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      07 Jul
    Standing Firm In Christ

    " How the tithes has been converted from seed of the land, fruit of the tree and tenth of the herd to hard core currency is a mystery of the modern babylonian church. How the recipient of the tithe went from Levites to Pastors and church leaders is another mystery unsolved." -- Adedeji Yesufu

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Can't Ever Happen, Right?

Current Events / News Today, 01:24 PM
It matters not that some like to compare war to a game of chess, it is a horrible plague upon mankind.  Once embarked upon by a bunch of glib politicians and glory seeking generals the end is known only to God.  I am afraid the American people are being badly informed by their governmen...
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Prayer Requests Today, 01:11 PM
I would lkke to thank all who have prayed for me for a liver transplant.  The Lord miraculously provide a liver for me, and I am doing well.  I am out of the woods yet, completely, and now have a limited lifestyle, but thank God, I am still kicking!
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Preparing For Persecution

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Today, 12:22 PM
By Berit Kjos Kjos Ministries On a cold drizzly day in early 1998 [long before the NSA raised fear of a rising Police State], I took a sobering tour through the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC. A picture of a Gestapo officer brought back memories of the Nazi soldiers that guarded our neighborho...
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Tony Palmer, Who Captured Pope Francis’ Bid For Christian...

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Today, 09:35 AM
LTRP Note: The following article is posted for research and informational purposes and not as an endorsement for the news source or content. Please see our related articles below. By Sarah Pulliam Bailey Religious News Service (RNS) Bishop Tony Palmer, a charismatic preacher who used a...
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When Is The Church Not The Church?

The Lounge Today, 09:27 AM
When we use the bible word church to describe the place of fellowship.   When we use the bible word church in part of the title of our place of fellowship.   My whole point is to get you thinking about how you use Bible terms in un-biblical ways.   The more we call our places of fe...
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