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In Topic: Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

Yesterday, 09:46 PM


In your list of "systems" which you say contain holes you did not list pre-trib.  I assume that is because you "believe" that their is no possibility that your interpretations can be wrong in any fashion.  I assume this because you insist that all other ideas be banned from the forum.  I am not perfect in my wisdom and no one else on this forum is either.  I do not enter into the eschatology debates because I don't think I will have all the answers while my mind still occupies this mortal flesh.  This world is what it is because men who could get along with each other would rather fight about their petty little differences, which in the eternal scheme of things don't amount to a hill of beans.  


John 13:34-35
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.  35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
It does not matter what a saved person believes when it comes to the big, important, all consuming, arguments about when our Lord is coming.  When He comes we should be found doing His work and not fighting one another.  What are our priorities anyway?  Protecting our reputations for having great amounts of knowledge and boosting our egos, is that what we are about?  I pray not! 



Although I appreciate and understand exactly what you are saying here Pilgrim, I do need to also point out the scores of warnings throughout the NT of false teachers, false gospels, antichrists and etc. To discern, mark and avoid.
Having said that, I think we should take this or any forum with a grain of salt. If we are going to waste precious time on the internet instead of spreading the Gospel and making disciples in our local church as commanded then we might as well let it fly. The mods can clean it up if need be and it makes for fun reading.
Some have tolerated preterists/ism for so many months now, they are actually confused about it's validity.
Wake up folks, in order to accept preterism you have to believe you are currently living in Christ's 1000 year earthly kingdom. What is the problem here? That premise alone is the red flag, dead-giveaway that the entire idea is devilish poppycock.
Coventanter can paste every page from the internet and books (not Bible) he learned this from but it will not change that basic premise.
It is not my place to say whether a man is saved or not. But we are to know them by their fruits and there is some stinky fruit in this preterist nonsense.

In Topic: Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

Yesterday, 09:04 PM

Indeed, whatever truth we have on these matters is in Scripture. Most would agree upon that point. The difference comes in peoples understanding of just what certain verses or passages mean. In some cases we could have half a dozen born again Christians in a room all reading the same verses and each having a different understanding of just what they believe the verses mean.


The back and forth postings between those already firmly decided on different views aren't very helpful; especially when they seem to always have those who can't help but posting in the flesh in ways that add bad witness to an already contentious thread.


The partial preterists aren't going to sway the committed pre-tribs and the pre-tribs aren't going to sway the committed partial preterists. There is really no good point in these two groups posting back and forth at one another.


True, the answers are in Scripture.


False, on put 6 believers in a room with Scripture and no influence. Zero would come up with preterism. That is man made only and obscure as an understatement.


I have said it before and will again. I have been a member of more Bible believing churches in more places on this planet than anyone I have ever heard of and I have never heard a peep of this heresy until this forum.


I think some folks spend way too much time on the internet where you can read of any whacked out idea in the world. Because it is on the internet spouted out by two or three muttenheads doesn't make it anywhere near legitimate.


Yaw can keep tolerating this bunk if you want to, I won't. I will yell nay every time I see it


In Topic: How To Date While At Bible College?

19 December 2014 - 09:00 PM

An important thing to consider when thinking about dating girls is that they are smelly.


An important thing to consider when thinking about dating girls is that they are smelly.


I choked reading this one....excellent humor

In Topic: Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

18 December 2014 - 11:09 PM

And yes, the premil return of the Lord IS A FUNDAMENTAL Bible belief.


Only the tolerance and acceptance by some of the nonsense of preterism has given it some minor undeserved credibility temporarily. But it is another false teaching of the endtimes invented by the whore.

In Topic: What Does Repentence Mean?

17 December 2014 - 03:14 PM

Good explanation Sir.


The turning away from sin part however still smacks somewhat of works.


Consider repentance to mean a change of heart about sin, righteous and judgement vice a "turning away". Change of heart is stronger than a change of mind. The connotation is that of "resulting in action" but not diliberately starting out that way.


I think the most important thing folks miss when debating this subject is that repentance of heart from religion, idols of this world, humanism, materialism (whatever god the lost follow whether knowingly or not) is a triple work of an obedient believer sharing the Gospel (#1), the Word of God which is spoken (#2) and the conviction of the Spirit (#3). This new birth is the only actual miracle that still occurs in our time and is not easily dissected in our limited imaginations. Give them the Word in obedience and if they have a fear of God, then The Spirit will convict and regenerate.


It seems more and more difficult to find people who retain God in their knowledge so less and less people have a fear of God. Without this basic fear that is present at birth in all humans and "learned" away by the world, then it becomes far more difficult to find people who will openly listen to the Gospel. The fear of the Lord is the "beginning" of wisdom.

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