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#377371 My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

Posted by wretched on 19 June 2014 - 01:18 PM

Where would you find this in Scripture and can you back this statement up? To me, this seems to be your opinion that you have turned into a command.Do you believe God is sovereign? I wasn't homeschooled, were you? How many here were?


This is way past your level of "Christian" thinking Jeffrey. You won't get it with the Spiritual life, learning and environments you are in. The basic understanding of the Epistles with eyes to see would make your outlook on most of the subjects presented in this forum totally different than they are.


Not to be uncharitably in any way Jeff, but your mindset is of the world and not of Christ and until you remove yourself from a watereddown lukewarm church and circle of friends, you will never want to "get" any of this.

#377186 My Teen Daughter Is Going To Public School Now...

Posted by wretched on 18 June 2014 - 11:34 AM

Time and effort on the part of parents is treasure just as well as money.

Where your treasure is, so is your heart.


I am not sure whether TGL started this thread to pick a fight or to seek justification.


I am no good parent myself and have had my kids in homeschool, Christian and public. When in public it was always because of the treasures mentioned above.


No need to air your dirty laundry and expect justification from your peers brother. Putting a believer's kids in public school is sin plain and simple. Keep it to yourself or be honest about it and no one will judge.


You are spitting in the air with this thread and trying your hardest to convince us it is raining.

#376921 Nick Adams On Guns

Posted by wretched on 16 June 2014 - 11:34 AM

Hey, the US is still the greatest obamanation on the planet though. Six straight years and running.

#376920 Dorightchristians - King James Onlyism Before Peter Ruckman

Posted by wretched on 16 June 2014 - 11:28 AM

The Holy Spirit is the saving agent that uses the Scriptures, but without the Holy Spirit, it's all for naught.



#376654 Dorightchristians - King James Onlyism Before Peter Ruckman

Posted by wretched on 13 June 2014 - 12:40 PM

It appears that some folks on this forum still miss the point of the KJB "correcting" the originals.


It doubt anyone (I could be wrong because I don't read anything these folks write anyway) actually believes the 1611 KJB is more accurate than the directly inspired originals provided by God to Moses, the Prophets, the Apostles, etc.


The missed points are twofold: #1 Noone living has ever seen nor read an "original" text in hebrew or greek. These are copies of copies or rewrites times a multitude from the actual "originals".


#2. Noone who thinks they understand the greek to read these copies of copies has any true clue to what the ancient greek meanings actually were. They only have loose guesses of modern greek translations they attempt to apply.


It still amazes me to see men quote the "greek copy of copies" with their modern quessicon translations with authority, as if they know they are right- it is sadly laughable to me.


The real point is this folks. Do you have God's complete Word in the KJB or not. This is simply a matter of faith.  And without faith it is impossible to please Him. And without His Word we would have never heard of Him. So your faith better FIRST be in His Word or you have have no faith.


think about it.

#373990 The Commandments Of Jesus Christ

Posted by wretched on 24 May 2014 - 02:52 PM

This sounds like that yes or no fella that was on here a while back.

#372278 From Darkness Into Light - My Personal Testimony

Posted by wretched on 08 May 2014 - 09:10 PM

You can write very well! Writing could be in your future if it already isn't. Good memory! You're right we remember moments specifically with great clarity when from a traumatic situation.

It's your story, write it as you want. There's always more people on here to tell you what's wrong and how to change it than getting a "good job"!


Why Miss DAISY I do declare. Good points. Probably shouldn't have read it as a tract.

#372266 From Darkness Into Light - My Personal Testimony

Posted by wretched on 08 May 2014 - 08:23 PM

I agree with Swath, but I will say cut it way down. Quote Scripture in it !! Remember. your words won't convict anybody. The Spirit works with the WORD, not our words. No stranger you hand it to will get past the few two or three paragraphs, much less to the Gospel. I hardly wanted to.

Cut out the melodrama, and get to the point. The hard times parts seem mild to today's standard so you may want to simply present the facts without the woe was me factor.


The Bible voice part is a little weird, not Scriptural and would confuse the lost into thinking they need to hear some voice before they can be saved. I recommend you lose that part completely.


The purpose of publishing is to get folks saved, correct? Just some thoughts, no offense. Nice story though.

#371617 Why I Left The Pre-Trib Position

Posted by wretched on 30 April 2014 - 10:21 PM

I see allot of ideas (no passages of Scripture) that clearly explain why a small amount of folks might take a shaky stand against a pretrib catching away of the Church.


There are no single verses or passages of Scripture that directly say when this event will occur for any side of the argument.


Having said that, this is the sound way to realize the Bible truth on the subject.


The far greater amount of Scriptural evidence points to a pre trib catching away.


Some but a far smaller amount of evidence points to a pre wrath


ZERO evidence points to a post trib or mil.


All sides of the argument are basically conjecture but the greater amount of Bible evidence points to a pre trib catching away of the Church.


Anyone on here with the time could match any one passage of pre wrath with 5 or more pre trib. The amils have nothing but fantasizing in their approach.


This is a preponderance of evidence argument and not a beyond a reasonable doubt argument.

#371423 So How Does A Person Get Saved?

Posted by wretched on 28 April 2014 - 08:37 PM

Wow! Didn't think it was such a difficult thing to become a believer in Jesus Christ. Let's see, how many steps was there? 5?


Well, now you finally know so get busy :boxing:

#371321 Why I Left The Pre-Trib Position

Posted by wretched on 27 April 2014 - 09:48 PM

Anyone who cannot see the blatant differences in how God has dealt with man throughout the ages of HIStory and into the future, is completely brainwashed by men. Men call it dispensationalism, I call it rightly dividing His Word (I call it that because God calls it that).


IMO, anyone who blends the Bible all together to attempt to serve the Lord or understand the Word stays in a constant state of confusion and actually seems to stay in a constant state of denial about their confusion.

#371124 Why I Left The Pre-Trib Position

Posted by wretched on 25 April 2014 - 11:47 AM

UK Mike,

You seem unconvinced one way or the other in your posts in this thread. The only convincing statement you have written is that your wife made you believe it. :)

#371058 Secondary Inspiration

Posted by wretched on 24 April 2014 - 09:42 PM


so the pastors/missionaries you sat under in foreign countries never read anything outside of the Bible?

Does your current pastor read anything outside of the Bible?


Here is what I think.

I believe the Bible speaks on every subject known to mankind.  I am not afraid to read any material written by any person because I know the Bible has the correct answer on anything subject I read on.  The more I read the Bible, the more I understand things in the world around me - politically, economically, socially, culturally, and in every way.  However, my knowledge of all subjects is better understood by READING about them as historical reference, and other studies, aided by the careful reading and study of the Bible.  I don't see them as mutually exclusive, but rather, I see them as trying to understand what is happening in the world through the lense of Scripture.  It almost sounds like you want to be a hermit or something.


History does not happen in a vacuum.  History is directly related to how a country and its leaders respond to the Holy Bible, and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Without a knowledge of history, we have no idea how we got to where we are today globally, or in the United States.  We can accurately predict what will happen in the United STates, so far as the Lord's treatment of us, by understanding what God did to other nations in world history over the course of the last 3000 years.  Not only do we have Biblical precedent, but that Biblical precedent has been confirmed time and again throughout history outside of the writings of Scripture.


I know I said I would not respond to you anymore on this subject, but I just think too many pastors are missing the boat because they don't see how the Bible relates to anything outside of their little world.  I believe that there is not one subject that a person can think of that the Bible does not speak to.  It speaks directly to every situation that a person can find themselves in across the world.  The problem is that the preachers don't know how to dig that stuff out, so they become isolated, anemic in their teaching, and live in some kind of dream world or something....I don't know.  But the Bible has the answers to America's tax problem, immigration problem, defense problem, mega-church problem, false prophet problem, sodomite problem, rock music problem, marital problem, economic problems, and any other problem you might think of.   But the more you understand about economics in general, the better you will be able to see the economics the Bible lays out.  The more knowledge you have about current and past political issues, the better you will the political teachings and principles in the Bible.  The more you understand about taxation in general, the better you will see those principles in Scripture.  The list is endless - so I hope you get the point.


We don't live on an island.  We should be able to have intelligent conversations with lost people about these issues, and show them from the Bible what we believe and why we believe it.  But you can't do that if all you read is the Bible - you will miss a lot of subjects that it speaks to just out of plain ignorance. 

Supporting a Bible-Believing man who writes good materials, and then turns around and GIVES a large percentage of those materials away to missionaries and pastors is not letting someone indulge themselves in "filthy lucre."  It is helping other Christians grow in grace.  The men I know who write extensively give a good chunk of their material away - and use the rest of the "income" from sales to print more materials.  Some is sold, and that is put back into the cost of printing more, and the rest is given away.  They are not making any profit on the sales at all.  It all goes right back into ministering to others. 

The people I know of personally who have written and sold books for other KJV Bible believers are not getting rich off any of there sales - they are common ordinary folks who love the Lord and just want to try to help other Christians. 

That is probably why I have taken such offense to your extremism.  You are broad-brushing everyone into the same category....so maybe the people I am thinking of would be "exceptions" to your "rule."  But it is a pretty bad rule, if you ask me.  In fact, I have been working on several books of my own, and hope to get them finished and made available to other KJV Believers some time soon.  Guess what?  I am going to have to charge a fee for the books because of simple economics.  I don't have the capital to print all of the books and hand them out free of charge.  So the price I will charge will merely compensate me for the investment, and then free me up to print more.  I have no desire to "get rich" off the sales - just want to help other believers. 


And if you doubt my ability to teach the Bible, even though I read other things outside the Bible, just let me know - I'll send you some sample CD's of Bible teaching.


In Christ


I am not doubting your abilities or dedication brother. I can tell you are highly intelligent and well studied.


I just wonder for years now why things are so pathetic here. This is just one of many conclusions I have come up with. Maybe I am wrong but I really don't think so, this type of thing is a large part of our falling away.


Anyway, have a good one

#370242 Secondary Inspiration

Posted by wretched on 18 April 2014 - 11:20 AM

Thank you for clarifying - no offense is meant by this, but I do not agree with your assessment.  The things I read only help me with my understanding of Scripture, and have improved by ability to teach it to others. 

I don't claim to be the world's smartest man.  I do not believe the Lord expects us to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to Bible doctrine and sound teaching. 


The filthy lucre you mention is in regards to a man who wants to use the office of a pastor as a means to a nice comfortable career.  They do not understand the necessary work involved.  All they see is an opportunity to get paid a nice salary with little APPARENT physical labor involved.  However, they have forgotten Matthew 20:28 and Paul's exhortation to the elders in Acts 20.  These people are only looking at things from the physical perspective, and neglect the most significant aspects of the ministry, which is the spiritual aspect.


So far as the sale of books go, most of the sincere Bible Believing authors out there who write and sell books only do so as a "ministry of helps" to other Christians.  There is a great deal of time, effort and money that goes into the production of books.  And most of these authors I am thinking of are not getting rich off their books - the cost is so high to produce them that they would have to charge 2 to 3 times what they do to "get rich."  If they want people to get their books at a reasonable price, they are only going to be able to earn enough "profit" off of the books to recoup their expenses, and have enough to print more.  Further, these same authors I am thinking of routinely GIVE AWAY a large quantity of books to pastors and missionaries alike to help them in their ministry.  It is not about the money - it is about trying to help God's people.


So, I am not going to argue the point with you, but I don't agree with you on that either.  I largely agree with you on most other issues.  And I do understand your perspective - all we need is the Bible, and if most preachers would just stick with the Bible, they would greatly improve their understanding of it, and become more effective preachers and teachers. 

My point is that these other books can be wonderful HELPS to understanding the Bible, but they are not the FIRST thing we go to....we go to the Bible first, then add to our knowledge from the labors of other good, Bible believing me. 


"You can borrow brains, but you can't borrow character."


In Christ,


I understand completely Steve.


I mean no offense and make no accusations either..my word on it. And this is farther away from the OP than should be but I will leave it alone after this.


Let me add another point to my points briefly please.


Please take post #64 and 66 and add this to it.


It makes Bible and common sense to me to look at the writing and publication of extra Biblical material (regardless of subject) in only two ways:


1. Ministry - giving away of materials to the poor to disciple or offering at costs to those who will.


2. Sales with any amount of profit. That is undeniably filthy lucre no matter the justifcation or rationalization. 


I also include websites that sell for profit men;s materials and websites that "ask" for donations.


None of this can be found anywhere in the NT except arguably where filthy lucre is mentioned.


IOW: Any profit sales, any requests for donations is not ministry. Even though all these sellers and websites call themselves ministries.


Ministry by definition is giving emotionally, spiritually, intellectually or physically to those in need. If someone writes a book on anything Scriptural in nature with his own money, prints it with his own money and then gives it away to those in need - that, my friends, is ministry and might be ordained by the Lord (might be but that is still suspect to me)


Anything else is just plain old sin (yeah, I said it). You know, filthy lucre, coveteousness, the lust of concupiscence, making merchandise of.... God ordained noone to write a book about His Word and then sell it. God ordained noone to live off the Gospel in this way at any time. Sorry but true and I think you all know it is true.


The local NT church is where everything should be done even these days. I don't care what the world is doing. If you want to make a living on the Gospel, then desire to be a pastor or elders in a local NT church.


I marvel at these authors who think nothing of this. The outrageousness of any man who trys to cheaply knock off God's Word, repackage it and try to sell it for any level of profit.


Yeah, I used to waste money on some of this bunk but realized that I have have zero interest in anything these covetous men would have to say anyway.

#370205 Secondary Inspiration

Posted by wretched on 17 April 2014 - 09:46 PM


I am not sure I am following you here.

As I read, study, and prepare sermons and lessons for our congregation here, I glean as much as I can on my own.  After I have done my own personal study, I will then read what I consider to be helpful commentaries to gain more insight.  If I am struggling to gain the correct understanding of a passage, I will read many commentaries to help me understand what the passage is saying.


Am I missing something here?  Are you saying that reading what other people have learned through their own study is wrong? 


Not trying to be argumentative here. I simply don't understand your point.


I do sir, however, like all my posts, they are my opinion and I never claim they are authoritative. Though I can get riled up once and again :)


I honestly don't think the Apostles or even the early Church Elders studied anything other than the Scriptures. I wonder often if the filthy lucre warned against is actually all these other books and publications and internet "ministries" and blogs and etc. etc.

They didn't need all that extra bunk and they turned the world upside down. World ain't been turned upside down lately, has it?

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