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Movie Review - Fireproof

The Lounge Today, 01:48 AM
I notice here a review of the new left behind series. Personally I believe "Fireproof" to be one of the greatest movies ever made. I think it was amazing of Kirk Cameron to do it for free. Any thoughts ? Anyone seen it ?
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"a Nice Bible Name"?

The Lounge Today, 01:22 AM
Really? This is a condescending reaction to a legitimate complaint. I for one was willing to assume it was a genuine mistake, which is why I explained it plainly. But this is silly and makes you look like a troublemaker. I have done this here so as not to pollute your babies thread, which appears...
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Saved , Unsaved, Then Saved Again?

Salvation Forum Today, 01:14 AM
Christians usually agree that babies that die are taken to Heaven, ie, are "saved". The main scriptural example being when King David acknowledged that he would see his dead baby son again as recorded in 2 Samuel 12.   So, considering the fact that all adults alive once must h...
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Way Of Life - Friday Church News Notes, Volume 15, Issue 44

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Yesterday, 11:50 PM
In a recent article I said, “The transformation will be most evident in Paul Chappell’s children’s generation, but by the time the transformation becomes evident enough for the average independent Baptist preacher to recognize it, it will be far too late to do anything about it...
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Paul Chappell - Wcbc Graduate Interview: Brent Hawley

Baptist RSS Auto Feeds Yesterday, 11:45 AM
In celebration of the twentieth year of West Coast Baptist College, I am planning to post a monthly interview with WCBC alumni who are serving around the world.This month’s interview is with Missionary Brent Hawley who graduated from WCBC in 2011. Two things I have always appreciated about Brent...
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