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In Topic: Asking For Prayer For My Friend Joe

11 October 2014 - 05:34 PM

I'm very sorry that I haven't giving an update but I came back home with the flu,

I got a call this morning from my brother that he was picking Joe up to come home from the hospital " praising the Lord " he is able to come home this soon.

My brother an I spoke with him with and prayed with him while I was there but he was unable to talk much with all the tubes but I feel in my heart he's ready to except the lord Jesus into his heart trusting in him as his savior

when Dan took him home today he ask if he could come back later tonight and he agreed with Dan to bring his pastor with him.


for 35 years my heart has cried out to the lord that my friend be saved and right now I feel the tears of rejoicing very close and Gods answer to many prayers

I'm in prayer that soon we can all rejoice with the angels giving glory and praise to our father in heaven for Joe's salvation


Thank each one of you for your Prayers

I love you with the love Jesus from my heart 

In Topic: They Are Keeping Us Safe, Aren't They?

02 October 2014 - 10:47 PM

Could this have anything to do with all the coffins I've heard about being shipped by railroad to certain city's throughout the U.S and the UN Camps being built ????

they got to act fast 2016 is just around the corner

In Topic: Can We Help Someone?

02 October 2014 - 10:17 PM

  thank you brother Larry I'm a softy to, so very heart felt


God bless Brother

In Topic: The Real And The Unreal World

30 September 2014 - 11:00 PM

Oh so true.  What really does this place matter in the scheme of things eternal?  A lot of trouble, a lot of tears, and pain.  Go to bed every night thinking about Donna (my late wife) and how I long to be at home with her and Jesus.  Gotta go to the hospital and have a tumor checked out.  Haven't been able to decide whether I want the results to be good or bad,  Sorry kind of down this morning, I guess.  

brother you are in my prayers lifting you up to the lord

Loving you with the love of Jesus in my heart

In Topic: Opportunity Or Not

30 September 2014 - 09:31 PM

brother John I 'm not trying to change the topic but when speaking of movies and there influence on the Mind this came to thought , I was listening to a radio talk show a few years ago and the subject was about science fiction movies one thing that was very interesting was that all the calls coming into the show was from people (adults) whom believed in this fiction many whom believed that Jesus would come back in a space ship along with the other Gods in the universe to save mankind from destroying themselves. Wo!

I recently watched a clip of Clint Eastwood taking about preserving the old movie films before they are all lost in this clip he made a statement that'' Movies are apart of our lives and the development of one s thoughts and imagination '' and these films need to be preserved to keep up the spirit and love we have for them. Wo!


I was still in the youth ministry when the  first left behind movie came out , a brother from the church and I went to see the movie after setting through it twice taking note of every word and action and then afterwards seeing the awl in which many where caught up in after seeing the movie, I refused to entertain the minds of the youth to such false teachings that perverted the Word of God. as a youth pastor I was NOT to entertain the hearts and minds of the youth but to teach discipleship to the youth building them up in the word of God to go out unto the lost of this world this I believed in doing so until the day I retired.

Yet I was shocked when the pastor made the announcement one Sunday morning encouraging the Adults to see the movie left behind, my thoughts was how could one encourage the hearts and minds of the adults to see a movie not inline with the word of God even though they haven't even seen the movie and are going along with what they have read or heard about the movie  Wo! 

of course they were all adults and their minds could not be subjected to such imaginations or perversions  it's just entertainment. ''Very Not True ''


God bless Brother 

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