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#399778 How To Deal With Those Who Teach False Doctrine – According To Scripture

Posted by wretched on 28 January 2015 - 12:03 PM

Any and all so called "clergy" like this are not of God and are simply filling a worldly occupation in these denominations.


Of course it doesn't make the mole jokes appropriate though...wait a minute.....I just looked again and am offering my dremel free of charge.

#399673 A New Face

Posted by wretched on 26 January 2015 - 10:30 AM

AH...a mole of satan, no doubt!

#398996 Husbands And Wives

Posted by wretched on 13 January 2015 - 03:52 PM

It is in human nature to want to marry since the Lord made us. So are all fleshly urges like eating, sleeping, being warm, etc. The entire world (even the worst of pagans) do it naturally and have always. There is nothing Godly or Spirit filled about wanting to marry or being married.


Even though born again married couples are given guidelines nowhere in the NT does God say that saints should marry as a matter of Spiritual growth and certainly not as a matter of living for the Lord - Quite the contrary actually. Jesus said He came to put emnity between husbands and wives, fathers and children, children and parents, etc. I Cor 7 is very clear that all will serve the Lord far more faithfully not married placing all your focus on the Lord and Eternity as opposed to the world and the flesh. It does says however that if you are married, do this and that if you got kids, raise them up for the Lord, etc.


BTW we are way past needing believers to propogate man. The lost propogate fine in the flesh without any regard to God. Also, there is nowhere in the NT where you will find a command or imtimation that we are to multiple on the earth as believers from a bloodline standpoint-quite the opposite.


The NT addresses marriage with rules and guidelines to help stem the tide of "trouble in the flesh" from being married. God knows we can't help ourselves in wanting to be married and most Christians will do it regardless of what the Word says of it.


If you have been around a day you already know this but natural men and most christian men marry for sex or guilt from sex. Women marry for security. Both reasons are fleshly and of the world. Always have been, always will be. And neither reason is honorable or romantic even from a worldly standpoint.


On the divorce issue, the Lord is clear. It is better to stay that way than to remarry. The divorce and now the remarriage is multipying your "trouble in the flesh".  he who loses his life in this world, shall find it.


I have lived all three sides for the Lord (married and divorced and remarried) and have experienced first hand these truths in the Epistles.

#398578 Thou Shalt Not Grow A Beard.......

Posted by wretched on 07 January 2015 - 10:48 PM

I would say the clean shaven stuff began shortly after the end of the War Between the States. Military men had beards then but, I don't think too many did in WW1.

Ever since then, as far as I know, soldiers have been clean-shaven. My mother-in-law is from the WW2 generation and I think it was a big thing then.. I do agree that the Hippies were doing what they did in defiance, rebellion, protest, whatever and I do think that a lot of the "clergy" shunned facial hair in the spirit of "not conforming to the world". But actually, not to minimize the more obvious outward manifestations of "conforming", most of the "conforming" which goes on is the not so obvious stuff we are guilty of every day.


The clean shaven army and marine corp came about during WWI due to the advent of chemical warfare and the sealing of protective (gas) masks. Facial hair prevents a proper seal of the mask to keep the chemicals and later in the 20th century biological agents out.

It was not intended as a uniform look initially but now it is with the main purpose being a proper seal.

Of course desk jockey military have no practical reason to be clean shaven but the uniform look has caught on after Vietnam and stuck. Prior to WWI soldiers could grow any beards they wanted, uniformity of facial appearance was not an issue back then.

Far more military personnel are non combat MOS' than combat. It take 4 support personnel for every one real soldier (infantry) on the battlefield to be sustained.

After reading the Scriptures posted by Heartstrings and other on this thread, I have a real mind never to shave or trim again. Who cares what man (male or female) thinks of us.

#397753 Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

Posted by wretched on 23 December 2014 - 08:39 PM

The problem is not attitude or a different "view" of anything. It is complete fabrication to relate Revelation to 70AD, the tribulation of the local Christians as THE great tribulation and then to completely mysticise Revelation into a surreal historical record of 70AD.


Had Revelation been written currently or even 26 years after these events, the step by step, day by day, blow by blow would be clearly laid out and not prophetically. It was written as a mystery that only those Indwelt can understand by FAITH. Had it been historical, It would not have been written that way. The OT certainly wasn't, the historical records were laid out as such as with the Gospels and the Epistles.


We are not in the 1000 year earthly reign of the Lord. The Gospel and us aren't reigning over anything. Satan runs loose now within the entire cultural mindset of the world more than ever.


Our work is not done. You can be confused by these protestants with their RCC invented false teachings if you want to but it is a sad state of affairs when we get so confused over care for the poor and lost with care for false teachers. Jesus set that example for us to follow and He was never "understanding" of them.


This preterist nonsense is not of God period.

#397460 Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

Posted by wretched on 20 December 2014 - 09:46 PM


In your list of "systems" which you say contain holes you did not list pre-trib.  I assume that is because you "believe" that their is no possibility that your interpretations can be wrong in any fashion.  I assume this because you insist that all other ideas be banned from the forum.  I am not perfect in my wisdom and no one else on this forum is either.  I do not enter into the eschatology debates because I don't think I will have all the answers while my mind still occupies this mortal flesh.  This world is what it is because men who could get along with each other would rather fight about their petty little differences, which in the eternal scheme of things don't amount to a hill of beans.  


John 13:34-35
A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.  35 By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.
It does not matter what a saved person believes when it comes to the big, important, all consuming, arguments about when our Lord is coming.  When He comes we should be found doing His work and not fighting one another.  What are our priorities anyway?  Protecting our reputations for having great amounts of knowledge and boosting our egos, is that what we are about?  I pray not! 



Although I appreciate and understand exactly what you are saying here Pilgrim, I do need to also point out the scores of warnings throughout the NT of false teachers, false gospels, antichrists and etc. To discern, mark and avoid.
Having said that, I think we should take this or any forum with a grain of salt. If we are going to waste precious time on the internet instead of spreading the Gospel and making disciples in our local church as commanded then we might as well let it fly. The mods can clean it up if need be and it makes for fun reading.
Some have tolerated preterists/ism for so many months now, they are actually confused about it's validity.
Wake up folks, in order to accept preterism you have to believe you are currently living in Christ's 1000 year earthly kingdom. What is the problem here? That premise alone is the red flag, dead-giveaway that the entire idea is devilish poppycock.
Coventanter can paste every page from the internet and books (not Bible) he learned this from but it will not change that basic premise.
It is not my place to say whether a man is saved or not. But we are to know them by their fruits and there is some stinky fruit in this preterist nonsense.

#397459 Questioning One's Belief Or View Of Scriptural Meanings

Posted by wretched on 20 December 2014 - 09:04 PM

Indeed, whatever truth we have on these matters is in Scripture. Most would agree upon that point. The difference comes in peoples understanding of just what certain verses or passages mean. In some cases we could have half a dozen born again Christians in a room all reading the same verses and each having a different understanding of just what they believe the verses mean.


The back and forth postings between those already firmly decided on different views aren't very helpful; especially when they seem to always have those who can't help but posting in the flesh in ways that add bad witness to an already contentious thread.


The partial preterists aren't going to sway the committed pre-tribs and the pre-tribs aren't going to sway the committed partial preterists. There is really no good point in these two groups posting back and forth at one another.


True, the answers are in Scripture.


False, on put 6 believers in a room with Scripture and no influence. Zero would come up with preterism. That is man made only and obscure as an understatement.


I have said it before and will again. I have been a member of more Bible believing churches in more places on this planet than anyone I have ever heard of and I have never heard a peep of this heresy until this forum.


I think some folks spend way too much time on the internet where you can read of any whacked out idea in the world. Because it is on the internet spouted out by two or three muttenheads doesn't make it anywhere near legitimate.


Yaw can keep tolerating this bunk if you want to, I won't. I will yell nay every time I see it


#397191 Concerning Daniel 9:24-27

Posted by wretched on 16 December 2014 - 10:17 PM

Man, I dislike this forum sometimes BUT I JUST CANT HELP BUT LOOK AT IT

#395258 Famine Coming Soon

Posted by wretched on 29 November 2014 - 11:42 PM

One prophesied famine according to Mat. 24:7 was prophesied & reported in Acts 11:27-30 


You will find some earthquakes reported also.


Nice little tidbit of grey evidence.


Unfortunately for all who have been duped into preterism, its premise and central point of belief is that we are currently living in the 1000 year reign of Christ on earth for the last 2000 years.


It is outrageously ignorant for anyone to buy into it. How pathetic would a christian be to actually believe that this cursed socioeconomic world system with its unprecedented sin is Christ's earthy Kingdom.


I know John81 wants to believe so badly but get a grip guy, covenanter and his buddies are false.


I know it is a lazy relief for preterists to know that all work is done, no worry of sinning, or soulwinning. We are here already...come on folks

#393994 Matthew 24

Posted by wretched on 18 November 2014 - 12:19 PM

Wow, what a diverse group in this thread. Sometimes these make me think of a rainbow coalition rally.


Well, maybe not that diverse  :)

#393901 Sheep, Shepherd, Or Wolf?

Posted by wretched on 15 November 2014 - 10:24 PM

I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD over these biased, agenda-ed videos. I had a minute to watch them and and surprisingly disappointed in the wisdom I take for granted by some.


I could care less about Ruckman but can say that I have see him preach and enjoyed it every time. The same and more so about Hutson. However I have never read any of either of their writings and I have never heard of Hovind.


BUT, these videos are exactly the kind of examples I mean when I say you cannot trust the writings and now lets include the videos of men.


How blatantly twisted are the facts in "roast or slander" videos of other people. Come on, I expect women to take this kind of play on emotions as fact, but men?


Whether you love or hate these muttenheads is irrelevant. What is relevant is that who cares what any of them say or their critics and why does it affect you so??? They are just dudes.


Allot of people on here throw the words heresy and heretic around like candy. I wonder if any have the first clue what the words really mean?

#393171 Hell Is A Real Place

Posted by wretched on 06 November 2014 - 12:12 PM

Ok, I have to ask after a loud laugh although this subject is no laughing matter.



#391852 Understanding Hebrews - 3

Posted by wretched on 22 October 2014 - 11:19 AM



Living by faith did not begin with Pentecost, as Job demonstrates.


Job? The entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation demonstrates living by faith as the only way to please God. This is an odd ending to this post unless you are somehow confusing living by faith with the renewal/regeneration of the Holy Spirit which did begin for believers at Pentecost.


Threads like this make it evident to me that some who follow strange fables like preterism could be doing so simply by a lack of comprehension and perhaps not due to evil surmisings. Only God knows for sure. I mean, you seem like a nice enough fella but many times restraint is demonstrated by personality and not by the Spirit.

#390721 Understanding Hebrews -2

Posted by wretched on 10 October 2014 - 03:02 PM

Good points all - well not really


Take it with a grain of salt and learn to laugh at yourselves because after all, everyone else is laughing at you :) 


Seriously though, I disagree with this statement John:  The various debates over different eschatological views has long carried on and has hashed and rehashed the same material over and over and yet not one particular view has been able to present a 100% airtight case that makes every point of that view clearly accurate and true.


There is no logic in that statement simply because noone has an airtight case over any Scripture, we believe it by faith and faith only. Get in the Book and stop "considering" what any muttenhead is teaching. Noone in this thread is a babe, why are you still considering what men say. Your local pastors/elders are the only men authorized by God to give you lessons. And even those require searching for yourself in the Word to make sure they are right.


Bible study is not 5 minutes of forced reading of the Word to get through it and then you read some dude's interpretation of it for an hour. That is the kind of Bible study that has kept ignorance alive in IFB circles for generations now. Not to mention isolated pockets of whacky ideas like preterism. Not to mention men worship, as had developed in some of the biggest IFB churches in the world back in the 80s and 90s and is reemerging today in some areas (we meatsacks have very short memories).


I will tell you how those things happened, when you started buying some dude's books and put his muttenhead ideas beside God's Word to help you learn. It went to his head and the rest is history.


Get alone with God and stop searching men's ideas.

#388710 Historians Trace The Earliest Church Labeled "baptist" Back To 1609

Posted by wretched on 23 September 2014 - 08:22 PM

Hi everybody :)

A couple of issues: Salyan is right in regards to me not addressing anyone in particular unless of course you intimate that you follow John the Baptist in "anything".


I am familiar with some of the books you gents keep quoting or referring to as if they were authoritative. I abandoned reading men's slanted views on historical events long ago including baptist history.

Hopefully one day you folks will realize that the gents who wrote these books are, pardon my french, muttenheads just like us who wrote their interpretations of these historical events in their own slanted viewpoints just like all of man's written history. Some with evil motives, some with honorable motives but all wanted their money for their "work".


One of you quotes ones man's work as if authoritative and another of you writes about some other muttenhead's work as authoritative. NONE are authoritative by any stretch of the imagination.


You waste your time trying to be learned in man's interpretation of anything.


You want to know history un-slanted, Read your Bible, praying.


That is all I am trying to convey here.

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