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#310714 A New Sinner In The Chats

Posted by TheWatcher on 20 October 2012 - 08:17 PM

Hell friends :). I would like to start out by telling a little about me, I am 32 yrs old, I have one child, she is 12.. I am divorced/seperated.. I married her b4 i was saved and it was out of lust.. But i love my daughter cus a child is a precious thing to have, like a gift if you will. Concidering that doctors told that i couldn have kids.. I wasn married when she was born.. but shortly after some years foward in my life, I turned to the Lord.. I jus woke up one day and said that I was going to church cus i want to get saved. But some events took place b4 that day on June 9th 2001 of me being saved.. I shalt tell my story of these events that put a boot in my butt to get this done. lol. I was a deisel mechainc at time these events happen'd, at the time i was lost and blinded by my own pride and sinnful ways not having a clue what the purpose, or not even knowing that it was God laying my path out to lead me to him.. Never thought God would ever work this way cus in my eyes at them, even yrs after i was saved, I never seen it till he showed me why things happened the way they did that year of events that was given to me. my brother-in-law and I was coming home from work one night from a long hard day, we had started i cant remember but between 8-9 am that morning, and the time we left work it was 11-11:30pm. on the way home, there was a car that was infront of us, i went around a curve and i didn see it till i got around the curve, he was driving about 30-35 mph and i was going about 55mph give or take a few.. I came up on him fast but i slowed down in time so i didn hit him, he seen me coming up on him fast so he hit his breaks, I guess he was tryin to get me to hit him, I really didn know what his problem was that night.. I am a manic depressant, That is the highest rated of bipolar there is, or atleast one of the worst cases of bipolar, It really dont take much to make me mad.. Plus to top it off, I dont know how to control it and it gets the best of me, but in time (im not a patient man) the Lord will take this part of rudeness and evil part of sin from me, But i know i have to be patient not jus with myself but the Lord too.. The Lord works slow cus when working slow, there will be no mistakes.. he is starting to teach me patience now.. but any ways... as we were traveling on down the road and only had about 5-6 miles to go from the drive way from where we were. The guy in the car kept on going 12-15mph on the straight stretches of the road, and would fly around the curves... and when i would get 1 to 1 /12 car lengths from him, he would stand on his breaks, Well, the second time is when he flipped on my anger switch.. There is no in between wit me, either i am mad and want to ripe someones head off, or i am a kind and giving person.. I dont like that i am like this cus i hurt ppl, and i really dont mean too... well.. we got to about 2 miles from the drive way, he took off really fast like he was trying to race someone, so every curve that i went around, I kinda took it slow cus didn know what he would try to pull to get me in trouble.. i went around 3 curves and he was no where to be found, he was out of sight, so i figured he got tired of messing around and jus went on with doings, No mind you, i was still angry about this, it would have taken me about 30 mins to an hour for me to cool my wits. On this road there is a "S" curve, and going around the first curve you cant see around it cus there was a tall hill on the right of this right handed curve, and when you come around the that first curve there was a small open field to the left. Well, when i went around that first curve he was in between the two curves about to take the other curve b4 a straight stretch of about 1/4- and jus a little shorter than 1/2 mile long.. he was going slow again, So me being young at the age of 20, I figured i would take a short cut thru the small field to straighten the curves and come back out on the road, he seem what i was doing and he punched it to keep infront of me, he still got infront of me, That made me even more angry i was seeing red, my ears were blowing smoke, then he slowed down again to 12-15 mph.. I was determed to pass him this time, I didn care what happen, I went around him on the left, he punched it too, side by side, he came over and hit my truck, that did it, that was the final blow of anger, I cut the wheel straight into his car hoping to push him off the road, not caring what happen'd to him.. he hit his breaks and my back tired it a lil rut off the side of the road and i when sideways in the road as a van was coming and they T-Boned me, about a month later is when i got saved, but b4 that happen about 8 months, there was an elder lady that came up to the shop and handed me a track and asked if i would go to church with her, I really didn want to but i said yea, and i did that sunday, and that was it... about 2 months b4 the car wreck, there was another lady that came up there, handed me a track and told me, The Lord is calling you. God showed me, you dont get to choice what you do, My will be done, I now know that if the Lord really wants you, he will get you. But its up to us rather we listen and look at the signs that he puts out there for us. The ppl in the van was a christian family too, they have forgiven me for my actions.. I could go to their now to this day and have dinner wit them so to speak.

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