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In Topic: Father, Forgive Them

Today, 09:55 AM

A couple thoughts, somewhat from what I've heard preached before...


This could be asking God not to punish those people in this life for that sin.


This could be asking God to grant forgiveness of this particular sin, and thus they would not receive temporal or eternal punishment for that particular sin.


Of course any of these who died without being born again would still be condemned to hell but perhaps these specific sins would not be a factor in their degree of punishment.


Each or all make logical sense I think

In Topic: Father, Forgive Them

Yesterday, 09:43 AM

I recently heard a pastor say that when Jesus prayed the Father would forgive them (those who crucified him), and when Stephen prayed the same for those who stoned him to death, those were prayers both knew God couldn't and wouldn't grant.


The pastor said those prayers were only given to show how forgiving they (Jesus and Stephen) were. He said God would not grant their prayer request and that both (Jesus and Stephen) knew that.


I've never heard that preached before.


Could, would, did, might God grant their prayer request and not hold that specific sin against their attackers?


Let's say He did honor the requests on these sins, this would not forgive all their other sins, keeping them condemned.


Of course, this thens begs a new question: Why was it mentioned except to demonstrate a Spirit lead existence of forgiveness exampled by Christ and then emulated by Stephen.

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25 October 2014 - 09:41 PM

For several years now missionaries to Muslim countries have reported upon many instances of Muslims having dreams of Jesus. Oftentimes Muslims will dream they are to contact a missionary and ask them what important message they have for them from Jesus. The testimony of many Muslim converts to Christianity begin with such a dream.


Anything that is on ones mind and in one's consciousness can create dreams in regards to it. These are not miracles or signs.


No hard feelings brother John but for many years before that charismatic women have dreams and visions of all kinds of things related to the Lord but none are factual.


When you have a dream like this, report it honestly and maybe you can then believe it. Like I have said before, if you think some get extra help from God to get saved then you are simply a calvinist and are afraid to admit it. There is no extra help above the Word and the Spirit together, this is that which is perfect that has come and all the signs are gone.


If they will not believe the Word which is backed by the Spirit, they will not believe dreams or visions or if one has come back from the dead.

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23 October 2014 - 08:02 PM

Huh? Restraint? If you would take the time and observe your lack of restraint with other 'point of views', maybe you would start to consider that you may not  know it all?

Let Covenanter live his own convictions, and try to give someone else the ability to express their view, and give you the chance to accept it patiently.


We do for you. More than you might think


Reread it again and slowly guy. Comprehension is lacking on your part also and not just in my last post but in many threads.


And who is we? You and Covenanter hardly speak for this forum, quite the opposite.

In Topic: Understanding Hebrews - 3

22 October 2014 - 11:19 AM



Living by faith did not begin with Pentecost, as Job demonstrates.


Job? The entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation demonstrates living by faith as the only way to please God. This is an odd ending to this post unless you are somehow confusing living by faith with the renewal/regeneration of the Holy Spirit which did begin for believers at Pentecost.


Threads like this make it evident to me that some who follow strange fables like preterism could be doing so simply by a lack of comprehension and perhaps not due to evil surmisings. Only God knows for sure. I mean, you seem like a nice enough fella but many times restraint is demonstrated by personality and not by the Spirit.

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