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      28 Oct

    has anybody read behold a pale horse by milton william cooper and i so was it good

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Where Am I

Humor Today, 05:59 PM
Is this military humor or military intelligence or . . . .   http://www.liveleak....=f95_1422455171
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Paul Chappell - The Way Back: 7 Basics Of Revival

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Today, 05:17 PM
For the Bible-believing Christian, anything that could be called a true advancement will be in a direction leading to basic, New Testament Christianity. So in a sense, it will be going back.If we will see revival, we must get back to the basics:1. Back to PrayerPrayer is one of the most talked ab...
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Austwitz And History

Current Events / News Today, 04:45 PM
An interesting discussion of the end of world war II and especially the holocaust.    
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Sour Grapes?

Current Events / News Today, 02:27 PM
Is it just sour grapes on my part that I post this?  I suppose most will think so.    James 5:1-6   5 Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you.   2 Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are motheaten.   3 Your gold and s...
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Review Of New Movie: “Exodus: Gods & Kings”—The Inter...

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Today, 01:00 PM
By L. Sharp Free-lance researcher and reporter The Interspiritual Moses: New Age Jihadist The movie begins by introducing Moses (played by Christian Bale) as a trained army general, part of the current Pharaoh’s ruling family, preparing to attack a Hittite army with his “brother” (Pharaoh-in-wait...
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