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#382518 A Recommendation For Mature Christians

Posted by EKSmith on 18 August 2014 - 11:40 PM

Thanks brother Garry I know now I'm not alone in doing this ,I started doing this about ten years ago and still do it now, I've been adding notes to scripture were God has spoken to me through His word the last ten years and it's a joy and a blessing going back to the old notebooks and seeing how God has changed my life in many ways  but beware this hunger can become additive and a joy when you open your bible at home ,at church or to witness to the lost.


Holly Spirit lead rightly dividing the word of God hiding it one word at a time in your heart " Amen "


God bless brother Garry

#382191 A Great Job Offered To Me

Posted by EKSmith on 14 August 2014 - 11:54 PM

Praying for you and your son 

May God bless you Brother


Loving you with the love of the Lord Jesus from my heart

#379583 Choosing A Church

Posted by EKSmith on 22 July 2014 - 12:29 AM

When I moved from my hometown to where I'm at today it took a lot of searching before I found a IFBC  when I found one I did not know it had lost it's pastor and had hired a new one which was part of the new evangelical movement 5 years later the church was destroyed and I was looking for another church  there's a lot of the same church's here and I'm not going to join one just to be in church . I did find one about 35 miles from my house but I have not joined because it's an IBC and they use more then bible ( I'm KJO) and I disagree with some of the doctrines taught . l've tried to be a good witness to a lot of it's members but lately things are getting as I have seen before in my last church and it wont be long and ccm will creeping in the doors .


I was a Youth Pastor for 20 years until God called me into the evangelist ministry and the mission fields for 7 years and now God is calling me back into the youth ministry but this time I will be starting a church with the youth in our town just recently we had our first meeting and had 35 youth attend a lot of them where young adults whom I taught for many years ( how great the rewards ) whom are born again christian's  IFB we don't have a place to meet regular yet but we are seeking God in prayer daily to bless the ministry for His Glory.


We are all called into the ministry and if we can't find a church there is always a need for a new one to be started '' Many times I have taught that On Our Knees God Will Lead "  seeking God Daily in Prayer is our power to do all things in Him for His Glory.

Today Many church's a falling away and It's getting harder to find one that hasn't become worldly and my friend you are in my prayers that God will direct your way to find the right church.



God bless 

#379481 Shepherding The Flock - Let No Man Say – James 1:13

Posted by EKSmith on 19 July 2014 - 05:30 PM

Thank you Pastor Steve '' good meat ''


May the lord bless you to continue these post

#379413 Who Rates?

Posted by EKSmith on 18 July 2014 - 05:11 AM

My granddaughter was in public school in the first grade and was being forced to except that homosexuals were born the way they are and their way of life was good and not evil. and that cross dressing was just fine and they should be encourage to try it. Public Schools are forcing every ungodly thing they can upon the children within them.. "my granddaughter is now being home schooled ''   


In our State the better the rating the better the education which means more ''money'' the school gets from the State for higher teacher pay etc.

as for me not one school in this state has a rating above -0- because better education is obeying the word of God trusting in Him and drawing closer to Him and trusting in Jesus as ones lord and Savior . which means eternal life.


I believe that christian's should not be forced to pay school tax to support the ungodly sins being taught within the public schools and christian's should be allowed to use the money to home school our children. 



God bless

#379412 Oh Thrill.......

Posted by EKSmith on 18 July 2014 - 03:41 AM

This mean you got puppies coming ,  we have just the thing you need '' Gators " we got so many that it was just made legal to hunt them again about a week ago one was killed about a mile from my house that was 15 ft. I use to have a lot of stray dogs and cats coming around but I think I know now why I'm not seeing them anymore Gators eating them. I live on a tidal creek and had one about 6 ft in the yard he was going after my chickens I got my 270 and shot him and grilled his tail.

I think I would rather put up with the strays though at least they'll run from you.  


Praying for you brother 

God bless

#378673 Debate Topics

Posted by EKSmith on 05 July 2014 - 12:23 AM

Brother, I am not a moderator, so I speak for myself.  The initial idea for this "debate" format has to do with some very specific teachings that have been batted around the forum for a very long time.  Because of the nature of open forums like this one, it is nearly impossible for two people to have any type of meaningful discussion on these topics because of the myriad of interruptions and rabbit trails.  The idea is for two people to mutually agree to have a rational discussion upon an agreed upon topic without interruption and without time constraints.  Because it is limited to two people, they do not have to worry about trying to "keep pace" with the entire conversation.  They can work at it as they have time. 

I believe this will give the two "debaters" time to really think and compose a good solid response, instead of just "firing from the hip" as they try to keep up with a conversation with unlimited people.

I agree pastor steve it will also give those whom want to learn Gods Word and His Truths a chance to learn and God willing some will turn to Jesus

God bless 

#378618 Tv Preachers [Copeland, Robison] Glowingly Describe Meeting With Pope To Tear...

Posted by EKSmith on 04 July 2014 - 03:36 AM

Thanks Mountain Christian 

God bless my friend

#378590 Tv Preachers [Copeland, Robison] Glowingly Describe Meeting With Pope To Tear...

Posted by EKSmith on 03 July 2014 - 03:24 PM

Religious leaders such as Copeland and Robison  seek to serve their father the devil and now they want to serve the pope as well.  they need to get out of "the religion business " and " tear down the walls" between them and God and trust in the Lord Jesus as their savior.

#378572 Do They Really Mean It?

Posted by EKSmith on 03 July 2014 - 03:21 AM

I had to learn Spanish with a company I work for years ago because they where hiring anyone that had a green card I was a supervisor so I had to learn to speak Spanish Which I don't regret having too because I was able to lead 5 men to trust in the lord as their savior.

My grandmother was full Cherokee Indian and I learn to speak Cherokee from her and my mother when I was a kid I go to the reservation twice a year and share the Gospel with them in their Native tongue there are very few Cherokee pastors whom speak their language and most them speak English


Sorry Larry I was just trying to show a good side to it but I feel the same as you do brother 

#378571 What Are Your Plans For This 4Th Of July Weekend?

Posted by EKSmith on 03 July 2014 - 02:48 AM

Change of plans we may have our first hurricane of the season the 4th it's a tropical storm right now but by mid morning it will be up to hurricane strength the storm is very close to land and is 50 miles wide the weather stations are reporting the storm may make landfall just above us but are not sure where it's going to make landfall and if it doesn't come on land here we will still be getting 70 to 80 mile per.hr winds and heavy rain and some tornado's

There's over 1 million visitors here for the 4th and we are already having many vacationers being injured from the strong rip currents and high suffer and if this hurricane makes landfall here there will be a lot of panic and evacuation next to impossible.


Which gives us even more the reason to be in prayer and I cant think of no better way to spend the 4th of July then praying with the family.


Hope you all have a safe and wonderful 4th

God bless 

#378543 What Are Your Plans For This 4Th Of July Weekend?

Posted by EKSmith on 02 July 2014 - 02:27 PM

A man in our church sells fireworks (only a 9 day window every year) and last year set up a second tent -- my wife and I work it for him. My son and I (plus a dog) sleep there at night for security reasons.


Funny event last year: I had a life size dummy in a chair in the shadows past the tent opening. The local police shift sergeant thought it was one of us and stopped to talk. By the time he had gotten close enough to realize it was a dummy the dog barked and we woke up. We had a .45 and a 12 gauge in hand as we hear, "POLICE OFFICER".  Total time -- probably 5-7 seconds.


He and I laughed about it. I told him, "it's been over 30 years since I've gotten up that fast". He replied, "It's been over 10 since I identified myself that fast."

you be careful brother its getting really dangerous to run even a fireworks stand '' Praying '' 

#378517 Done.

Posted by EKSmith on 02 July 2014 - 02:06 AM

My friend with the love of Jesus in my heart for you I hope that you'll find what you are seeking and am sorry you could not find it here.


God bless

#378377 Genevanpreacher Says Goodbye.

Posted by EKSmith on 30 June 2014 - 12:34 AM

Sorry that you have decided to leave and hope that you will find what you are seeking . you ask others here whom would like a free gift the Geneva Bible and left a link for it. I ask that you would do the same and get a King James Bible and study it daily.

I'm not trying to argue but I'm  just sharing the love of Jesus from my heart with you.


May the lord bless you my friend 

#378075 Debate Topics

Posted by EKSmith on 26 June 2014 - 02:02 PM

I come to OB to fellowship and uplift the Name of Jesus our savior and not to argue nor debate I find no love in doing such with my brothers and sisters in the Lord I enjoy having a pastor post good meat to ponder on and to encourage me in my walk with the Lord as long as it is inline with Word of God and from the KJB and I will always thank them for sharing Gods Word with us, but have often seen this turn into debates arguing and often name calling. I've enjoyed post by our brother and sisters and have seen the same things occur with them '' we should all know the difference between being arrogant and showing kindness and love from hearts for one another. if someone post's a thread that is not inline with the word of God or promotes false doctrine and do not used from the KJB or have IFB beliefs they should not be allowed to post it anywhere but the discussion forum (or debate forum)

I believe that a discussion forum (debate forum) will be good for those whom wish discuss the word of God with someone without others posting causing distraction or even arguing to occur. but I have some concerns though.


Sharing some concerns on my mind about the debate form.


Would having a debate forum attract more non IFB to join OB just to debate what they promote on the forum


If someone starts a thread in fellowship and it becomes a debate outside the debate forum, would the mods be able to lock it and post warnings to those whom started the debate or unreasonable arguing with one another as well.


I know a lot of brothers and sisters have the same concerns as I do and many more because they come here to fellowship and to uplift the Lord Jesus and have become weary of the arguing, the debates and arrogance shown by others.

I'm still loving you all with love of Jesus from my heart



God bless 

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