, he will go on and on.  When service ended, I and the fellow in my church spoke, he explained why he had asked, and I said that was fine and hoped he understood. All was well, and they left.


SOOO...this morning, when I wnt to pick him and his mother up, he accosted me at the door, voice on volume 11, and accused me of telling him to 'SHUT UP", in service. I asked him, did I say exactly that, in case he might have thought my asking the next question caused him to think I was trying to shut him up, but no, he said I told him, in front of everyone to shut up-exactly that, he yelled at me for a couple moments, (mind you he's a big fellow, and I half expected to go to church with a black eye, but no). then when I tried to ask some questions, he just said, "good-bye Mike" and shut the door.


  So, we need some prayer, but not sure for what. In some ways I think having him gne m8ght be good for the church, but on the other hand, he's damaged and its not really his fault-I don't even know where he got the idea I had done this, but his mind seems to create strange things. And I hate leaving him out in the cold, so to speak, but, how do you convnce someone that he didn't hear what he truly believes he heard?  So, prayer, I'd appreciate. His mom really needs to go lve with her daughter, as this son really can't care for her anymore and especially since he seems to be getting more unstable.


Thanks for your patience and your prayers.

Inconceivable! Famous Lookalikes!

27 July 2014 - 07:37 PM


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