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#388551 I Have Many Health Issues

Posted by EKSmith on Yesterday, 03:18 AM

Rosie you are in my prayers , My brother is a Christian doctor in herbal med.  I'm going to find out if he knows of any thing that will heal you of your skin troubles, I think the lord for blessing him to be my brother he found an herb that healed me from my secures,and a herbal tea I take daily that gives me the strength to walk without pain that only cost 16.00 for three mths supply.  


Above all Keep your "Faith " in the Lord giving all the glory unto Him


God Bless Sister

#388543 Robin Williams: The Sad Truth The Media Won’T Tell You

Posted by EKSmith on Yesterday, 12:00 AM

GP it sounds like your browser has been hijacked , open your browser and go to tools click to open and scroll down to the bottom to properties click to open when the window opens in the top right hand corner you should see Goolgechrome set as your browser if googlechrome is not there and some other name then its a hijacker. in the same window go to advance click to open there you will be able to reset Googlechrome and disable the hijacker, but this will not get rid of the hijacker you will need to go to programs and check to see if it is there and uninstall it. but it can still be hiding in your registry when uninstalled.  go to SupperAntiSpyware.com and download their free software run the scan the scan will alert you of the hijacker follow the instructions to get rid of it. keep SupperAntiSpyware because its a good program and it's free but you have to run it manually which is not hard to do the free version doesn't run in real time so you will have to keep it updated often which takes about 2min to update.. but it has some great tools to keep your browser clean and safe I used it for about six years before upgrading to their pro-version also I use Malawarebytes free version it digs deep and gets those that are hiding .I would download this as well. I run these as backups with webroot my main protection with no conflicts and they are both easy on your CPU's


If you do a lot of downloads when the download wizard opens take your time to check no to the browser add ons this is were most of these hijackers get in when the boxes are not check no.  I'm guilty of going to fast and causing myself headaches.


I hope this helps you brother 

God Bless

#386660 Pantry ABC

Posted by EKSmith on 09 September 2014 - 02:47 AM

Out of the garden Canned Green tomatoes , Canned hot peppers, Canned Chow chow ,canned okra and Squash,canned stewed tomatoes 


I live on a Island where the soil is not fit to grow a garden and most of the folks here said i'd be better off going to the farmers market but with a lot of hard work the last three years preparing the soil and prayer for every seed planted this year God blessed it beyond my hopes that I could ever have a garden here and to be able to share food with others in doubt , giving God the Glory and planting seeds in those hearts.


Thanking God ' giving Him all the Glory that all things are possible through Him and by Him when one plants the seed.


God bless

#386658 Police Officer In Need Of Prayers

Posted by EKSmith on 09 September 2014 - 01:47 AM

This evening three of our county police officers were responding to a call and when they knocked on the door the person in inside shot through the door shooting two of the officers , one of the officers died at 12:45 this morning and the other one is in ICU and may not live, please pray for this officer and his family and pray for the Lord to comfort and give his peace to the family that lost there loved one tonight.


 at 2:00 this morning the shooter was still held up in the apartment were the shooting begin please pray that this will end with no more loss of life.


Thank you and God Bless 

#385874 Federal Judge Becomes First To Uphold State Marriage Amendment

Posted by EKSmith on 05 September 2014 - 12:43 AM


Pray for this judge  because he will be attacked by the Media supporting homosexuals and there evil rights.   Pray

#385608 Hello From Montana!

Posted by EKSmith on 04 September 2014 - 01:26 AM

Welcome BettyAnn 

#384071 I'm New Here

Posted by EKSmith on 26 August 2014 - 10:11 PM

Welcome Sister , may the Lord bless you while you're here

#383703 Wow, God Is Really Serious About This

Posted by EKSmith on 25 August 2014 - 02:27 AM

You have God's Word that you are supposed to study, rightly DIVIDING.
That means you know Who a passage is addressing, before you try to apply it.
When Malachi 1:1 says "to Israel", guess what? It isn't talking to you.
You weren't part of that covenant.
You aren't under that curse.

To wear a lack of obedience to God's command to rightly divide the Word of truth, as a badge of honor, is to expose folly, simplicity, and pride.

I know how to rightly divide the word of God as I have explained to you before in another thread , and yes I study Gods Word Daily and know I'm not under the law or a covenant.  what I'm speaking of is "God speaking to the heart through His Word " Many times God Has spoken through His word to my heart and I have acted upon it '' Which is being obedient to God " and the way I see it brother Garry acted upon God speaking to his heart to help the needy children on his bus route." which is being obedient to God "  which we are to help the Needy . this has nothing to do with rightly

dividing Gods Word neither does the post by brother Garry.

God bless 

#383699 Urgent Prayer For 9 Year Old

Posted by EKSmith on 25 August 2014 - 01:17 AM


#383698 Prayer-Though Not Sure For What.

Posted by EKSmith on 25 August 2014 - 01:12 AM

Brother Mike I was in accident in 2000 in which I was hit by a semi my spin and hip where crush and I had a brain injury , I was in a wheel chair for two years unable to walk and had a great loss in memory and secures caused by the brain injury, I spent 8 weeks at a brain center with others whom had the same problems as I was having some far much sever. while I was there I begin to pray for these people and It wasn't long that I was sharing the gospel with many of them but found it very hard when I would have to explain it maybe 10 or times to some of them and some never understood it at all but I would continue to pray for them no matter how bad it may have seemed there was always Hope in the Lord .I made friends with a young man that had been in a motorcycle accident he was full of anger and bitterness because he new he would never be able to do for himself again without the help of others , I prayed daily for this young man to trust in the lord Jesus as his savior but the more I prayed the harder he got. I was about to give up but the day I was going home he came to me and ask if I would help him, I ask how I could help and he said he needed Jesus but didn't know how to call on him ' there was a couch in the lobby and we knelt down there and he trust the Lord Jesus as his savior and afterwards he told of a peace in his heart that he could now accept his condition.

It can be very hard dealing with someone that has this type of condition, I know , I was told that would never walk again and would have memory problems and secures the rest of my life '' but because of my loving savior JESUS today I can walk and no longer have secures '' and live a normal life. " Praising Him Daily "


Brother Mike one thing this young man may be having problems with is that most people including family don't understand someone that has a brain injury some even act as though you're crazy or weird, and this can have a impact on his life to often do things to get attention . maybe talking and if possible praying with his family could help.    


I've lifted this up to the Lord and will continue to pray for you and this young man

God Bless Pastor 

#382518 A Recommendation For Mature Christians

Posted by EKSmith on 18 August 2014 - 11:40 PM

Thanks brother Garry I know now I'm not alone in doing this ,I started doing this about ten years ago and still do it now, I've been adding notes to scripture were God has spoken to me through His word the last ten years and it's a joy and a blessing going back to the old notebooks and seeing how God has changed my life in many ways  but beware this hunger can become additive and a joy when you open your bible at home ,at church or to witness to the lost.


Holly Spirit lead rightly dividing the word of God hiding it one word at a time in your heart " Amen "


God bless brother Garry

#382191 A Great Job Offered To Me

Posted by EKSmith on 14 August 2014 - 11:54 PM

Praying for you and your son 

May God bless you Brother


Loving you with the love of the Lord Jesus from my heart

#379583 Choosing A Church

Posted by EKSmith on 22 July 2014 - 12:29 AM

When I moved from my hometown to where I'm at today it took a lot of searching before I found a IFBC  when I found one I did not know it had lost it's pastor and had hired a new one which was part of the new evangelical movement 5 years later the church was destroyed and I was looking for another church  there's a lot of the same church's here and I'm not going to join one just to be in church . I did find one about 35 miles from my house but I have not joined because it's an IBC and they use more then bible ( I'm KJO) and I disagree with some of the doctrines taught . l've tried to be a good witness to a lot of it's members but lately things are getting as I have seen before in my last church and it wont be long and ccm will creeping in the doors .


I was a Youth Pastor for 20 years until God called me into the evangelist ministry and the mission fields for 7 years and now God is calling me back into the youth ministry but this time I will be starting a church with the youth in our town just recently we had our first meeting and had 35 youth attend a lot of them where young adults whom I taught for many years ( how great the rewards ) whom are born again christian's  IFB we don't have a place to meet regular yet but we are seeking God in prayer daily to bless the ministry for His Glory.


We are all called into the ministry and if we can't find a church there is always a need for a new one to be started '' Many times I have taught that On Our Knees God Will Lead "  seeking God Daily in Prayer is our power to do all things in Him for His Glory.

Today Many church's a falling away and It's getting harder to find one that hasn't become worldly and my friend you are in my prayers that God will direct your way to find the right church.



God bless 

#379481 Shepherding The Flock - Let No Man Say – James 1:13

Posted by EKSmith on 19 July 2014 - 05:30 PM

Thank you Pastor Steve '' good meat ''


May the lord bless you to continue these post

#379413 Who Rates?

Posted by EKSmith on 18 July 2014 - 05:11 AM

My granddaughter was in public school in the first grade and was being forced to except that homosexuals were born the way they are and their way of life was good and not evil. and that cross dressing was just fine and they should be encourage to try it. Public Schools are forcing every ungodly thing they can upon the children within them.. "my granddaughter is now being home schooled ''   


In our State the better the rating the better the education which means more ''money'' the school gets from the State for higher teacher pay etc.

as for me not one school in this state has a rating above -0- because better education is obeying the word of God trusting in Him and drawing closer to Him and trusting in Jesus as ones lord and Savior . which means eternal life.


I believe that christian's should not be forced to pay school tax to support the ungodly sins being taught within the public schools and christian's should be allowed to use the money to home school our children. 



God bless

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