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In Topic: Understanding Hebrews - 3

23 October 2014 - 08:02 PM

Huh? Restraint? If you would take the time and observe your lack of restraint with other 'point of views', maybe you would start to consider that you may not  know it all?

Let Covenanter live his own convictions, and try to give someone else the ability to express their view, and give you the chance to accept it patiently.


We do for you. More than you might think


Reread it again and slowly guy. Comprehension is lacking on your part also and not just in my last post but in many threads.


And who is we? You and Covenanter hardly speak for this forum, quite the opposite.

In Topic: Understanding Hebrews - 3

22 October 2014 - 11:19 AM



Living by faith did not begin with Pentecost, as Job demonstrates.


Job? The entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation demonstrates living by faith as the only way to please God. This is an odd ending to this post unless you are somehow confusing living by faith with the renewal/regeneration of the Holy Spirit which did begin for believers at Pentecost.


Threads like this make it evident to me that some who follow strange fables like preterism could be doing so simply by a lack of comprehension and perhaps not due to evil surmisings. Only God knows for sure. I mean, you seem like a nice enough fella but many times restraint is demonstrated by personality and not by the Spirit.

In Topic: Understanding Hebrews -2

12 October 2014 - 10:01 PM

Can you tell us which one's you are referring to, please.


The folks that keep quoting men, it is sad. Regardless of century, they are just muttenhead's like us with the same wretched flesh we have. Not to mention THEY ALL WANTED PAYMENT.


Where in God's Word does He even hint at us writing about Him and His Word? Making merchandise of God is all He says of it. His Word is complete and any additional books about Him is outrageously arrogant.

In Topic: Understanding Hebrews -2

12 October 2014 - 08:56 PM

Many in this thread base your faith on men's ideas. It is shockingly pathetic.


Get in the Book. Be learned of God and not of men.


The most grossly overt in men's learning are obvious in these threads. Bible study to them is what I have mentioned before - muttenhead's ideas in books sold as filthy merchandise of God. 

In Topic: Understanding Hebrews -2

10 October 2014 - 03:02 PM

Good points all - well not really


Take it with a grain of salt and learn to laugh at yourselves because after all, everyone else is laughing at you :) 


Seriously though, I disagree with this statement John:  The various debates over different eschatological views has long carried on and has hashed and rehashed the same material over and over and yet not one particular view has been able to present a 100% airtight case that makes every point of that view clearly accurate and true.


There is no logic in that statement simply because noone has an airtight case over any Scripture, we believe it by faith and faith only. Get in the Book and stop "considering" what any muttenhead is teaching. Noone in this thread is a babe, why are you still considering what men say. Your local pastors/elders are the only men authorized by God to give you lessons. And even those require searching for yourself in the Word to make sure they are right.


Bible study is not 5 minutes of forced reading of the Word to get through it and then you read some dude's interpretation of it for an hour. That is the kind of Bible study that has kept ignorance alive in IFB circles for generations now. Not to mention isolated pockets of whacky ideas like preterism. Not to mention men worship, as had developed in some of the biggest IFB churches in the world back in the 80s and 90s and is reemerging today in some areas (we meatsacks have very short memories).


I will tell you how those things happened, when you started buying some dude's books and put his muttenhead ideas beside God's Word to help you learn. It went to his head and the rest is history.


Get alone with God and stop searching men's ideas.

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