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In Topic: Is It True In Your Church That Under 10 Percent Of....

17 March 2014 - 06:56 PM

Because they do not see themselves as one body, as brothers and sisters in Christ.  Or they are too busy watching others and not the Lord.


However, if a church has enough funds what is wrong with paying for some things to be done?  Maybe it would be a blessing to a willing individual who needs extra money for bills and groceries.  Times are hard for many, including those who are serving the Lord.  Sometimes churches hold onto funds when it could be cast upon the water Ecc. 11:1.  Like a circle of blessing that would return to the church as well.

In Topic: People That Treat Their Pets As If They Were Humans

17 March 2014 - 06:43 PM

Are they sinning against God, making their pets as Idols or thinking that they have a spirit for salvation to the after life?



There is a difference between dichotomy and trichotomy- NO SOUL.  NO HEAVEN.



And YES dogs who attack  should be put down.  

In Topic: Lets Talk About Pastors Children's

17 March 2014 - 06:25 PM

I hope you all know, that they are not all called to be preachers. some are and some will turn into the World.This is not the pastor fault, if they reject the gospel and turn into the World. So stop focusing on them, their kids. God knows their heart, pray that they return soon. They will, Lord willing.

Preachers and their families are human- just like all people..... including you and I.  That is why we look to God and not man, amen!

In Topic: Can God Do Anything?

09 March 2014 - 09:54 PM

God can do anything according to His will which is often different than what we think or desire to be done.  


But God has not changed and miracles and healing do still happen.

In Topic: Can We Reclaim This Dress Standard?

09 March 2014 - 09:41 PM

I have read these posts with interest.  Clothing is always an area of disagreement between well meaning Christian people.  Here is my two cents from what I have been able to spiritually discern from Bible study:


Clothing is important to God:


 In the OT priests took great care of their garments and the law was specific in what they were to wear.  


Both in the OT and NT there are specifics about clothing for both women and men so being repeated more than once it is important for both the law and age of grace.


 We are to honor God in all 1 Cor 10:31.  So if we keep God in mind, not ourselves, or others, we will want to please Him in all areas including our choice of clothing.  Certainly we cannot reach this perfection of pleasing Him in all this side of Heaven but our conscious does work or we would not be Christians and God has innately planted inside of us an inner voice to guide us in making choices, including our clothing.


 Now speaking for myself: the choice of what clothing to wear was not an area of first conviction.  Even though I was positionally sanctified my clothing choices did not line up best with God's Word until He convicted me of necessary changes to make.  


To look at another just from outside we can come to inappropriate conclusions based only on  their outward appearance.  God knows the heart.


Would it not be better to take an individual under your wing who may not be convicted in this area, clothing, and allow God to use you rather than look from a distance and pick them apart spiritually.  That was what was most helpful for me in many areas needing change was an individual who cared enough to expect my best for God not just what I felt like giving to Him.


However, that being said- there are individuals who do not want to change in this area of their life placing a stumbling block for other Christians. Then it is up to a God fearing group of Christians led by a man of God who is willing to do the work of the God: pray, model, teach, and rebuke, allowing God's hand and timing to work in the situation in His will and way. 2 Tim 2:15, 2 Tim 3:16


Honestly, there are just too many weak kneed leaders and Christians  not willing to change and flee from personal sin in their life which is just as distasteful to God as improper clothing.  Lets face it .... we all need much improvement in our Christian walk.

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