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Original Sin/the Sin Nature

Biblical Issues 26 Jul 2014
Why do we teach this doctrine called "Original Sin" or "The Sin Nature"?   Can God really punish me for doing what is my nature to do? Isn't that like punishing a dog for barking?   Seems kind of contradictory to the Character of God to punish people who do what their nature is inclined...
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Speaking In Tongues

The Lounge 26 Jul 2014
My sister goes to a charasmatic church.  She speaks in tongues (the spiritual language modern day tongues).  She has shown me every scripture that she's been taught, mostly the ones in Acts and 1 Corinthians.  I went through them with her and showed how it...
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The Lounge 26 Jul 2014
  A bald eagle thief stealing my fish at Hemlock Lake, OR.   It was a fish that I had thrown back as too small.  It was injured and flipping on the surface.  When it was only 15 yards from me the eagle made a low pass at it and veered off because it was too close to me....
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One God, Three Persons, Co-Equal

The Bible 25 Jul 2014
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit   Each person of God possesses the attributes of God, authentically, entirely, individually, and eternally. Each person of God has distinct offices toward man’s salvation and reconciliation.   Personal Statement of Faith and Doctrines...
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