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Whipping The Bear

Current Events / News Today, 10:50 AM
The West may think that it has domesticated and beaten down the bear, chained it up, make it dance and whip it into obedience. But every once in a while, the bear will take a swipe back at the one holding the whip. This is inevitable. And so long as the West continues with its current strategy, t...
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Ebola Containment Lost

Current Events / News Today, 10:08 AM
 You might not want to go visit the Leaning Tower right now.   http://www.turnerrad...om/news/438-pat   God bless, Larry
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Way Of Life - Testimonies Of Christ’S Sinlessness

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Yesterday, 10:02 PM
See end of report to Print or Share Two thousand years ago a man walked this earth who was like no other man who. His birthplace was a stable in the tiny town of Bethlehem in Israel. He lived on this earth for about 33 years and was crucified by the Roman government as a criminal. He life was und...
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Question About Collage On The Main Onlinebaptist Forum Page

Support / Help Desk Yesterday, 02:42 PM
I have a question about the collage of avatar pics of the members on the main OB Forums page.  I'm speaking of the collage of pics in the upper left hand corner of the page...those thumbnail pics...where it says:   "Hi, we are Online Baptist!"   How often, if ever, are those avatar...
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Pump Jump

Current Events / News Yesterday, 12:32 PM
Gas prices are high enough without having to pay extra:   Pump Jump
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