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In Topic: Prayers Needed For A Job Interview

27 June 2014 - 08:57 PM

If it is honest employment NOT in the sin industry then it is written in His Word that it is His Will. They offer it, take it brother.

In Topic: My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

23 June 2014 - 11:18 AM

It would have made allot more sense TGL if you are experimenting with you kids to have put them in public school till 5th or 6th grade and then Christian or Home.


What you are doing here is relying on their childhood professions of faith as solid. Rarely are they at these years, young kids believe what the parents believe and do what they think will please their parents. Once they hit 12 or 13, they form their own opinions which will not be yours. In this case they will form the worlds opinions. They will be immersed in the world now. 8 hours a day and you nor your church will be able to compete with that.


Since you are gambling with the world, all I can say is "good luck"

In Topic: My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

22 June 2014 - 09:07 PM

Some members here act like if my teens will pay the price, you will remember my words? They said, and I believe they are a bit to extreme. The public schools do have problems, but there are also benefits in my opinion.


Sounds like you misunderstand the warnings I and the rest on here are trying to convey to you TGL.


We would be pretty sorry Christians if we did not warn you first from the Bible and then from our (or maybe just my) past experience. I know what will happen with your kids my friend and you will hate that you failed them in this way years from now.


But, it is your business, why post it here thus making it everybody's. Were you hoping for some support??

In Topic: My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

20 June 2014 - 02:30 PM

Update on my daughter in summer public school, she has straight A's coming out of the christian school. They told her that she needed to take two classes this summer so she can start the new school year. She was affaid the first day, first time going to a public school. 10th grade. She have some new friends now. I believe she will do just fine. She is very excited... :)


TGL, mark my words brother. You will regret this day the rest of your physical life.

In Topic: My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

20 June 2014 - 02:27 PM

this statement makes no sense, If I didnt want to follow Christ, i would intentionally avoid this place, I live for him and I am here, so how do you explain that?

 BTW, and who is avoiding what?? do you ask yourself this question?? who is the one avoiding issues?? 


Here is the point you miss on purpose again Jeff:


You come from an environment that has distorted the image of Jesus as a hippy, "mojo risen" liberal with an niv in one hand and a heiniken in the other. That is not the Jesus of God's Word and you absolutely know it in your heart. That is why you come to a forum like this that does worship the True Jesus of the Bible. You fight when you get here because your flesh doesn't want to lose to the Spirit. You keep coming back though and I doubt that you come back just to fight.

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